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The Mad Poet; 

       by: Jackie Aher



     i heard his refrain when the signal changed he was playing real good, for free. joni mitchell ...Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen


"I cry my Poet Tears across all my country's Greed andHate!"


prayers for the children lost


street dancing

jester poets

bled all the sidewalks


for all those who dared

to see what it all

could mean


tear stains

carved their walls

where they carried the graves

the souls of children

dying dead

lined as crosses

crowding large wooden


holding what prayers

within that church of

golden idols

and all its whispers



all these years

the tears

just silence

so now

where are all of my country’s

street dancers

as once again

those golden idols are lining

the walls of our churches

and all their whispers




where are the angels

do they still bleed

their tears

for us?

Ah, my lost jester poets

Where have you fallen…

                               - jude



grown too old


dream whisper quiet

on a wind

midnight gust

dancing between

drops of rain

within a heavy southern fall

you call

lover without a name

words without sand

to write upon


in black and white


don’t bleed on me


lay down where the

grass grows dead

sand in my soul


the echoes

lying as graves

so are the eyes

of a man

grown too old

to taste the water

                      - jude


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