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Just a Poet; Never just!

       by: Jackie Aher



     i heard his refrain when the signal changed he was playing real good, for free. joni mitchell ...Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen


"I cry my Poet Tears across all my country's Greed andHate!"

save me


i remember

so young

she was

so young

her long crazy hair

deep dark eyes


save me

five years

naked in a bathtub

washing her hair

beautiful child


or not

“it’s ok for you to wash me

down there”

or not

                              - jude



songs of a people


singing in the silence

a call to voice

if songs of a government

gives breath

in refrain

within the song of a people

said voices

dare rise

after winter

when water falls


against all

winds of division

sunflower dreams

awaken on such


where hope rises

and birth

is renewed

across mountains high

we the people


                                       - jude




dream circles


shadow light

where a wind


walking the night

chill mountain silence

empty bench mirror

winter rhymes and love

just a kiss

and all a moment

dare carries

such long echoes of


carried as lines

lines that shatter

dream circles

painted in blood


                                                        - jude




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