Almond touch  sketch

   of shade


on wood

you work with

your hands

to stay alive



green leaves in the window

bed in Paris shadow


                    and cologne



dye me blue candle




almond etching


lost souls

in madness



we brave

the wind

and hug the earth


mimosa tree

in the window

it began

back in the night

out of the rain

dragon fan lamp

sleep in silk and sea


empty span

 tea smoke



moon and candle cross

waves wax

the light on the wine crate


sleep of green

far away

my shawl

                                                     on the chair

                                                     turning star


bird print                    in wind

 Wind burn

wax falls

dim haunt


in the window

winter called

and lay down

on you

                     - Jade





coal streaks

to my heart raw

dark coral

souls burn and fly

in the fire

                                            ninth life

                                            with the gold dust run away


eyes of one

who loved you


i feel your breathe

in the western wind

of dusk

you loved me

                    -       jade



                                                 through the trees

porch lantern

the hill dog barks


through sun

and stars and moons

that blow and blend


                    -     jade


 china wind

on Salmon

glass sea


melt and whisper

sun ash

sands the junks

of rice wood and shells

dark at night


hibiscus water

grains in far east skies

        rose tea rinse

wispy pale



of leaves and willows

        in loves embers

        this is where I come from


mouths that touch


-    jade






soft man

you drag your bones

as your heart



your thin voice

swells as the moon

in halls of men who will not be men


through men

who call time a fool

I stand in love

                             slow and close            with the dark


and the stars


who stalk markers

for a vision

   in the stone


                        I walk along these lights

                                                            Of my dark tower


                                                And seal its name


                                                In my soul

                                                                                 -       jade



the glitter the night gave

my skin

the taunts to glass eyed men


tea lamp glow

broken faces of sculpture


i laid down to sleep

don't hug the man i live with

don't fit the hip

of the man i live with


scalloped cheekbone dog

i walked in the wind


he plays ivory bells

to the moon in my bed

i could only love

the moon

that taunts


-       jade


 like caves

they roar and flap

the streets,

in webbed wind


the moon melts

in the rain

one horn moans

across the ocean for

tunes the wind and shadows



the last note


tunes the dancer

and fallen heart

goes away moaning

                                                in the rain

tiny taps

quiet slick street blues


-       jade



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