draw me a dream

for who is it

you try to be

deep snow cold

in your ancient eyes

lost across the irish sea


time casts it’s shadow


upon my shoulders

as my soul wanders



i remember

to toss my screams


back across the river

and it’s waters of rhyme.


                           -  jude        




along the silence


dream in the morning

dream in the night

whisper in the wind.

when carved from light,

your eyes

if they dare to see

will your soul believe

winter trees,

they carry their water

deep within the earth.

walk along the silence


always just echoes of your birth.


                                         - jude




no whispers  


child lies within the hands

of a woman tall

ancient mountains stand

where winter trees call

carved in rock

faces are the traces

of belief

and nowhere does tomorrow



water in fall

is the music of her dreams

walks the child free.

if only she!

and dares life

where no wall stands.

and no whispers,

and no whispers command.


                                         - jude 



so lost


when the sea

reclaims it’s own

leaving wet sand

drying in the eyes of the children

who stand

now lost


where the earth doesn’t care

they stare

toward the lost eyes

of love and hope

they stand alone!

where god no longer believes.


and do we really care

shall we just stare

at our empty crosses

or shall we dare

to love the children

once more,


so lost we are...


                        - jude     



the silence


i dance still

with you warm

in my embrace,

your lips linger

but a breath away

yes, i sway

across the stage of my life

sitting quietly

singing the silence free.


shattered tears

held tightly

in the deeper colors

of his eyes


where a man bleeds quiet.


in his late night believing

singing his silence free...


                                      - jude    




just vapor


late night mirror

almost lost

in a new hampshire sky

it is the years

who carry my eyes

i try

still to believe,


who cries for the lost children

still dying on.


stars warm my fingers

as i reach

so near

just vapor in my eyes

reasons, but no reason why


tomorrow, always tomorrow


who cries for the lost children

still dying on.


another reflection, mirror light,

of fear and war

blood washes our souls

yes, tomorrow has come

i try still

but only bleed.


                       - jude   


when she dances


her spanish eyes


as she sighs

walk the long warm

mediterranean winds,

they carve her world true.


when she dances

is a woman who believes

in the water mirror

painted across a blue sea,

reflections are the stains

of one who loves deep.


the earth is warm

sifting through her fingers

so sweet those mediterranean winds,

she carves our world

a deeper hue.


                     - jude   


native song


long dance of silence

stained with tears

eyes carry history

ancient men lost

in their native songs

our earth

no longer casts it’s breath

across the dream


lost in a white man blues

where honor is

as sand in the wind


who will dance the songs

where only the earth longs

to believe

who now will sing

those native dreams free!


                                      - jude 



the silent moon


thought i had a friend

a someday lover

but the world turns

and only the silent moon yearns

i was a boy

locked in a man’s screams

you were a girl

lost in a girl’s dreams

woodstock echoed across

the black clouds

where lightning carved whose fears

and long new york city sidewalks

lost my shadow

as i walked alone

you were home

safe and warm

as i talked to no one

didn’t you believe in me anymore

as i prayed for peace

were you lost behind your

mother’s death

sweet breath were your

little girl to woman lips

long sips i will always believe in.


thought i had a friend

but the world turns

and only the silent moon yearns.


                                                   - jude   



just a song (sung to the butterflies)


do you dance alone

cold wooden floors,

i held her warm

as she held my arms


but for a moment.


just a song

no one dared

to sing with the poet,

wind long sighs

so shadows the moon

always before eyes bleed

never an answer

never a why

just a song

sung to the butterflies.


words carve the air


a poet bleeds

his soul for free

never so easily

for her

summer cold

winter sea.

                    - jude 


slow dancing


where time is slow

and shadow clouds

cross the light

silver wind

in dreams full

whispers across her breath

as she dances.


his fingers upon her back

rest still the echo

where life loves past tomorrow

slow dance

breaks the chimes

across beauty and belief

where a woman lives

and birth dares

she crosses the eyes of god

till he believes

in man once again.


moon light there before

a sun’s night

celebrate the stains of life

breath there on a woman’s soul

slow dancing

the love.

god is dreaming upon a wooden floor,

                                                        - jude     


so they dance


long within an evening star

a child was born,

just to sing with the angels.

it is the season

to believe in

the children of chance

where they sing,

so they dance.


we cry for the loving souls

we cry even for a moment of beauty

we cry,

the sweetest of blues

for a child born

just to sing with the angels,

sweet, sweet song…

                                          - jude


in the shadows of angels


i dance on the wings

carved from

the crystal-ice tears

of angels

set free by the

silence of god.


within the whispers of time

in the love of rhyme


slow river wind

marks the reach of my soul

where all mirrors



death across my fingers

a cross of life upon my eyes

do i dare believe

just once more

before i lie still


in truth.

where burn the shadows of light


in peace!

                                         - jude  




it’s in the moments.

i live

i touch

i feel

time whispers its dreams

across time.

in rhyme

my soul surfs the wind

as i sit

on the shore of a river

so far from the moments,

as i sit

in a moment

so close to the

breath of the universe.


i love

i believe

i die.

and tomorrow…

                               - jude     


river wind silence


dance me

arms across



the water

of my belief


i don’t want love

i don’t want fear

i just want

the rhythm of your steps

to carry you free


china sea stains

shadow color

across your eyes

clouds try

poets cry


river wind silence

when she

doesn’t believe


oh! dance my jester tears,

dance me

arms across seasons.

                             -  jude 


fireflies dance


on the echo of tears

falling dry

across the ever

african winds

sound dies

from the lips of children

just hopeless sighs

who lie

as dust upon the earth


do you hear

their echoes

dancing across

the rains of silence


falling slow



the stains of the child

waiting on death

whose parents eyes

never rest

cry in silence

a silence found


ever more


fireflies dance

across the dusk

long summer days

the 6 o’clock news


maybe tomorrow

because you know


needs to believe!

                     - jude  


or dance


wind dance

life’s chance


stands on the edge

carving her moment

across the whisper

of what silent dreams

a hard packed earth

is marked

by the blood of her feet


woman alive or in retreat


wind dance

life’s chance

woman is free

to believe


to recede…

                 - jude  




long, hot and slow


a long slow

summer wind carries its heat

a weight upon

the seams of my tries,

no cold eases

the sweat running

into my eyes.

i remember

or do i just dream

the taste of her love

warm within my sighs,


morror, mirror across

my soul.


if love is gone

was it really

anything more

then, just a song.


when there is nowhere left to go

it’s the dance

which carries me on


sweet summer wind

long, hot and slow

warm within my sighs.

                                  - jude  



where are the tears


do you listen

to what

the children pray,

for they sleep

within the dust of your pockets

filled with the seeds

of a devil’s greed.


america , america

how dare you

chant freedom

across the stage

of your repression.


where have gone those

post viet-nam war

dreams,  have they fled

for cold

are the graves of our sons

once more.


and where are the tears

that need to be shed

for our children

again led astray,

for the world’s children

who again lie dead.


where are your tears,

just rust

caked in the corner of

your fears?

                                        - jude 




where the sea bleeds color


a woman dreams


sky carvings

left by the sun,

soft in its evening sighs.

life fills her soul as a child crosses her eyes

she believes what she sees


she sees.


ancient water drifts


the south china sea


color  on the edge

of earth magic

and  time

walks its belief

in her tries.


a woman dreams.

                            - jude      

late night blues (another time, another war)


a record player


dylan & joni


late night blues




a simple day


autumn winds

blow cold

i walk

not alone

her hand, once warm

now whispered

of distance,

in pace to

the growing length of

my hair,

and her brother

went to college

not to war.


why do i cry

these tears

these ever familiar tears

oh, these late evening


the blood of our children

recall the stains

who remain

still again.


2005 late summer rain

it doesn’t fall.

i sit on a river’s edge

my hair again


and our president

went to college

not to war.


another war

another time,

a cd player


dylan & joni


late night blues



                                - jude    



of water


moonlight echoes

where butterflies

cross the dreams

of my soul’s

walking tries


shadow lights

stain the nights


my beliefs carry

as earth water

carving lines

where upon my fingertips



i dance

the stains of love

i dance the colors

etched as fingerprints

i dance

in the moonlight echoes


walking my dreams

i chance the water,

for you.

                                  - jude


in darkness


lost a moment

when I was young

there on,

my long walks


through the night

under the shadow lights

of street lamps     lit.

even echoes

fell still

just beyond my footsteps


windows did lie

in darkness full.

                                   - jude





no way home

the road

it has grown

oh!  so long.

don’t belong

not even a song

to sing

my soul warm

                - jude


elfish eyes for evelyn


she’s just a little tease

and god believes,

just magic

across her elfish eyes

color the sighs

lost and adrift

in her dreams


tree dance

mirror chance

where below

a simple sky


so lives

an earth song


on the tips

of her fingers free.

                            - jude



circle of trees


within a circle

of trees

where dances a woman


no one sees

i hear

the rhythm of magic

on the tips of

her dreams,

in ancient smoke


off the fire

of her soul

rides a dragon

in full


soundless scream

soft on the wind


i see magic

crossing the light

as fire carves tomorrow

where her eyes believe.

                                - jude 




gypsy moon

paints the water

a dance

across her hands

the light

where does she


below the sands


her eyes

deeply her eyes


for belief

for the rain

that chills her soul,

oh! gypsy moon.

                          - jude 


so young



the magic land

of her soul

young girl

woman does she grow


mountains are the tears


cross her sighs


she bleeds

just to believe


fireplace dance

and sweet blues sung

like old love letters

where memories are begun

so young

woman does she grow.

                              -  jude    


autumn cold


cold rain

water stain

quiet lies


my aching bones

blues in my ears

i bleed

my soul


the river

of time


calls to yesterday

becomes rhyme,

cold rain.

                  - jude  


coyote’s light


sweet evening

where shadows soft

color hidden eyes

when a lover

sighs  silent


the young reside


the crosses of time

never lie


she chances before

a belief in today

in a woman’s sight

evening to night

in silence

dares she

in a coyote’s light


                 - jude 


in a world of peace  for: tristin


in a quiet

snow fall

sweet child

behind windows cold,

her fireplace sighs

do they hide

in the shade

of a christmas tree

eyes wide

in the shadows

of colored lights


as wind silent

she sits

for a moment more


child dreams

sweet child

seems to see

a world of peace

in the shadows


a christmas tree.


dare we…

                            - jude