"Tristen is my Great Niece and in the 7th Grade"


"The Someone Special"


We walk around in town

laughing and joking

We see movies,

at the Prospector

like Madagascar


Come to each other houses

for sleepovers

and fun galore.

We eat popcorn

and play truth or dare


We share secrets

and the latest news


Even though

we have had our bumps

We have each other's back

We are the best of friends

                                                      - Tristen C.





I am a pebble

I live next to a stream

under the shade

of the maple tree

I am quiet,

I am still,

I am gray,

My creator is Mother nature

and my father is a boulder.

                                              - Tristen C.



"A Recipe for Drama"


Take two friends

a cup of jealousy

a drop of rage

and a teaspoon of hate

stir until you can see the tension

then add a drop of mean gossip

and bake it in the oven

test it.

You know when it is done when

there is an all out war.

                                         - Tristen C.


 My Messy Room"


My messy room

has clothes all over the floor

They are the colors of the rainbow

They are small, big, short and wide

They are t-shirts, leggings, pants and socks.


My messy room

There are toys scattered about

My monster high dolls in the corner

The stuffed animals in a clump

And my bouncy balls rolling around.


My messy room

Has blankets from my bed on the floor

There are black, gray and white ones

They have patterns with flowers

and some that are just plain.

                                                                                   - Tristen C.



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