if water would carry

your dreams

and silence

your soul

in the mirror

what is left

to see

living beyond tomorrow

burns with truth

                                             - jude




 irish girl in dance


shadow mirror

what do you dream

woman lost in your echoes

what have you seen

star falling  star light

a moment to dare

if to believe


does she dance

when silence falls

and tomorrow calls

whispers deep

a cross upon her fingertips

an echo within her eyes


blood deep

does she dance

                       - jude




 sand falling upon ice


across time


is seen the eyes of death


a walk through

all the rest


no ice on my fingers

as i drink from

a winter river's flow


lost in a box

with nowhere to go

finger-painting on the walls

picasso in a mirror

looking back


yesterday screaming

a repeating rhyme

a stopping of time

with nowhere to go


i walk upon

a winter river's flow

talking across

a frozen sound

calling to

sand falling upon ice

                                           - jude




under a new moon's light


listening to the silence

the silence lying in wait

across a barren sand

quiet are the children

who lie within empty coffins


tears so deep

i forget when to cry

i fear to dream

the screams

echoes falling from a new moon's

pitch black light


listening to the morning bright

blood upon my frozen fingers

in a banshee's shriek


to dream away a silent night


i dance a last dance

i dream a last dream

i walk on an echo

calling to me

from deep within


if only you believe

in the face you see

in the morning

in the mirror

are you the star

that falls from your dreams


who dares remember

the dance you danced

deep within the arms of truth


where a saddened soul cares.

                                                                                          - jude                             





i wake

from a walk

lost within the irrational

a day

a silence

longer then yesterdays

blood falling

from growling gray skies

within the mirror

water lines drawn in the sand


ice calling across

frozen plains

frost on an old man's soul

yearning for warmth

only a young man knows

i sleep

deep within a night

that doesn't believe

in me


within the art

of a universe unseen

                                                     - jude




shadow and light


falling into morning

wearing wings on your sighs

with nowhere to go

but for the dreams

attached to your soul

"i don't know"

you cry to the silence

and yet

you rise into your


into the light

wakes a child

where tomorrow always comes

                                  - jude




 a sweeter sorrow


if you walked

on a chance

to break a moment


and unfasten it from your



would the universe relate


an image on the backside

of a mirror

of solitary whisper

only a mad boy sees

season turning

yearning to catch a breath

yet to fall from a long night's



if tomorrow never comes

such a sweeter sorrow

is its call

and still


talks of possibility

if a man can walk

upon the sea

where stars dance behind mirrors

                                                                       - jude





 easy rhyme


talk to me


i stand alone


deeper than any

childhood rhyme

unforgotten dreams

doors painted on walls


within a prison of reality


if i strummed a tune

and sang my rhythm

would you listen


my easy rhyme

would you hear

the silence on my tongue


hear me


lost within


my eyes

my whys

my sighs


in silence


dreams upon an old wooden floor

                                                               - jude




shadow walk


for into your tomorrow


truth across death


sung across echoes

water carved lyrics

deep into

mountain rock



the reality of illusion

where shadows walk

                                            - jude




 myrtle avenue


walking down myrtle avenue

late night dreams

lost within the seams

os a young boy's reach

footsteps on concrete

street-lamp shadow

in movement

a song in echo

blood upon his fingertips

suzanne by the river

his eyes lost upon her soul

just a neighborhood girl

with somewhere to go

echoes on brick buildings

wall to wall

as he walks away

he loved a girl

who had nothing to say

just a boy

just a love song

just a wind blowing

from far away

walks on

just a song

rhythm on blood stained


                                 - jude






autumn quiet

within the silence

white bird dreaming

broken light river call


sky night falls

morning whispers

lost to

tomorrow sighs


                   - jude



just a girl


there was a girl

when she was alive

i so

almost loved her

there was a girl

who was lost

deep inside

the edge of her


candle wind


too much sin


just a girl to carry.

                                               - jude





sound across a young poet's mind from 1972


hearing a madman's song


beyond the touch

of earth light

upon an ocean

within a song

just a trace

between time and eternity


too deep

their fears

echoes across my strings

a never of anymore

an only of now

memory or truth

surrendering to an

eternal thought



a play

within the words of rhyme

a sound explosion

across a young poet's mind

                                                                   - jude




 just an image


in the rain

she stood in the rain

a woman without a name


fell only within mirrors

ice called to stone

carved where dreams

call to all the aging children

where dragons come to life

someone dared to see

the shadow

where this woman stood

in the rain

upon the tips of his fingers

rhyme caught within

a lone drop of water

sky steam as wind

called to him just an image

unseen as dreams fall

in the rain

she was loved

but never knew him


he also had no name

                                                        - jude




a child's chalk



so alone

on a street of lost souls

just a child

with dirty feet

she lost her name

somewhere behind

her deep eyes

don't cry anymore

dancing a circle dance

along silent

night black roads

carving truth

into concrete

a picture drawn

with a child's chalk

where might

her color hide

                                                - jude




riding within the songs of whales


unmarked graves along the shore


blood in the river


the silence of

all the men who dare not


fog walks early mornings

deep within the dreams

of the lost children riding

within the songs of whales

a poet casts his words

onto the first breaks of


as silence shatters upon

the calls of his rage

blood paints

upon the fall

of more than just words

water carries sound as truth

tears upon the eyes of men


                                                 - jude




 late night empty glass


an empty glass of summer wine

late night dry lips

waking from a dream

a trace soft upon his hand

her face

her youth

before she changed

faded love poems

written on

a young man's fingertips

not even echoes

left to sip

empty glass

fallen to the sand

no sadder thing

waking alone

cold candle

no light

late in the night

                                           - jude




 if silent


if i could live

but one more day

would i

have anything more

to say

and if silent


the deep black

night wind

carry me away


with pen in hand

and sand

laid out across my sighs

where only

blue whales begin

where only

blue whales


                         - jude




 street songs and old man blues


looking for peace

in a world

lost within

all the silent screams

of war

old blues men

walk the streets

singing for


a warm meal

a sip of whisky

and the return of

where love is more than

religion or patriotism

all the children


save me

cries adrift on an

early summer wind

looking for peace

forty-five years later than

a young man's

street dance

anarchy across his stance

looking for peace

an old man's blues

forgotten songs refrain

singing on a street corner

for pennies

and an old dream

                                                  - jude



 blackout memories


a water stain

man without

a name

blackout memories

dry sand

fingerprints without a hand

just before birth

death falls quiet

snowflakes falling

tomorrow calling


echoes across stain

                                                                  - jude



 always almost free


we dream as if

somehow the world

would believe in us

when we are young


moving always moving

legs pumping

wind hard against my eyes

wind sweet wind

almost free

always almost free

to believe


long walks across

concrete echoes

mile upon mile

weight upon the rhyme of time

dark only late nights

endless street shadows carved

retreats defeats

mirror rhyme

long walks longer streets



we believe as if

somehow the world

has seen

the aura of our dreams

when we are old

                                                   - jude




an old rational anarchist's refrain



the color of blood

touched upon the brain

a young man not yet


but was


dancing in the rain

the sweet clean smell

of sidewalks

under late night lamplight

a walking echo refrain


who taught him to believe


die for their sins

diaper pins

a child

trying hard to see


what fools

those priests be

for ever teaching

not to believe

but to see



where light reflections

carve truth

into change



walking the walk

talking the talk

disregarding the walls

forsaking the chains

shedding his soul

upon the graves

of good children

oh! so young


not standing for his flag

eyes of hate

words of distain

just a boy

beginning an anarchist's refrain


years unforgiving

on an old man's smile

his long rhyme echoes

life sweet life

deeper then blood refrain

                                                               - jude




wind chime


dead water

not a ripple

i catch my breath

within the stillness


by a moment

clouded air

empty sky grey

not just another day

whispers to a blind man

a lifetime lost


not gone

simple song



a ripple

water rhyme

a sail boat's wind chime


to believe

to forget

to remember


                           - jude





 A lost moment, standing between youth and all the rest


            Are words but words?  Nothing more than dying echoes.  At what point did I come upon the delusion that words can draw as mathematics, creating patterns that might, if perfect, more than reflect the Universe.  But become a piece of it!

Truly alive in a Poem's own right.  To become a moment, alone in time.  A true work of Art.

            If only gods walked as men.  Would even they be able to judge, to know?  What can befall a man, that he can come to perceive as believe in magic.


                                                                                   - jude






 cold wet sand, counting


nobody knows

late night winds



across sweet woman eyes

her sighs fall to

soft wet sand

deep sound

black night summer waves


in-between sips

where carry

her lips

summertime dreams

where echoes lie


before you die


a woman's season


where you once

lost your reason

black late night summer light


between breaks in

a young man's rhyme

cold wet sand, counting

nobody knows

                               - jude




 street dance


san Francisco summer lights

she danced for you


street chanced for her

if for the seasons

deep golden green eyes

autumn's call

when a man


not to compare

                                    - jude






cobblestone street memories


i stand in the dark

lost in awake

3 AM

deep within the shadows

who color my soul

i stand

not turning

with nowhere to go


oil and color

brushed onto a mirror

water glass dreams

north wind blowing

where a young man

tomorrow across autonomic notions

fingers writing history

broken circles

stains upon lost fingerprints

moments reflecting moments

within nowhere

never quiet


cobblestone street

memories lost

a first kiss soft

a long dance under

yellow shadow street lights


an old man smiling

alone under a southern morning light

catching all his forgotten dreams

within hard scared hands


tomorrow always comes


                                       - jude



shall we dance


shall you dance upon

the water of my dreams

dare i

walk silently amongst

all the butterflies adrift

within your eyes

we talk of

under a deep star burnt sky

we walk within

the rhythm of our song

in belief

our fingerprints

upon wet sand

chance the art within

the seams of our love

shall we dance

upon the chance

of a moment of beauty

a lifetime of truth

                                              - jude



two sides


pulling away

trying to implode

your soul

ever far from birth

where the banshee


peace across your living rage

a man

alone on a stage


the hourglass of rhyme


between the ticks of time

eyes fixed

not on your life

upon a coin

two sides

pressed between moments of air

a deep breath in

a deep breath out

trying to believe

trying to perceive

morning clouds


where dreams

mirror rhythm

                                                     - jude





 shadow rain, watercolor stain


i loved you

one morning

ever long ago

shattered glass

a kaleidoscope of color


where rhythm

forsakes you

you loved me

one evening

ever long ago

you loved me


so easily

forgot my name

yet still

you danced with me

shadow rain

watercolor stain


brooklyn street lamps cold

i loved her

a madman's refrain

                                                                      - jude






 where blind men die (too much war)


the devil in the darkness

of a dream

lost tears

never cried

frozen deep

within the forgotten memory

a child standing on a dime

waiting in line

to be believed

reflections in black and white

morning was always night

shards of silver ice

shattered image

behind cold truth

the devil in the darkness

a standing mirror


a face

a trace

thin lines drawn in blood


death without a grave

dare to believe in


glass tries

echoes fall

where blind men die.

                                                                     -  jude







bird on fire


just beyond the edge

shattered glass

nothing clear

wanting to see

not to believe


between reason

and the change of seasons

deep in song









as a bird on fire





                    - jude






teach your children


you chance

to allow your children

to dance

you dare

to walk them

upon the edge


dreams and hard times

you sing with them

of happy

of sad

and sweet summertime rhymes

you teach your children

to believe.

                                        - jude






looking glass whispers


in distance

i dream

caught between

where wind bends

and white clouds


in distance

lies tomorrow

blood upon my sighs

frozen as crystal

water upon a mirror

looking glass whispers


staring truth

from the silence

a tarot read

the moon across the hanged man

                                                                        - jude




moon-light rain


shall i remember her name

shadow light kiss

the sweetest lips

an earth reflection

in metal form

long moon night

wanting to fall in love


torn fingerprints and shattered eyes

hidden within

a lost boy's sighs

battle tried

never cried

a world prayed him

into a mirror's underside

where birth and belief

black dirt cover

empty night revisions

if they steal your name

how does one

remain the same

a long train ride

her long hair youth

close to my side

was she too young to decide

to believe or not


with an empty road before me

a kiss good-bye

a boy cried

quiet inside

long highway dance

gave a boy a chance

to dare

ice summer sky

shattered mirror

mountain fall

thin air so clean

so rich

snow water pond

clear blood ink

a poet torn

if to love

a lone sea shell worn

if to believe

if to remember her name

where far highways remain


a sea shell

in an empty hand

laying shadow across those

too long roads

where only a poet

dares remain

always remembering


sweet earth moon-light rain

                                                                - jude




 too many dead men


i see the shattered blood


stains upon

an unseen child's

lifeless eyes

just flesh and rain

where are the angels tears



echoes sold


so long ago

and not

they say

we believe

yet dare not

to see where their children bleed

or concede

their god

empty light

falls upon shadow nights

too many dead men

walk within their god skins

praying their sin

onto dead earth

where angel tears

never fall

                                              - jude





moon wind seed


if lost within the full light

of an

old song within

slow dance across the mirror

a clear night full moon

black cloaked

whispers from a memory


you either bleed or believe

so ties

our human need

a seed wind blown

if you concede

truth echoes

where tomorrow rhymes

inside the mirror of time

                                                               - jude






 i still cry


water on my lips

long gentle sips

i want to believe

i dare to feel


is it real

made by a creator

by an Artist

where eyes can see

water is truth

touch upon touch upon touch

and so

the river flows

desert child hungry

jungle man deep

within his own dreams

dark, light, yellow, white

water runs red

when we lie dead

mirror color

if you see

water on my lips

long gentle sips

i am you

you are me

truth lies upon our lips

so why

must i still cry

death walks where our children lie

                                                                   - jude






shadow world


utah desert sunrise

carved echoes of

long forgotten rhythms

from a deep dreaming night

almost within touch of

a stars in rage sight

burning and dying lights

i wake

as a young man

without a god to receive from

what could he believe in

living within his country's

unjust war & blind clergy

morning sunrise on my face

from just a trace

cold upon my skin

till a full rise

warmed till blinded

mirror mirror within my eyes

blinded till i could see


carving my shadow

as an echo of

dare i to believe!

in reality

in beauty

in a shadow world

where only artists and

blind children dwell

                                               - jude




his workingman shoes


summer 1969

working man blues

dreams of dancing free

in a field where music


in love with a girl

who was afraid to see

just a boy

walking upon the graves of

all the lost young men

buried under concrete sidewalks



yet bleeding all the same

just a boy

dressed in his workingman


dancing alone in the rain

believing that the music

could wash away all the

sidewalk stains

just a boy

learning to sing

his walking man blues

learning to dream

of dancing free

                                                - jude






spray paint murals

white washed away

lost his name

where blood staining

circle black metal dreams

blind man standing

within a crowd


sidewalk talking

memory walking

                                            - jude






 street dancing summer dreaming


fast walking street dancing

feet burning black tar streets

irish protest songs older then

ground echoes calling

concrete in vibration

time caught within

black metal clock face

a child girl

fingers trace its turning rhyme

spray paint murals

call shadow stains

across her path

mirrors deep

her smile blows as sand

across a warm wind beach

a child girl

in a race with her

long hair dreaming

street dancing parents

walking free

where a girl child would see

                                                                          - jude







 within a san francisco retreat


tried to love a girl

holding her child

within my arms


an easy san francisco day


round and round

slow rise

carved stones and trees

a moment simple

a moment in which

i could see

a moment in which

she could not

dead hippies lined the streets

a time of

peace & love

in full retreat

anarchy defined

to teach

where only the lost poets


with paint

dripping from their fingers

                                                                - jude






 sweet cheri girl


lost her on

a long highway of chance

sweet loving

mirrorless dance

iowa sleeping bag nights

hidden from the echo

of police cruiser lights

silence on a long kansas ride

rocky mountain windshield sights

illusive under treeless sunlight

lost her on those

late evening

hard walking tries

wanted to believe in

her young girl seed

nyc barren truths

no roots to entangle

not enough love to bind

cold street summer wind


even hard thumbing rides

when time slows

truth shows

lost her on

a late denver night

with not a mountain

in sight

                                       - jude





 fingers touching sand


hard talking , fast walking

with deep blue eyes

tried to love her

between her dead girl tries

her nyc public library sighs

called to me

on a long summer

hot sidewalk


she hid behind

the walls

of all the boys she knew




for a young boy to find

see her

moment to moment

perfect mind

kissed her once

warm skin

fingers touching sand

almost loved her

just once

before she died

                                                   - jude







sitting on the edge of life

waves of history

do we ride



or as old men

afraid to die

if darkness pleases

do you sleep talk truth


do you fall to silence

where all your unfulfilled wants



a year of hope

a decade of death

children without breath

still speak


lost within the binding

we teach our children

not to dwell where

the waves of truth

leave lines of words


across the sands of reality

sitting on the edge

of tomorrow

1950's black & white


as cigarette smoke


and nothing dares

as it seems

to believe

to die

to laugh

to cry

once still our soldiers return

frozen in scream

sitting on the edge of truth

is it ever

what it seams

to laugh

to cry

to believe

whether in truth or in lies

we all die

only petals of beauty

offer shade

to our last sigh

                                              - jude







 tomorrow's clock


if the chance

where shadows dance

in circles unbidden

for just

one more breath

to concede

or believe

to return

or begin again

water calls

as it recedes

where frozen sand

walks in silence

behind the echoes


cries tomorrows clock

                                                        - jude



water mirror rhyme


sadness resides

blood rivers wide


to believe


to have seen


to have

lost a moment

searching for truth

within a bleed

where only

sadness resides

                                                   - jude






 un-American activities blues



your own children


do you choose

to kill them


do we still need

to bow before

the white man urges


un-American activities

arming our police

for war

at home

for power

for greed

with no seeds


upon this barren ground

join your poets

carry the tears

of the silenced children

of the freedom lost

god bless america

our country this of thee

white flags

from sea to shining sea

                                                     - jude




 in the shadow of sunlight


highway stains

ice desert nights

long rides

met a girl

in the shadow of


a traveler's respite

concrete dreams drift

where a poet writes

hellos are often good-byes

after the call of night

to love someone


sunrise and sunset

on the road of a poet's belief

endless hope

where only tomorrow concedes

                                                                                                - jude




 world of surprise


late summer

autumn winds

one man

sailboat dreams

heavy clouded

blue sky


a reason

to believe

windblown sighs

carries no water for tears

across how many years

our children

need not bleed

for peace

just a moment to breathe

or plead

a child's eyes

a world of surprise


truth begets truth

                                             - jude




coins in a cup   - for chris & mike


singing songs

acoustic guitar

triangle pick

fast fingers playing

the staten island ferry


silent singing country blues

singing another man's songs

coins in a cup

tambourine echo of a poor boy's


sun falling evening rush

if music is what it means

a reason to believe

vietnam i won't go news

newspapers floating

non-believers passing

yet still

coins accumulate

maybe next week

a bleeker street date

one more dream

a guitar playing boy

silent screaming

song singing


someone might hear

                                                - jude






blind man's rhythm


dead wind

full sail dreams

water mirror


midnight moon

full light

frozen eyes

a longer moment

blind man's sight

a lone guitar

finger picking play


washington square

late night songs

singing silence

blind man's rhythm

a lost boy


alone with

nowhere to go

frozen eyes waiting

concrete valley sunrise talking

dead wind rising

                                               - jude







 young girl blues


what does a young girl see


she has reason to believe

will she dance across her



will she recede

ivory tears

upon an old man's pillow

young girl's song

motherless years

time to stay

or walk away

window shadow

street lamp trees

midnight sway

what does a young woman see


the young girl


gone away

                                                - jude







 backstreet walls


who would believe

in the child old

if he stood naked

covered in scars

from wars of truth

skin tattooed

blood inked

reality rhyme

long earth time

clock face upon a moon's


his shadow burned

onto backstreet walls

a poet standing tall

talking a wanderer's walk

what image

back rhythm reflection

still water mirror exception

would a blind man see

if he offered his hand

old oak slow

piano bar late night blues


in an old man's lost


                                                   - jude




whispers forgotten


a quiet breath

lost between

water mirror sunlight


slow dreaming cloud shadows

circles a hawk

tears fall to crystal

open palm

forgotten screams


where night dances

where flesh

whispers forgotten


ice upon the window


just wind calls

the young man


just echoes fall

upon the homeless

                                               - jude







 a child's heart




a deeper child's


empty plate

torn shirt

running days

cold nights

lost whys

litter blood soaked

hard sparse earth

quiet owns

all the unburied

left behind

hunger tries

dry lips

cries silence

a dying child's


desert circle stain

                                                - jude







she dances

summer wind


the dust

of far away dreams

autumn girl


what she means



color change



remain the same

                                          - jude








dream singing

water simple


only a woman


sweet beauty


who always see


young child

still dancing within

hidden smile

dream singing


a tear

light reflection

always beyond

                                          - jude







 seasons change


when a young man


on nowhere street


the road

a long and empty highway


no defeat


who carries

all his

young boy lost dreams

no one knows


the young man believes

eyes behind window panes

never see

the season' s change



is never the same

a simple truth

for those

who walk nowhere street

                                                        - jude





 wind chill under a blind man's skin


blind man's wind

dream tattoos


under the skin

autumn sway

singing on

a cloud infested

late summer day


with something to say


light soft

upon the lips

can't forget


all his lovers died

no angels carved

upon their open graves


color upon

a blind man's sighs

                                                           - jude






sweet rest


where is the quiet

for a body in pain

a simple question

lost to the rain

umbrella safety

illusion in dance

a body withers

when lost

where is the doctor's care

withering within

a weeping willow dream

looking to see

the blind man's refrain

darkness without light

darkness without night

where is the quiet

for a body in pain

each day lost

sweet rest...

                                - jude





quiet sand


i can only cry

for the beauty

trying to fly

within the quiet

so deep my blues

do you feel the sand

running through

your fingers

                                       - jude






silent autumn songs


on the silent winds

of autumn

young souls

without light


nowhere to go


water ripples

east toward

where whispers

ocean currents

unwritten songs


from the fingers

wiping dry tears

from the eyes

of children


to these

silent autumn winds

                                                      - jude






 as humanity sighs


stepping stone clouds


far away wisps




wanting to be

where a man might try

just once more

to believe in


deep and unseen

                                    - jude






 loved her for a day and forever


if only i could remember

her name

a song

a stain


if within a long morning rain

her dark long hair

easy truth refrain

no dance

is ever the same

rhyming across echoes

her lips light

lost upon the tip of my tongue

singing hallelujah

                                                   - jude




dark angels


black river

churning deeply

shadow dreaming

street-lamp curtain fold

gas light whispers

feeling passion

hearing song


where dark angels call

mirror falling

at rest

a moment between

all the broken realities

water screaming

un-tuned piano blues

rice paper trace

a man without his face


for just one more breath

                                                     - jude





if unseen


her lips

deep sips

earth shadow

soft dreams

where angels dare

early autumn sins

sweet winds

fluid burnt sunset

longer wind hair

a lost boy

had nothing to say


the poet remained silent

what broken mirror

unheard silent screams

held him quiet

blood stains unseen

could any poet



within eyes

sighs who could never

believe in

                                      - jude





 last sail


three old men

a sail boat at rest

they've done their best

last sail

early evening light

all the birds

almost gone

time to believe in

all the seasons

the calls of reason

three old men




never here, never gone

looking for


one last wind

one more season

to believe in

one more moon shadow

to call them back

                                           - jude






sand dances


light shadows


aging children

water mirror calls

from all

the longer years gone

only the shorter rhymes

carry you on

as yesterday

walks upon

the echoes

of tomorrow

                   - jude






sun-dial religion


she dances


deep within


shadow light

whispers across

where dreams


sun-dial moves

as moonlight


across her


she dances

when shadows

and daylight falls

                                         - jude






 blood moon stain


when earth shadow


across truth

memories lost

reality gained

only echoes stain

an ocean ripples blood light

a young child's


pressed into cold wet sand

upon a

no longer young girl's refrain

only circle time

catches in the corner

of said child's


no one left to say good-bye

Blind man blues sung to a

pitch black room

                                               - jude







a moment within the echo


into ice air

i wander

lost in the dream

of rodan

carved in white marble

hard strength

yearning women


who reach

lines of truth

where reality believes

sharp wind

open eyes

echoes of an artist's rage


within the mirror of my life

                                               - jude




blood moon refrain


when earth shadow


across truth

memories lost

reality gained

only echoes stain

an ocean ripples blood light

a young child's


pressed into cold wet sand

upon a

no longer young girl's refrain

only circle time

catches in the corner

of said child's


rhythm inside


sung sweetly

with old piano blues

                                               - jude





 starlight and water silence


there is a time to dance


into the quiet

into the night


child in the rain


young man dream walking

upon the edge

where a moon shadow

talks of


of needs

of seeds

there is a rhyme to dance


starlight and water silence

when morning light concedes

                                                             - jude






sweet child rhyme for Timmy


a face

a trace of starlight



echoes upon the earth

mirror mirror

moment true

deeper than a memory

longer then truth

shattered soul

with nowhere to go

closer then

a child could know

sweet rhyme


where a circle bleeds

eternity into


                                                - jude






 waterfall slow dancing


within starlight

morning star reflection

truth walking

dreams calling


deep fingers


of family

if lost in a mirror

if alive behind your eyes

where children believe

as children see




water ocean calling

no time to forget

there within a star's rhyme

circle truth

waterfall slow dancing

traces reside

eternity inside

sand falling

across starlight

                                   - jude  



whispers the light


christmas tree or snow covered tree

window alight

for a winter dream rhyme

a day

a season

a suspension within time


where snow rests

upon a soul's silence

whispers the light

carrying the night

quest for a reason

to see

beyond the mirror

hippies lost in a circle rhythm

where water calls

falls to truth

drifts the echoes of peace

on earth...

                        - jude





dreamtime & angels


sing a song

where dreamtime

and angels walk



where time

holds still


in the magic

of a child's eyes

sing a song

of christmas rhyme

fireplace mirror


as winter dreams

and angels fly...

                                 - jude





 across midnight


hard times

endless roads

unwritten rhymes

carved into

the oldest trees

blindness across memories


dreams cast as clouds


upon an ocean of years


fall from dry eyes


the call of change

the call of light

where morning falls

across midnight

                                         - jude





 beat hipsters in drag


i walk across these death fields

where poetry once dreamed



now as weeds rise

from the vapors

adrift within

the eyes of blind men

how easy the ginsberg ramble


deep within dylan's

frozen lips

am i lost

or is

this country of ever green billboards

mirrors of empty hope

crowds of

beat hipsters in drag

calling out to their

empty space in history

and getting paid

for their delusions unfurled

onto advertisement tinted pages


upon these empty kerouac roads

i walk still...

                               - jude



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