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The Mad Poet; 

       by: Jackie Aher



     i heard his refrain when the signal changed he was playing real good, for free. joni mitchell ...Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen


"I cry my Poet Tears across all my country's Greed andHate!"


on a cross of history lost


west 4th street

shadow music

caught as time

between street lamps

midnight recession

within a shadow puppet show

on a stained brick wall

marking history on

a cross of history lost

lovers exchanging long sips

of light

easily lost to a darkened street


bar stools full

shadow-light filled doorways

whiskey glasses empty

an aging child’s song

caught as a frozen tear

in one’s eye

but as a dream

or wind blowing

down a long echo

                               - jude




riptide slide


river water slow tide

dead air no drift

riptide slide

shadow images

slow clock trace

where seconds beat

hard and fast

what have you seen


the walk of stars

beating their rhythm of


where a poet’s words

go unheard

where sand dreams

their chameleon screams

just drift

light across shadows

between birth and death


all the rest

                        - jude



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