under frozen sunlight


young where you dream

young where you have

time to ignore

to believe


free water

winter falls as snow

soft the echoes

adrift within

young where you begin

where you sin


young is where

an older man

forgets he is going to die

where sweeter rhythms dance

lost within shadows

cast under

frozen sunlight

                                        - jude




 all her seasons


seasons dream of believing

water walks the fingertips

of reason

in silence

does a soul talk of rhythm


in between moments


and yet to rise

where time

stands before an open space

a gate of tomorrows


does a woman

sleep within her closed door


deep in the shadows

of moon light

cold the reflection

off winter ice



all her seasons

dared dream

of believing…

                                 - jude




dreaming cliffs


a wanderer


within the walk of time

a young man’s rhyme

if lost

beyond tomorrow

stands in solitude

before hard walls

a true face in ice-stone

with a winter fog

a mist deep

within his eyes

dreaming cliffs

where cold sunlight

shatters upon

hard rock

where the faces of the lost

bleed their belief

                                                      - jude






the song


a tired man

walks in the rain

passes a girl child


shoes all wet

and not a care in the world

that this tired man could see

eyes shut quiet

to a smile inside

carries the man

across far echoes

deep within


the world sings

in harmony

with angels dreaming


as the long sighs


washes up upon a young man’s


just the carvings

of where a dreaming

dares  to see

the song

a tired man

walks long

where the rain cries sweet.

                                                   - jude




ramblings of a mad poet upon the echoes of a young madman’s stage


deep within the silence

beyond the edge

of dreaming

just before the darkness


light fingers


upon the bleed of voices


if upon the echo of another


if a man can perceive

the universe shall allow

the chance

to breathe

of a greater breath


but only stronger bodies

can carry

the focus needed


is this lens of reality,


the dead need not apply.

                                                         - jude





 whatever sins


ice dream

cloudless skies

sighs from cold glass

windows streaked

by water screams

the seams of his soul

open to a silence


longer nights


just the rain of

a man’s seasons

belief in

whatever sins carried true

blues on his fingertips

all the sweet sips

of life upon his lips

no tomorrow

but for yesterday’s truth

a long lost poem

once carved into hard packed snow

by a boy with

nowhere to go

and just his fingerprints

sing the night quiet

                                                 - jude





 the long silence


if a man alone


before a kingdom


as life

deep within

the night sky


sitting in a room


a long silence within

a moment


bridge across a river

cut from ancient stone

where faces

call to dreams

who carry your soul



you once told me

that you knew my name

so long ago

how were you lost

within the dreaming

of a young man


if lying on a bed of stars

where one can dare

to perceive

in more then

the darkness between


tomorrow always

a map across your eyes

where a poet tries

calling to

all the words

in drift



across the silence

music deep


in light


upon the wall

                             - jude



a rhyme for frozen eyes


when your seeing is lost

within believing

and you love the illusion

of just belonging

men of the cold mind


on the graves of water dreamers

and when their world

lies empty and dead

there is true freedom

souls frozen by the tears

of god

ah! the sweet call of religion

                                                            - jude






 for Audrie and…


rubbing your fingers

across frozen glass

until your fingerprints

are embedded into bone


someone believe in me

someone see me

someone hold me

before i cry


cold water dreams


in the reflections

of ice turned glass


young child

younger pain

too alone

cold voices cutting a soul


a child with nowhere to go


someone believe in me

someone see me

someone hold me

before i die!

                                 - jude






lonely ship

a cold day

early spring

young maidens sing


caught by lost seamen


adrift on early morning fog

on rhyme to keep

all the dreams

earth lost children

too deep

within their parent's sleep


light upon her eyes

as she lies on a garlanded bed

old wooden boards

soaked by the sea


footsteps lost


always inching closer


cold within the echoes

who dare the silence.

                                          - jude






 coat of shadows


you walk

empty streets

people moving fast

no money in your pockets

just dreaming on the tips of your fingers

you dance

where music drifts

under street-lamp

late night illusions

warm within your coat of shadows

dark light

cast deep

behind your eyes

how many times

can a man die

carved with blood

fingers paint

a canvas of long run

train windows

you bleed free

all those ancient echoes

chattering away in your mind

ghosts who once were held

thick lovers hair entwined

by your silence

you grow old

as you still dream young

lost behind

mirror rhyme


in the quiet

of a poet's


                    - jude



windowless sounds


if i am lost

a stranger on an empty field


moon draped

an unseen dreamer's


from this surreal bath

and its water silence

carved out of blood and dirt

a path

within the shadows

on which

rhyme moves

words left over from

a dying man's scream

empty pockets

within a suit of gold

old evening cold


behind windowless

sounds in the dark

of life

laughing in the sky.     

                                          - jude




 reaching for sound


do you listen

a hard dusk rain


empty my words

as the eyes that see them

fallen to the floor behind


with the stroke of a brush

"shadows cast under frozen sunlight"


eyeless light dares

to be seen



only silence

where does the universe listen

                                                     - jude




 rice paper fingerprints


cloud stained mirrors

grey sky day

something too lost

wordless whispers

skipping across afternoon river



crave sanity


all the doors filling

all the walls

dreams or memories

signs scattered irrational

just windows of silver glass

catching the echoes

the silence

deeper by day

a feather across my lips

covered by night

broken sand castles

cascading through my

dry fingers

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

who knows where

rice paper tears

fall upon

ink stained screams

                                               - jude



colored water fountain blues


cool wind

blowing north along the hudson

new york city river rhyme

quiet storm

echoes from

bleeker street retreats

no clock tower

to watch me cry


if i could ride

those wind songs


sweet far away dreams

soft light

deep within my night


one more dance

where the river withdraws

tomorrow and far away


colored water fountain

quenching my sighs

memories like tears

streaks across the years

if for a moment

your body remembers

do you dare speak

silence on a darkening night



my eyes bleed


fall from my fingers

                                                - jude




(the long time disabled blues) the whisper of dead fingerprints



cold wind blowing


winter water river rhyme

no time left to believe

or even bleed


the whisper of dead fingerprints


moments in-between


you don't know my name

or the dance

i dance in the rain

the water

so quiet it calls

as all the years

fall to silence

                        - jude





 trace upon a clock face


white water dreams

or just rain drops falling cold

walk with me

across a morning's light

sips of an ancient call

window wind

inhaling air

with words

never really there


as shattered ice

just wet across my eyes

a trace

upon a clock face

in dance a rhyme

even when

i couldn't perceive her

or believe her

with her salt water reason

woman without a season

as rain on a cloudless day

stands across from this

nowhere man

with highway sand in his shoes


the walking man's blues

                                            - jude



across the river


across the river

where dreams rest

between the seasons

a woman can bleed

her water free

in silence

where the eyes of

earth rhyme calls


no tears needed

for a woman to believe

in what she sees

across the river

where the screams of

a young girl fade into

the morning fog of time

where a woman


glows with the beauty

mirror upon a wall


carve but the sweet truth

not of youth

but of time unending

                                              - jude




 silent words


when midnight clouds cry

deep cracks reach

ice or water rhyme

ancestors are lost

in the shadow

of dreams sought

cast upon a northern ocean's light


before death


in time's illusion

i've heard

those silent words

always moments before waking

remembered only

upon the wind


a hummingbird's flight

                                         - jude




 blood rain


river hawk cries

in the shadow of

long wind clouds

a forgotten tear deep within

the palm of a man

lost among men of belief

cold stone mirrorless

below a cool summer sky

where the aged and hungry


white bones within

a far desert dress

between rows of dead children

a sadness

silence upon an empty earth

if older men dare

to forget

seasons will bleed

as rainless water

a fall from grace

onto barren sand

spread across rhyme


empty pages within the dreams

who tried to carry

a people

a country

a prayer

to be human and free

flags stained by blood rain

still blowin' in the wind

                                              - jude




a return to nowhere street


water across

sand covered feet


through a break of clouds


where blows

warm atlantic ocean


just a man's dream

caught timeless

and between

where only

blind men dare

to believe


truths found

only on nowhere street.

                                        - jude



 summertime rhyme (love song to patti)


don't believe in love

don't believe in hate

ah, but loving

i do relate

a walking rhythm

concrete sidewalks

her hand in mine

silent words lie soft

within her mind

warm summer day

a saxophone in play

echoes from cool shadow doorways

north is south

east is west

a glass of wine

a moment to rest


and at our best

summertime rhyme

can hold

an old man into death

with no regret

a walking rhythm

his only request.

                             - jude




summertime skies


under summertime skies

stepping stone clouds


wind in a man's hair

where seasons dare

and music plays

it's decades long rhythm

just a day

full sails whisper as they


in time to the cloud's shadow play


seated within a deep sigh

just a man

watching all the movies play

a life with too much to say

and a silence

held close

where a man may cry unseen

more than memories

lie naked in both

his upturned hands

open to the sky

a man can only try

and remember

under these summertime skies

                                                    - jude


drifting soul


a taste in the air

sweet wind

blowing from the north

drifting my soul

a young man's rage

leaning against an

old man's stage

remembering a man

who believed in men

who stood before the wave

and died


if truth carved into deep blue ice

on a world tilting

just a bit more

if peace dares

time and mirrors

blowing through a man's hair

talking to marble graves

bleeding from cold fingers

sweet wind

drifting my soul

                                              - jude




 out to sea


sweet rain

pour on me

these seasons

they are changing

the children

they are dancing in the mirror

as the old men are rowing out to sea

oh how hard it is

to still believe in tomorrow

come sleep with me

to dream a little deeper

                                                          - jude





life sweet rhythm


within the rhyme

where a woman dreams

lives the soul

of a silent artist

a sculptor of air and time


sweet rhythm dance

as her fingers chance

between the moments

a song is sung

                                          - jude    





 my country tis of thee and again and in the end


where in the wilderness of time

walks a broken man

what prints does he leave in the sand

with just rhyme under his command

burnt flags color his hair

still long from his days of

street theatre revolution

he stands alone

before the jefferson memorial

washington usa

a lost man

still with something to say

walks the broken man

a poet

without sand

on a highway

lost to weeds

and broken concrete dreams


blind judges walk the

circle game

a life of changes

so that a nation can remain the same

hiding all its stains

on the underside of

all the unspoken poet's


god bless the unwritten word

and those unrecorded tries.

                                                            - jude



wind in my eyes


don't talk to me

just walk with me

a memory within a dream

an ancient rhyme

sound carved eternal

lost within a moment

a face unclear

a trace true


such a long tomorrow

never to fall

you called to me

if i choose to believe


where once did i bleed

where once i lost my seed

nameless i walk with you

loving is not a memory game

loving is a fall of rhythm

vibration where clouds meet

she is a wind in your eyes

will you mourn her

when she dies

                             - jude






open wings

heard the hawk cry

autumn river wind

old man in his perch


dreaming before

a clear blue sky

how cold must one be


he believes he will die

                            - jude





a long poem on a short dream


in the shadow

of sunlight heavy clouds

a water song

tainted and long

rides the chill within

an afternoon wind

a man sings

lyrics long forgotten

between silence

and dreams he can't remember

there is a trace in the water

a face within a hand

white marble carved


just a woman without a name

a martyr to broken religion screams

she is folded into rock

frozen in fear

un-pregnant in her child's beauty

clothed in truth and her nakedness

frozen before all men

men who love

men who condemn

cold wind

shatters all river dreams


all godless men


to lie in silence

atop all the white marble bones

as they lick their blood fears


men who kill

in a smaller world




cold wind

sings a water song

from a tainted river long

                          - jude





god's broken seed


shadow greed

religion and flesh coins

a broken child

within a carver of false idols'


a bomb


strings of a coward's scream

tie whose god

to death

i ask

where is life

and all the rest

                                - jude








sails full of

a chill autumn wind

southern ocean dreams

in your eyes

you dance

a traveler's dance

you chance


                   - jude




neither did the fairies


found her


a young girl

brown hair covering

hidden eyes

eyes that wouldn't cry

her sweet sigh

called to me

a whispering silence

only a poet could hear

found her

just sitting there

looking for fairies

under my sink

some thought it funny


not i

neither did the fairies

somewhere slow water

a rainy night


an easy rage

and she played her music

across another side

still and for free

found her



deep into a darkness light

a young girl

and her sweet sighs

                                                  - jude








a tree flower falls

where the dead call

a child believes

before he wakes

                                                   - jude




 just past sunset


i walk

sand in my shoes

i dream

the blood of children

caked within the prints on my fingers

a man

who believes only

in the mirror

i sleep

within the silence

where god talks

i remember

once again



something about

a chill autumn dusk

soft light

just past sunset

a moment of silence

belief in something

written upon

the shadow of time

                                        - jude



darkness on the edge


morning dream

water silence

color dancing


within a woman's soul

an ocean's call

follows her

where she walks

upon hard packed

dirt roads

where does she stand

when the early evening shadows fall


she screams the moment quiet

darkness on the edge of rhyme


does she

within her sighs

the beauty

wherein her hands try

an artist lost

within her vision of time

an artist color dancing


and oceans dream alive

she rises before the mirror

water echoes

sirens call

                              - jude







river song

sing to me

of all the places i long to be

if only

tomorrow was

a long time coming

                          - jude







winter rhyme 2013



where the dreams of children



when they were your dreams


not in the pain

but in dancing

in the rain

naked and unashamed

winter rhyme

sweet water cold as ice

if you love once

can you love twice

mirror mirror

tell one true

so much beauty

is old ever new


falling upon your eyes


peace on earth

where the dreams of children



                                                         - jude





 prayer calling to the sand


after dusk

just walk and

listen to the echoes




and maybe

even scream

sip the water

falling across the mirror



tomorrow walks within

whisper to the river

taste the blood

falling from your eyes

have something to say

prayer calling to the sand


across the mirror


reflection in frozen rhyme

where fingerprints

call to

but a moment lost

and free

just walk

                                     - jude





 reflections in black ice


deep into a very dark

winter night

two stars

frozen snow touches

as ice within your breath

unheard echoes

in drift

across an open field

white / black

surrealistic refrain

a left hand glove left

a long highway back

a boy needs to believe

in the man

before he becomes lost

on the other side

and always

just one more road

one more ride

                              - jude







just a moment of silence

just a moment of beauty

just a child and wonder

long winter coming

autumn colors in dress

where do we dare

where do we dream

stand quiet

below a pitch black night


light your soul


to where the universe

touches you with its truth


in silence

in beauty

in wonder

                   - jude






just a moment of silence

just a moment of beauty

just a child and wonder

long winter coming

autumn colors in dress

where do we dare

where do we dream

stand quiet

below a pitch black night


light your soul


to where the universe

touches you with its truth


in silence

in beauty

in wonder

                   - jude






what do i see

in these cold winter


a grey-blue wall of dreams

long past wondering why

i walk the clouds

drifting low

there is someplace

if tomorrow was but a song

                               - jude






 a moment  untethered


cold were my dreams

late night

within frozen glass

i woke to a chill deep

in where my bones slept

when suddenly

to my surprise

an echo whispered

just a moment unthered

a memory or more

the perfect rhyme

a rocky mountain wind

bright sun

snow within my fingers

a lover's lips

and almost

if i believed

a poet's sighs

could touch the sky



from bones to fingertips


tomorrow in the mirror

of yesterday

                            - jude







black light

from within the night

deep behind the eyes

of a sleeping woman

young dreams

walk the seams

of her truth

sweeter then tomorrow

are the mirrors of her soul

                         - jude



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