the flower

she dances,

in warmth

across my fingerprints

staining herself

onto the

walls of my soul

an image of solitude

she sits quiet

of shadows and light


in a forest of night

you are the flower

open in my heart.




irish child, married woman

north wind

and cold atlantic waters,

ocean calling her

as waves counting

her fingertips

roll in and roll out,

as song

the earth cries out


woman loves

a man loves

a woman,

their fingers

to be tied

in the sun.

and the earth woman

she belongs.

to ocean waters

now warm,


her fingertips

are free,




in my heart

in my heart

lies a moment

who shall live forever,

a moment that is the life

of a woman

and from tears to smiles

she has walked with me

down the road

that crosses through the

mirror of the universe

and for years she has

talked to me – a warmth in the silence.

it is the wind that,

i skate the river,

her eyes

our tomorrows,

laced in

our sorrows , our dreams,

our whispers, our love.

in my heart,

lies a woman,

who shall live forever…




oh christmas tree

long night

snow light,

on cold glass lies cold fingers

walking across a dream,

winter skies and whispers –

dawn arrives

in frozen white.

oh christmas tree

whisper to me –

cold mornings

soft light warmings

only in a child’s dream

do you touch the seams,

of every day before tomorrow

in peace, on sighs

whispers, whispers, they wander the skies

oh christmas tree

whisper to me.





i remember a world

i remember the battles,

i now stand aside

in broken stride,

the echoes remain

a stain upon my dreams

for i am no longer

more then i am.

but neither am i a mirror,

nor do i cry

owe me nothing

keep your fear,

yet while i'm alive,

i will live

till all honor is gone.

yes, i ask no more,

and only of myself,

for once

i had learned how to fly.

love jude




the eyes

the eyes and the dream

where time

doesn’t seem,

to be.

born yesterday

born today

born tomorrow

she rides the wind

a quiet,

moon wind.






walk quietly,

so that

the universe might

learn to see you.

carry your shadow


that you might

learn to see

the universe.

but when you dance,

cry openly

into the wind.





all on a christmas bleed

angels walking as whispers

across my dreams

deep in the chill of

a snowed in winter night

silent lights

reflect through a window

closed tight


barely awake

cross the shadows

and dreams remain,

upon the soul

they stain

as traces of lost loves

finger rhythm – long and silent

upon your sighs

try as might, we wake or sleep

we remain – in the silence,

watching our dreams

and the angels walking

all on a christmas bleed.







sidewalk walking,

and warm summer evenings


years as days


days as minutes.

washington square arch,

settling in the long

of day lost shadows.

music under a tree

time in drift

young to old


old to young

a song echoing

etching its feel

across decades


and lovers found still

are walking

sidewalk talking,

and its time is the music

as the music is the love.

warm summer dreaming.



sweet stain

in a window,


to a far away


so tired

what do i mean.

in the eyes of a child

in the eyes of a man,


follows time

but, never


sweet stain.




late into the night

late into the night,

and deep

into the shadows.

across from

tired sighs,

a memory lingers,

a face remains.

echoes walk within

the cracks of silent light

you believe,

for a moment.

and you can

almost touch,

and eyes almost look back

but it is late,

late into the night.





walk away

walk away,

from those glass walls

with mirror shine

to find

across wind chimes

the call

of tomorrow,

believe if you dare

while your breath carves the air,

of hearts and souls


daring to compare.

and the sea

sends up its memories,

only to blind men

standing alone

walk away.

- jude



bitter moon wind

bitter moon wind

in a late night


you feel the mirror

in the death

you almost walked

alone, so alone.

filled, so filled


all the trees,

life walks the water



if you perceive the moment

if you dare

and taste the wind

the bitter moon wind.

if you dare to breathe

just maybe,

you’ll remember


then just the stains

upon your soul.

- jude





song to a river

sung to a woman


echoes of light

lost in a

tree shadow


feet naked

souls clothed in skin

water cries motion

while eyes


sweat and sin.

song to a woman


walking across carvings

in sand

sung to a river.

- jude





a song,


twilight silence

a man

sits on a

wooden stool



echoes believe

in the shadows

of his dreams


- jude




sail on

sail on,

when the sun is gone

when the wind rises

off a river slow

when you hear no more

just silence

waves upon wood

slow motion

a picture in my hand

carved into

the sand in my eyes.

cry the tears of rain,

a young boy

dreams again

sail on…

- jude





where do i listen

memories or

the wind,

sweet lips

long sips


or dreams.

where do i live

beautiful eyes

long traveled roads.

lost tries or

sweet tears

still uncried.

where do i believe

the stains

across my fingertips

or the silent whispers

of the universe.

traveling eyes

an open sky


reasons to try.

where is the wind

free blowing

calling to me.

light on silence.

- jude




still again

overwhelmed my soul.

the death

the dying.

still running

the too human dream

the screams

no more the child.

a man screams.

our children need to cry

still again.

- jude





a child’s eyes

find my sighs

who cries anymore?

summer is gone

buildings are bombed,

while ash wears on the faces

carving traces.

an eagle nest

lies fallen


a mother screams in the wind

yesterday is

tomorrow come.

a child’s eyes

found our tries,

they cry.

silence in the still wind.

- jude





traveling a slow road

need time

to walk

the tears free.

time to remember

waiting for the cold

autumn winds.

to warm my soul

eyes carry color

eyes carry,

no regrets.


silent walks.

- jude




silent and naked

where beneath

a long moon’s


full in the sight

of your own,


finally free

where water

washes your soul.

does she stand


and naked.

- jude




she believes


on water

she danced.

once upon a pacific ocean

a seagull screams.

frozen winter

behind fire place walls,

she dreamed.

color upon the seams

of her soul


she believes.

- jude




sweet autumn rain

she dances

in the dream

as she walks

in the mirror.


the wind

her eyes see

pacific ocean


a child hears

the woman


a woman names

the child


across fingers


and years worn,

the window

is open to

the rain.

sweet autumn rain.

- jude





carry the roads,

move along.

a song


a long winter wind

and i

reasons to believe

seasons to run,

no regrets


- jude




to believe

in a dream

just dancing

snow, cold on my soul

free the whys

to reach

to dance

to scream

beyond the seams.

just dancing

our dreams

onto the wind

sweet season

a reason to believe

in peace.

cry our tears free.

- jude




broken man

i miss,

the wind

freeing my eyes

where are the walks


whispered the sea

just to me.

of dreams

lying fractured

like ice.


we’re the drift of life

as changes

oh! broken man

just lost in a world

without answers.

- jude




a longer way to go

the road

it wears

on tired eyes

older then his age


he couldn’t cry

turning from her back

a child found

only a highway

dust in his eyes

and sweat upon his


a cloud shades



alone in a country

who tossed him



just a boy

wearing honor’s form

watching the rides

pass along.

doesn’t belong

this man

draped in a poet’s


what is right

is so often wrong.

a boy stops

stands alone

in a crossroads

to dream,

removing a stone

from his shoe

to remember,

he can only sigh

rain upon his fingertips

stain upon

his soul

only footprints

across the dust

lost in the wind,

along with her eyes.


a longer way to go.

- jude