water calling


river of time


she dances

echoes drift

as water calling


her words talk

the mist

the silence

shadow walk

until tomorrow

until yesterday

all her songs

in dance

she believes

                              - jude









where water is dry


raggedy man

sand in your eyes

why do not

you still have a name

scattered mind

walking the silence

of ones own echoes


why do you believe


is it

you perceive

you bleed

but do not die

you live where

water is dry

raggedy man

do still

you cry…

                               - jude







song for all the rest


how close to death


death is close to you

big sur hiking


long blue ocean


eternal rolling sun worn hills

starlight psychedelic


young and nameless

soft lips wet


late night

stars ringing

as bells echoing


old gothic church walls

when simple belief

was possible

where tomorrow was believable

ice cold winter

heavy snow falling

dark night collapse

a candle lit whispers

in being lost

is where one is only found

life before all the rest

when the banshee calls

dare to listen

to hear what voice

not for you



a young boy hears

the song

old man dying blues

between what breath

is a song for

all the rest

                                - jude







the bright


within the quest

of dreams walking

across your night

where the bright

of a candle


like the furthest star

twinkle twinkle


an empty soul

with nowhere to go

without belief

lies an open window

if an artist born


the sky of tomorrow


calls to the wind



men dare

call to the universe

twinkle twinkle

lies the open window

                                                              - jude












irish whisky and song


piano jazz break

deep within the blues

dancing hard

chancing to forget

wanting to believe

as young men do

so black

so deep

the sky

fingers dare almost

to touch the stars

shadow fall across the earth




tears fall where

beauty calls


irish whisky and song

shadow play

across the quiet

                                                          - jude











 revision drift


images float

as air

a curtain of

illusion carved

revision drift

the paint of mad


green eyes

they hypnotize

the ethically blind

their poor white

skin drapes


if walls

paper dreams




empty tomorrows

catchall for

evening tears

shattered years

                                                - jude









 your black face gods


fear in your soul

black heart

greedy eyes


but one can die

what can one do

burn your god

wall out your neighbor

retreat delusions

shall you live forever

or not

shall one dare

loving eyes

help one’s neighbor

so whispers your god

how will one live


we all do die!

just breathing

black heart breathing.

                                                      - jude










daring to follow alice


in a child’s imagination

dances dreams

holding tight what

screams must a child

have seen

sticks balls and bicycle


castles war and hobbit holes

daring they follow alice




where freedom reigns

sun shade reading




space epics


carved by magic


a lazy mind resides

video games

computer friends

a blind man’s safety

if tomorrow

dares command

it is there


in a child’s imagination

                                                                     - jude










open palms



water calling

rainbow dreams


trying to see

crying to believe

where morning stalls

before the eyes of dusk

shadow light

across water painted

open palms


daring to concede

                                                        - jude











byways into forever


wind blowing

my name

as dust


on a stain free

devil’s eyes

an old vw microbus

racing full speed

just keeping up with

an older highway’s sign limits

driving free

dreaming within a young

man’s tries

eyes open

looking for any reason

to break free

the season which holds

one in a moment

riding north where

circle games stain

turning wheels

road rhythms

songs call to

yesteryear echoes

traveling west

on a blue ocean quest

looking for a home

just a retreat

from that hitch-hiking’s defeat

sunset shadows fall

as dragons

such are dreams lying across

once open sunlit highways

a young man’s byways into


your child calls

a seat behind

your woman just smiles

feet on the dashboard

sweet circle refrain

a young man’s find

is home

                                                        - jude






without seed


she dances me

her song

sweet and long

write me

does she ask

write me

your peace of forever

as you are my song’s


a simple rhyme

where tomorrows

concede to truth

draped by jungle flowers

without seed

                            - jude






shadow resonance


recollections across sound


as sweet blues

dancing on thin soled shoes

sing along

“A” train nyc refrain

morning rain

window stain

concrete streets

brick walled defeats

marching for your beliefs

young girl dressed

so tight and fine

her longing eyes

still alive

a light across his mind

a wandering man’s shadow night

cobblestone street lamp lit

soft bright

blood and whispers

carry dreams forgotten

open hands cold

bleeding their warmth

110th street vibrations

upstate highway

winter full moon

a left hand glove


almost loved her within

a forever lost

midnight empty subway platform

trace paper images


carved faces across

low tide oceans recede


moonlight retreats


early morning sunlight stain


                              - jude







a whisper within a song


salt left on sand

ocean dreaming

returning to the sea

where freedom

not just an urge

western wind blows


sitting on a stone


as a wind breaks


a blind man

believes in sight

young woman strong

a whisper within a song

in thought

sunlight reflects

water walking reason

sunset wave revisions

call to the moment

a girl child is born

a woman in her season

breaking free


                       - jude









 on a summer tree


who am i

dancing alone

in a small room

wooden worn walls

paint stained

across time

echoes a dance of

memory regained

ice growing

on a summer tree

shadows fall

shattered seasons



to believe

who do I see


             - jude










 dance them down


long time past

my country

my president


my civil rights dance

a chance to delete me

and yet

i refused to go

moving from place to place

no mask hiding my face

to hide my trace

in circles of rhyme

it is now

and they march

for civil rights

in front of such

a mirror of time

filled with images

the innocent

black faces and more

disrespect for life

deep within evil

white man dreaming

our country

our president

watches from behind white walls

our civil rights dance

a chance to delete us

but for

we are the vote

we are our country

we shall

delete them


stand your ground

regardless of cost

march on

vote them out!

dance them down

for they are blind


you can see


                - jude








the sea


traces as liquid light

memories in echo

blind men swim

deep waters of delusion

lone boy carries

where only music believes

as concrete walls fall

mirrors bleed

watercolor carrying truth

if old men dared

once again

the sea


white moon circles


                   - jude















if words walk


the water within

your mirror

do you speak

to god

to yourself

to your parents


in the morning light

calling out

without sight


would you die for




           - jude  















aboriginal dreaming


dream her a river

dance her a song

a woman

under the shadow

of earth-light

she belongs

time rhymes

the sweet voices

of yesterday’s believing

of today’s touching

across tomorrow’s receiving


mirror on her wall

aboriginal dreaming

in dance


                   - jude














not to live forever


a young man

a simple rhyme

if something is on

the mind

a quest

a vision

a moment noticed

mirrors facing mirrors

not to live forever

he carries the moment

a tomorrow


where dreams

a soul

unframed canvas

hanging balanced

on a wood

aged wall


where falls a moon night


just a window unseen

just an image framed

a stain upon his life


                        - jude











an ideology of truth


a simple night


a casting of dark light

reality is adrift

tethered to a

widow’s shadow

held in rapture

a negative within

a mirror

of ice glass

nameless souls



as the walls of reality

which once


freedom lost or imagined

come to lie

within the ideology of truth


                              - jude






when a soul cries


where do old poets

go to die

off singing with

the deep water whales

music devoid of sound

shadows filled with


never to say good-night


winds as song


where only clouds belong

when a soul cries

if words allow

more then

reality breaks

where do old poets


when they dare to see…


                            - jude












ice cold soul


daring to walk

a long dream


under the light

of a waxing moon

if an old used

deck of tarot cards


offers an open door

from a youth stage

daring is all the rage

or not

no home

an empty page

a longing kiss on lonely lips

rice paper and wind

a stain of death

black ink pen

fingers tight

grasping the light

believing in the

sweet smell of asphalt

where seeing

is more then believing

where walking

is all that’s left

for an ice cold soul

to do…


                         - jude









an open door


daring to walk

a long dream

seen under the light

of a waxing moon

if an old used

deck of tarot cards


offer an open door

on a youth stage

daring is all the rage

no home

an empty page

rice paper and wind

a stain of death

black ink pen

fingers tight

gripping the light

believing in the

sweet smell of asphalt

where seeing

is more than believing

where walking

is all that’s left

for an ice cold soul

to do…


                         - jude








no more


my broken heart

greed dripping

the blood

my broken country

in the age of

the con man


by reaganomics

I’d cry

If my tears weren’t dry

Song in my dreams

Echoes and screams

1968 is 2020

No more!


                - jude










what have we lost


long river dance

color born

waterfall in dream

such the cost of seeing

more then believing

black night bleeding

stain upon my cities streets

love me quiet

love me in defeat

sounds of children

marching still again

no one looking for freedom


for a bit of civil rights

so written

dare to remember

dare to see

our un-united states

still has

a constitution


                - jude









no footprints behind



in the rain

where blood

won’t leave it’s


choice to

dance the refrain

easy to die without

leaving seeds

no mirror to gather

your dust

is a life

free to believe in

echoes with a tomorrow


your pragmatic refrain

freedom becoming just

a concrete reflection

opening star-light curtains

if forever dare concede


                        - jude







ethereal light


trying to catch

an autumn wild wind

painted deep within

color changing eyes

you saw me

yet never believed


what changing color


clouds skate blue ice

dreams as falling water


your image etched

tattoo upon fingerprints

held within

bloodless hand

sand falls

time without a tomorrow

your footprints cast

deep within our highway dreams

ethereal light

casts no shadow


                                                   - jude








if tomorrow


touched by the wings

angel with a child’s

deep black eyes

too sweet smell

blowing winds

of death

whispering beneath

all the rest

belief dares one

to see

ocean of ice breaking

the long fall

just trying to

catch your breath

she danced the morning

teaching you

reaching where blood


dare to live

care to die


only sorrow carries


yet it is blood

that perceives tomorrow


                             - jude










blue water clouds


in the season of


rice paper stormy sea

salt upon a dry tongue

sings silence


blue water clouds

motion upon a young girl’s


etched onto a woman’s


long winds carve waves

sweet sounds

sand and time

echoes deep within

call to her name

as she leaves her light


as water and salt

washes her free

                                          - jude









deep water sky


ice rain seasons

footprints carve

atlantic ocean sand

deep water sky

a woman’s long sigh

paint drying upon

a color’s season

where a young girl’s love

truth left carved

on a fallen tree

smoke signals

stains within a

full night’s black drift

moonlight water

carries a woman’s eyes

driftwood mirror silence

light on a morning’s edge

shadow-less is her freedom

hawks fly a wind’s reason

calling to a great oak’s earth-light

                                                                          -  jude














 to bleed


talk to me

of seasons ending

of leaves falling

what shines within


eyes daring

to see the end of sin



let us forget our dreams

open up our

soul reaching screams


what true freedom means

to love our neighbors

before ourselves

to be


one among many

many within one

once again

for my country

it is time

to bleed…


                - jude










echoes of a child’s sigh


broken doll lost

a child’s floor

behind an echo’s door

nyc “A” train

just a voice in-between

song in blues

stain upon worn jeans

carries a young girl

in a song

riding the shadows

window mirrors

where she belongs

blood stained refrain

metal on metal rhythm


wall to wall

calls to an image lost

childhood shadows

reflections within a dolls eyes


                                 - jude




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