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Just a Poet; Never just!

       by: Jackie Aher



     i heard his refrain when the signal changed he was playing real good, for free. joni mitchell ...Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen


"I cry my Poet Tears across all my country's Greed andHate!"


aura painting


lost highway gods

prayers cast

deep into

an oceanís dream

walking the long trails


waves of concrete

aura painting

eyes open

sunshine mirror

liquid silver

in movement

walking blind

sound from a heartbeat

echoing loud

considerations tossed

from waves man made

ice sculptures

long summer heat

frozen dreams contest

lips moving the silence

if only tomorrow

yellow painted idols

shimmering reflections


across the music

of silence

                - jude





the sea

a siren call

dark waters

lines drawn

life lines mix

the seasons

yesterday yields

broken memory concedes

tomorrow falls

as leaves wind free

dance alone

deep within

your last sigh

                        - jude




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