as paint across my eyes


time is quiet

dreams they walk

where is the silence

she whispers

once i heard the banshee sing


the man beside me


a body without breath

but a boy

stained forever

a forever as paint across my eyes


                                            - jude




 song of a tree


quiet ocean dreams

what lines the seams

of her soul

storms deep in echo

if light

shatters time


across the lines

marking her heart


with nowhere to go

walking a river of


such as water

walking a river of


sharing her water

of life

with those who belong

song of the trees

born of water and dreams

                                             - jude





a beautiful ride


i feel death

riding me down

echoes meeting me

without making a sound

i wonder

if the seasons


still on my side


but its been a beautiful


if iím not dead


i must consider

this ladder i dare

call time

this universe i dare

call mine

i must concede

all my needs

and just

be alive...

                              -       jude





battlefield of lies


where are the angels

who will cry for

the children dying

the stain of their tears


floors of concrete

now stained

as a frame

all that remains

to warm the broken souls

of children

red eyes in their tries

to believe

in tomorrow

is it left to the poets

to picture truth

candle light

calls to the shadows

coveted by

the cries of banshees

claiming their own


a battlefield of lies

does it matter

what flag flies

over graveyards

of innocence torn

                                           - jude





sand in a poetís eyes


riding the wind



sings the light

songs dare

moonlight held


the sunís shadow

black light memories

stars deep

behind such shaded walls

the calls

an old poet


mirror behind a window

words carved into glass


to swim within

a sea of water

lily pads

paint the shore

under a fairyís call

all the beautiful women

all women


to see themselves

within a poetís eyes


such beauty

ripples never ending

echoing from

a womanís sigh

just a sand painting

just a momentís beauty


                                        - jude




shattered hourglass



whispers running


an oceanís skin

deep water whale songs


eyes fall from

pillow clouds

within their long drift


you care to breathe

from a forgotten dream

simple thoughts

words concede

where truth bleeds



seagulls paint in lines

a world in pattern


sand falling free

shattered hourglass

morning light falls

calls to

rhyme within reason


the bansheeís season

                               - jude






 a painted absence


where dare one

to dream

across tomorrow

when faced with only

a void

a painted absence

if a poet


within the silence

of his words

is a poet


                 - jude




 raven song


who do you see

mirror before your eyes

where dance

the winds

of your youth

dreams broken

love wrongs


paint upon the image


dusty brick walls

windows in song

shadows as stains

long faded

images paraded

did you belong

raven song

sings to your belief

echo of your season

broken mirror

a reflectionís call

to reason

                         - jude




where blind justice is blind


break me

break me

lost within my soul

a scream

the echo

tears fall on every nerve

the rage

the death of light

dam those

unchristian christians

blind woman out of balance

walls crumble

my country tis of thee

once dreamt of living free

blind justices

her tears

shatter as glass

nowhere left not to see

where blind justice

goes blind

hatred of women

sweet on the lips

white men

standing demanding

shadow cast

within a shadow

where beauty shatters

bones cast onto

a womanís skin

not godís

just a white manís sin

                                      - jude




walking circle refrain


walking time

blues unsung

dreams talking

rhythm without light

morning concedes to night


if bleeds the mountain


     I touch

     I see

     I believe

the night sky sings

     i dance

my shadows call

to the stars

mirror light

circle refrain

                                      - jude






 if a song is sung


in the rhythm of a song

where everything is wrong

if the sky isnít blue what are the eyes seeing

i dance to the music

broken may it be

through the silence if you dare

yearning for

what isnít heard

sing to me

what are you trying to see

but a deeper truth


sing to me

looking for balance

but none exists

so if you care

never to dare


rearrange a life

for nothing is ever wrong

in the rhythm of music

when a song is sung

to one who belongs

                                      - jude  




 ocean and song


sing me a song

in the light

in the long

quiet times

where you belong


carried by the

rhythm of itís words

no rhyme

where the rhythm carries

sweet longing

where water meets shore

somewhere to be

where sand meets ocean

where ocean meets song

if you walk

with words carving truth

sweet dreams when you sing

as ocean and song belong

                                                               - jude





 clouds sing her songs


dream me a song

shadow light


she sings in silence

walking in her belief

what is right

what is long

where is her image

when the mirror turns

white to black

the sky dreams in

her imagination

in her image

clouds sing her songs

of light

of black to grey

what has she to


in silence she sings

songs of her long road

where white is black

where grey is the light

of what she sees

so sings in her song

                                            - jude






 dark moon


dark moon is rising

where man walks

without his shadow

what calls to the

other self

when gone

man stands alone

self has lost the image

an image who holds oneís

black to white

soul to heart

where sings the songs

words with balance

dark moon is rising


moonlight shines without light

                                           - jude


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