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The Mad Poet; 

       by: Jackie Aher



     i heard his refrain when the signal changed he was playing real good, for free. joni mitchell ...Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen


"I cry my Poet Tears across all my country's Greed andHate!"


dreams of free


if a beautiful day

silence speaks

crosses fall to rot

sings the wind

nothing but evil

is sin

only water holds

a dream of free

i dare

to believe in my youth

before these

ice mountain trees

i fell to my knees

i looked

night of forever stars

reflections off

such a young woman's



always forever

if a beautiful day

is the day we die


                   - jude




morning song


rain shadows


walking man


in dreaming rhyme

nailed across the face

of time


and not

echoes call

to memories

as they fall

footprints across

dried concrete

if a man

ignoring defeat


the morning song


within the short of long

as all wind bleeds

lost seasons

                                    - jude


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