into - your aloneness

caught in the twirl of

one’s own

self’s color

image -

faces tied against the

glare of a single colored sun

scream from birth

as they yearn

to run

children; taught to walk slowly

through all freezing rains

programmed on how to complain

and where do we ask

is born the stain

to meet the mountain - face to face

sharing the sights of

an ever passing sky

to dream -


to scream -


your aloneness

- jude





lady’s morning in june

no longer a stranger’s day

patchwork touching

is born into a quilt

of eternal warmth,

- jude




moon nature

for i'm restless

as what i feel

for what i want,

is unreal

yet, untold by time’s

insidious nature

i am the air- not of


a wind singing un-rhythmic


with relativities to no earth...

yes - the moon is an erratic lover

drawing curtains closed at night

as dreaming in the light

we are children of a;

moon’s nature -

- jude




but, what do i know of what i see

oh, ''that

it feels like we're trying


too much sighing - is lost

to an ever silent wind

just, tears that are yearning

to be


afraid of my own words

if they speak more then



but - what do i know

of what i see,

where of my roots, of my

living tree -

- jude




you were never born

pick me up

and lay me down

all to the sound!

a universe churning round

it's a tired face, who sees

the place

they've built forever

from the ground

castles growing

then tumbling down

to themselves, can jesters

laugh anymore

tomorrow’s dream

packs today

into a whirlwind

of empty sways

stay, you’re chained

as you're born, you're stained

by one-way colored rain

but suppose you feel


eternity is real

belongs to nowhere

belongs to the painting fingers

of anyone...

beyond the fall,

before their call -

hear nothing, and hear all -

drop their fingers - warm may

they be

to take a chance; to be free

for, you were never born


- jude




listen - but keep walking?


sitting before an open-



to dwell

empty songs - which play no more

are ever too quietly remembered

by the trees,

spaced - ever so unevenly

about the benches

meant for people

who sit and listen

in a time

called no more;

in the past

can you dream for it to last

that song -

who belonged in

every part of you

no - we only last

in that eternal sound

one’s own blues

(till the blues are you

and you are no more -)


but keep walking - ?

- jude




the name

hey mountain;

remember, i've climbed

you once -

would you care to carry me in

your arms, but again

will you expose

me to a sky

a dream allowed eternally to fly

i am a man without a home

till - homes

i can hold no more -

but hey mountain

you're just a mountain,

you'll carry or kill me

just the same

i, not you - write the name -

- jude




be you child, or, be you tree? ...

to see someone walking alone

what stranger's mind, do

they hold as their


and what of the where,

do they dream of themselves

to be

yet how long

this child in her aloneness

will be,

and i ask:

be you child,

or be you tree,

"can an answer ever come

to anyone - to me -"

- jude





hidden in an uneven sleep

are the creaking voices -

of a past never gone -

- jude




kathleen - ... eternal

all around the table small

and all the children are one

that my eyes have

seen the breathing


a child-person

born into me

:to be, born through me

free ...

she's a small image

ever tall

learning her tears

as i'm catching her fall

just to give her time


she - sees what's free

to give her my breath

while she tries to



to hand my love free...

as she kneels below eternity

with earth in hand

carving out her land

and in the pleases of her sand

so she tries in planting

for her eyes eternal to


for her- tree,

to stand

i give her my hand

till she

believes in the knowing

of her own fingers free

- jude




a new beginning, eternally free

light dreamer - non-schemer

child met woman

and eternally molded

together a time path

a waiting dance of silence

within the hold of;

deepness - all

a range beyond her eyes

a path born, for a path


we cover our eyes with colors true

motioning light through the spectrum


in breathing motion

to intersect the various ...


of the i - being - the you...


till one day - color drops - onto

space - and

against it’s lines

knew we the trace

of two - of we

born eternally, the we

anew so ...we're free

- jude




a mountain's dream beyond blue

step into step

upon the crest

within the view

all rivers are without color

as they're,

forever being filled

anew (a mountain's dream beyond blue)

we walk across space

shimmer through time

and yet breathe


to the deep of our only

the face;

the eternal non-place

to erase

to draw

to see

to feel

to steal

yes, to peal - free

into thee; into being

a wooden frame - a stain; painted

by an any rain

turns, mirror finish

we walk to cross - to remain

in the same

never quite there

listening to the sight

of a river’s running sound

talking through the rain

and while walking under the stain

of freedom

drop; upon

drop ...

- jude




the ultimate poem

in my non-search, ... search

have i come to know

of this path

this, consideration of my

movement walking

time encased - beyond time

learning - to paint - landscapes

worlds, systems, a universe;

hearing - that birth & death

are only a clock’s creation

a man’s self-intimidation,

opening through the walls

into stalls of 'freedom-but-yet'

a mountain, in eternal seduction;

by the sky

a child, reaching out - and flying

beyond an earth

mothering the wind

oceans of black & white,

light drinking death

equally as - death drinking light

with only man calling the fall



time -

absorbing all

till you are

in knowing - complete - tall

and small - the eternal of any

i lighting his freedom

in knowing without

time’s warmth -

small meets tall

and so begins the crawl

into the ultimate poem

- jude




but naturally free ...

earth riders - don't hide her

she's a child

whose virginity

needs be opened by the sky

bathed in a moon’s river

found by her wondering

only - whys

drifting dreams speak to her of

moments in flight

and the child awakens,

slow in natural formulation

just her birth - to stand as the

moment of her death

that she - shall

breathe of eternity

on rages, the age’s movement;

of earth’s circular flight


across walks the child

mild, yet in her innocence

unknowing of their

death – wish - grip

paint her slippery

on the chance - she'll slip

rootless - sky free

this child may wander


yet - hold she may

the free-time-sway

of a non reflecting today

open to the breath - of eternity

born for the moment -

in the power

of choice;

to breathe

yet still as she may

(but naturally free )

- jude




now born is now until death

eternity's scream is ever silent

yet ever - sounding

a future’s dream - derived through


from it’s own past

is but a segment here


now born is now until death

sleep my child - for you; woman

shall - cross all the

lines of where

till there is no longer a place

but a continually passing


just markings on the trace of


passing from eternity . . .

- jude

die child die...

on breathing ; on trying ;

on living ; on dying

"die child die" - you're living their birth

tying their earth

in their breath you've learned

to breathe

and now they are of death

they breathe no more

but as mirrored chess pieces

glued to the floor

die into the womb of yourself

free - empty

an awaiting try

your fingerprints must

be seen - not in the sand

but reflecting from

an anybody's - your


colorless, till you paint it’s blue

"die child die "

being born - needs no longer

be torn from itself

for birth

for your parents are you

and your womb’s warmth

is an essence of


you breathe, you stare

you're nothing

but a reflection of the air

taking earth rhythm

in pieces of time

to reflect your reflection

for a self from which to see

for a self to see

you are born ...

and eternity is your

only place of remembering

- jude




but words, loud, yet . . .

tree maker - sea taker

perchance you'll dance for me

born fingerless - a child

turns her eyes through time

she stretches her hand

in self command - and finds her

fingers walking on sky


in reaching so - hard - she breathes

the woman she is to be

for a moment rustles the leaves

upon the tree

she is youth lying quietly behind herself

she is motion


before time


she steals - unseen seconds;

to come

into herself

to reflect

she glistens in the wind

roping its blend

as wind - ropes her

an enemy

a friend

to bend across the crest - of

motion hearing still

a moment of any;

and seeps in the fill

the chill,

but words

loud? yet


- jude




our walking line

ever loud are their fingering walls

displacing time into their calls

they're tripping any whose feet

allow a fall

from a;

simple dream

a delusion’s scream

of flowers - seeding

(with seedless pods)

turning out rods

so cages might be born

child - so young - must you be ever



those worn rags of empty, hopeful

paranoid thought

wrap for your finger’s warmth

before they're born

woman must you be torn within

a still-dream’s


without names - we are

children dodging games

in their ever thrown

force - flight across

our path of creation

time fills - tired pores

with stores of anticipation

cravings of the blind

reaching, in time


an eternal rhyme,

all for - what only waiting in

motion may find

though - they bury from birth

our waiting’s find

till our feet are no

longer - bare

to feel

our walking line

- jude





allow the trace

the fragile are painted in


suits of brass

and time erodes all space of


from within

the dance is a cluster

of images

reflecting off reflections

with no beginning

and all end

do we dare to grasp hold of

time’s wall and

bend ...

send the face away

yet allow the 'trace'

to . . . stay

- jude






ice-cream candy doesn’t grow

it just melts away

like the golden snow

- jude




match all glass to mirrors :

a day and window

makes for places

as rhyme and any light

makes for faces

just travel, crossing those lines

turning none as your own

match all glass

to mirrors - and


you've already flown

mark your ticket

‘destination any, void'

for you'll find every smile

blood-ridden, inched upon the


drink their wind

smoke their smoking


turn their lines

while burning their wives

for time has ignored your name

as traveling is the


watch them pass

they're but

sun reflecting off

a learning glass

- jude




whispering mirrors

with just my rain dream

still do i stain the


roughing it all - across the terrain

that follows from within



i met her pouring sand

across a ground just the same

talking through ocean


to the believing we can never believe,

mark your face - in prepared disgrace

and forget them all

as they breathe on you

no more

and watch the rain

whispering mirrors placed

before all the stains

to breathe across; to swim

you're in - you're out;

don't doubt - but

just wander again . . .

- jude




recipes into nowhere

take a little time

& shake,

with a dash of



pour on any find

through your pores

then dream in

and through now

leaving the line


leaving your dream’s

scheme, ever bent

and you've lent yourself

free . . .

for a moment


- jude




don't try to relate it, for i ate it ! ...

pour rain pour

as you are the mirror

of my floor

wetted leaves without a domain

are waiting, yet lifeless they

always remain

- - -

you order tomorrow to stand

up - tall

never into this empty now

shall those, dreams?

ever fall

wander silently

even if;

one must crawl

i believed in tooth fairies

once -

but they too were lost

inside the rain

never to regain their ground

never to find me again,

-but just leave me be -

i'll count the ripples, come

as they surround to drown

that tree

"who knows where the time goes"

i do - don't try to relate it


i ate it

so, i'm going to sit for a while

and swallow her smile

before nowhere

crawls back into our sack

filing its forms

for black

- jude





shadowed as love - are the

crossings into a rain drenched

shroud of time - whose call

knows the lettering

of pain

silent in their markings

carving eyes into skin

and always starting to begin



in the un-worded

words of

touch ...


- jude





cries the child-men

spent a space, all-dreaming

upon a time

yet here - sweated a cold till play

and swallowed a fear


and slowly

i awoke

to choke upon a rhyme too


undressed by that night-time’s


"where begins the end

where does the end hold still

and when does today stop

being but a prelude to

tomorrow - a dream held

in yesterday’s silent tear"

cries the child-man who knows how

to walk but not how to stand

- jude





always to begin ...

a child cried late, in a night

was it ever long ago

and there was no one

to hear

so -

crawling near

she walked ever far

to wake one morning

believing - alive

yet hearing more then sound

till sound was no more

a little child - paints her

fingers - silver

never knowing to believe

in the stain

and all the broken mirrors - but

reflect broken glass - yet

paint a silver image

of broken stance

lady doesn't - to dream?

lady is afraid to scream

might she scare away

all the no where's;

of here

met a woman counting grain

as the sands were blown

and as we loved hard - i never

heard the rain

dance simple dance

though your tree has grown

tired of it’s leaves

there may be no mirror for sound

but breath

is an air breeze

and blown regardless

of time

eternity is silent in it’s rhyme

yes, it's not yet time to run

just swallow time


churn within it’s rhyme

to learn

then; never care - colored air is

absurd - as air is colorless

to learn - to run

to end

just bend

and begin

always too begin

met a woman in a tree

but she ran away

for she didn't see me

met a woman in a tree

she walked past - (we met)

for she saw me.

- jude




to say i love you -

where crosses the sound

dance in the trance of

a we, holding still the ever

moving eternity

do you see our mirror

a motion within a mirror

in touch might we love,

manifesting our sound

in purity till it is sound

no more

but all movement in physical silence

-of us -

in a tree’s dance

perchance, who speaks

with the sky

an ever roaming eye - whose


stirs little sight reaction

my earth child

my flowers are sky


passing in your hands

and the soil of

your eternity is where

we - grow

my arms are wind warm

i'm holding

you on a mountain’s

quest of the sky

- jude




all the yesterdays , yet to come -

(is death but only on the run)

morning calls the fragrance

an air fill

into the child’s lungs

so filled

does he fill himself

and so breathing

does he stand

in reach for more


does the yearning - turn in turn

and learn the more

of continuing sleep

whispering deep - do i walk

across an age of myself

through each night


each morning

but do i ever really


or but remain - eyes closed

an in-between stain

mouth open - legs walking

a zombie of now

breathing in today - yet

breathing on all the yesterdays

yet to come

- jude




till the blues are you;

on the face there's a trace

but time runs with

itself, a tired ever


and so a cloudy day

is but the way

that eyes might stay and see

this reflection of

me just against me

dreamily i walk - drawn into

the blues

a cloud driven river

of sky

whispering unnamed tunes

into balloons of my own

dream relating

holding them through their


flaking through all fields of time

waiting for a speck of



withdraw into


and when through time

whistles my

eternal rhyme,

with earth walls to stand against


no more

i am the blues

yes?... ;

till the blues are you

and, you

are no more!

- jude




an emotion instigator

who are you,

reflect to me

through this

mirror black

and through this sack


trying life

in a glimpse, who is reminded;

never in remembering

color rhyme

but who stays

an emotion instigator

crawling from play to play

- jude




screeching in pain - trying to hold ?

no good nights,

for beyond the lights

i see no voice to hold

my silence

where do i dance

in this bed

alone - upon the sights

of yesterday’s

eternal -

where do i try

to feel what hears not, what

feeling is

but where is she

yet not here.

- jude




to try!

through broken windows

rides - the sight of

so young & tired


trying to decide on nothing

in the freezing rain who’s

pouring through

and those mountain dreams

are pictures

told by another


by another voice

just imagination

so simple in the rain

to whistle in another’s


and broken glass shreds

the floor - a mirror;

once were you

a mirror posing

for a door

and the child cries

having the rain

to hide

her color stain

and again,

so must the child


- jude




eternal hill ; in rock . . .

drift dreaming color drinker

take a stand on

frozen rock

;who knows all movement, and so

needs, none to own

touch your feet

touch your fingers

of earth; of sky

do linger...

and count the passing universe

it holds mirror place

of - your all-dreams


and counts you as it passes

always passing,

"still upon a forest reach

does she lie

awake, in a color

hold - a true in the eternal dream grasp

of my finger’s mirror"

but what do i seek, alone

on a rocked hill

of a fill - known - but real

no more

no - not to yearn,

but to lean within

but to touch

in the eternal knowing

whose sound has


long since - been dreamed


by the time master

'i know her eternal'

and i cross this

eternal hill - with my footsteps

echoing into

aloneness ...

- jude




to live ; to die ?

too many dreams

and these bubbles don’t


just using up your storage time


colored breathing air

and turn to the wall

for the pictures do call

no - don't turn


but don't try to


for walls are but walls

and dreams

are reverse

allegorical mirrors

too often designed

to lie

to live ; to die?

- jude




in the non-reflection

listen death, come this way

shall we make a deal,

make a deal today?

No, young sirs - for your age does show

your mind may be tired

but, your body.

forces the show

your line is painted

within an eternal fall

your air is moving

and so

again don't


swimming before an iceberg’s trail,

she won't fail

dressing in eyes of earth learning

she sings a mermaid’s song

and - with no ocean to belong

walking, i know

you well

come, allow me to dwell

before your swell and

attempt to drown me

of your heal-clicking


without a now mirror to reflect

time’s trees in green

i had a dream



yet -still i woke - eyes stretched for

the sky


in the non-reflection

of my only

i still

but wander - alone

- jude


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