i dance

across moon shadows/

cold light

in a night chilled

still air - echoes in time

another time

alone on a road

with winter dead and white frozen

a full moon is the light

whose shadows stood - so far away

there just past numb fingers


there is nothing to cry for/

for the shadows either care

or not

and it's not as if someone is forgotten

they simply fade - only in these

lives of night

moon shadow sight


i dance,


is it unreal

to feel

an echo

of a moon

cold distant space - just a step away

just a step closer

so whole is the sky

that seeps into an earth upon my feet

she loves me not

still, the moon echoes on


i dance

in love only with space

i dance

for a moment

all before a door

silly human man

you can lose a woman tonight


you dance


across cold shadows


moon light why?






back street blues and silence


always back to basic sight,

for meaning to whisper across the slow air

to cross, if vaguely

for a moment

to an impression of touch


i say "I Feel"

and something more implies

where eyes never venture


and they see me

sitting on a wooden chair, no nails

and echoes of yesterday, but whispers unheeded

a cold room with walls of white

a single picture, or is it a mirror

color without lines

abstract creations or a blind mans' touch

tears form to the eyes

that view a mirror, that sees but

does not reflect

a million years of creation

movement against a universe

or a token sight

they see me sitting so still


self indulgent / and


and yet i feel

barely skin and white walls

barely silent stares and elusive cares

but natural anarchy in form

as the wind whispers of another person?

they see a mirror

i feel

the beautiful unbalance of a love

emotion to body to form

i feel

a human touch

so vague in human eyes

stranger then the flesh

that sits alone and white in an empty room

i feel

thoughts on the edge of words

and remember the eyes

that held a child

close to me

and believing

and believing

i sit on a wooden chair, no nails

in a cold room with white walls

and a single picture

(no mirror)

i see a closed door of ice steel in blue


closed to no world of mine

i ignore the canvas wrap , white sleeves tied around

and across my back


dark new york city concrete street

find me speaking only to street lamp shadows

find me smiling only silence

before the faces i had once dared to

touch, to love


back street blues and silence/

they demand nothing more for your freedom

if you write a poem

and walk away,

if you write a poem

and walk away,





for sighs we've forgotten


in a closet

on a street


and a curtain which

never rises



are the sounds of an old

lovers' call

nothing young/nothing old

a chill with the morning

across cold skin

to passion

quiet in the shadows of

a dreamers skin,



on a mattress

on a floor


familiar sighs

rhythm from

a tired stereo


from a long time gone

a dream

cast in fantasy lace


a woman who


and never cries for love



for a stage

played upon unwritten words

and practiced sighs


but we who grow old

never die

we just repeat the cries

we've forgotten


we've forgotten





walls of glass


i don't see water

i don't feel

but anything

my soul cries

dry tears and cold fears



summer morning

the heat is in her fingers

wrapped about a cup

mornings alone

windows face a world - cast in sun

her eyes

shaded - see glass

pictures of/

down a concrete street

the homeless stir from

their nights of sleep


too early

she wakes too early

for her whispers

to return back off walls of glass


coffee gone cold

planning her a dream


without screams in her throat

where glass walls fade back to sand

she might

tight, deep within her own skin


past brass locks, and doors of


to concrete

that she might

believe in the trees she


earthed below concrete

in how little free


just she

just a morning

where glass fades to air

maybe on the lip, of a scream.








green cellular mirrors

walk my eyes

where earth whispers to sky

wind-waves clash

where clouds pass clouds

and shadows fall

to cross the shore

to touch

a marked warmth across my skin




i ignore


water walks

and illusions cry,


child in my arms

i lie alone


the jester

hears the banshee sigh

but dances all the same

while last weeks rain

still doesn't care.

a crystal light lake

rests - where all clouds die

into the arms

of children - in puberties hold

and i sit/

on concrete steps


the water

from the sweat of my lips


blood falls from her eyes

across thighs

onto a concrete that

doesn't stare


while grass and earth


of our cold


of our

mirrored eyes

the lake

ripples waves

across all the rest

in concrete and death a warm day

i dance

and clouds fall

upon lake tears

within my own





and/ concrete

till dusk






hunger in her tries


hunger in her eyes

clear as the hard

late summer

she never cries

she never speaks

more then a word at

a time

she tries

she tries to survive


cracks in dry

river-bed mud

and a death wind

stands on top

still the water

goldless dreams

but seams without tomorrows

neither sorrow

or love

and no riddles

left in the corners of the eyes

yellowed and blood red

she never sighs


and i walk past her

carving of shade


wondering at the works of man


stepping wide - in the sand


concrete streets

they warm my feet


wondering at the works of man





sweet,sweet...only my sighs


soft eyes

ice before glass

to the sound of wind tries

a child sighs

to wonder why

flesh that doesn't feel need

is flesh without a stain

safe, so safe,


but never more

so, how does a woman

grow with only a soul

and no place to go


in the years before which are the years after

tears long dried

and tears never shed

she only sighs - still

upon - white sheets / classic

never noticing the empty alley-way

just out her window

no limits - but no dreams touch in what

she has yet to find

belief therein


how can i know to love


no stains have crossed my thighs


in my pre hair gleam (echo)



i but live

or die


my sighs

sweet, sweet...

only my sighs.





alive in the circle


call to glass

for the season of change

window panes , with the

reality edges /

motionless - frost walls out

steel blue ice from the soul

and only dead water grows


fire burning wood

for warmth and shadow fix

death is color gone free

and green is a breath of tomorrow

woman on a chair, naked and


clean in her own fear and silence

wild past the eyes of a carved door


but fingertips held light to wood

in the cold of stark trees

whispers to window glass

of soft earth - warm to touch

of tears shattered and free

of mirrors of water, never still

of a woman - alive in the circle

in the season - of change .

- jude




i need

i don't

i whisper of


to keep

the stone, cold

dreams to shatter as ice

just a liquid to fill birth




- jude





in a chimney wind


the smell of pine

and blue angels , in their

dreams of crystal finery

in a room

adrift between the shadows

as caught in the fire of light


cold wood burns as a soul

with, for a moment, no where to go

songs, of dead gods and children

ring out

and no one shouts for joy

but a small warmth touches the



in the ebb and flow

of the fires warmth

a grown child might forget her

name -

carried in emotions unowned - or free -

thick hair wrapping her in her ease

watches as the weight of gold

carries no sound

across open fingers

it is the chimney wind

carrying the smell of pine

across her lips

that hears,

the dance of blue angels

and in their reflections,

the memories and song -

- jude




for lamp-lit walks down back-streets


a woman loves

a man loves

a woman,

in a quiet heat

and hurt eyes

dare they

as lovers on the road

or as children touching

in a light

street-lit , walk the back-streets

where their songs and their fear

late hour sung

cast the shadows

that carve form from two souls

who touch/


do they suit before a fire

winter burn


in a crowd

listening only to

each to the others'


caught in the breath

of their dreams

liquid flow

lips to thighs

with love

while a guitar blues man





will they dream

of tomorrows


on the floor

between the feet

of concrete men

with warm eyes


a woman loves

a man loves

a woman/


in a corner of the world





but who will remember him


just a view from a window

a man

running toward mid-age

lies his dreams upon glass

looking out

it's his youth that looks out

eye to eye


don't cry for me when i'm down

the blues are just sound

for the wind always blows

from round another corner


from concrete fingerprints

to initials carved in trees

a man will do what he pleases

or what is left to care


just a man staring out

from remembering eyes

glass sees nothing of what

one remembers

are his dreams but shadows

falling from his own loss

or echoes of a tomorrow still alive


don't cry for me when i'm down

the blues are just sound

for the wind always blows

from round another corner


just a man walking away

looking back, not-

below an empty window


but who still remembers him

now that he is gone

old or young

a man remains a man

if he still cares


but who will remember him

now that he has walked

his blues away

down into the shadows

of corners

turning into the wind


don't cry for me when i'm gone

the blues are just sound

for the wind always blows

from round another corner 





and dreaming together


tears in the morning


night dreams

or whispers through

the seams ,

of earth time

lovers untie

for a moment -

to kiss alive -

behind cold windows


a northeastern ocean

carries a taste of silence and memories,

while an early spring wind

drifts across his fingertips

owned - so easily

before the breath - of one woman -






can only,


forever -


and in an afternoon light

of cloud shades

riding west to northeast


passing silently through

fingers as only lovers hold

a man

he marries

a woman -

in sunlight

and shadows

free -


tears in the evening light

it is in dusk

that magic is born,

where freedom may only

find lovers -

whispering before their dreams -

and dreaming







man faceless man


i cry

in the hollow of my heart


shed no tears

all my years

stand so full

in the city street echoed


and a loss

is but blood stains

across my palms


i gave love

and dreamt of loving

but found sand swept


blind to the sight of me

always in their cries for more


i had a child

and she was stolen

by a name

social game

it's all the same

in the patterns of

man to woman

father to child

written generations before

man is man/woman is woman

lines are drawn


i declared freedom

just to pay every price

the faces around man could


i stand free/i stand alone

yesterdays chains in rhyme

grow into the loss of today


i cry

in the hollow of my heart

but for all my


i have shed

no tears -






an irish rage and a smile


he believes in

majestic creations

a child standing in the

mist of a life - of concrete

and death

blood drips from the fingers

of his friends - stolen into


he barely has a name and takes

his first step with less then nothing

in his pockets


he creates images in poems

while he walks the eternal lines

of a silent revolutionary - in a

world playing at totalitarianism under

the guise of democracy - an irish rage

in his eyes , a smile on his lips

believing in more

always in more

he believes in

majestic creations

a man walking

long paths

sunlight drawn flowers

count his steps from

beds fertilized with rotting

flesh and blood - but resting


still nameless but for those few

who still dare to perceive

a separate reality without capitalist seams

he creates images in poems

as he stands alone - as he

watches the rivers - nameless

but running free

he has seen less, always

less in the faces passing by


and maybe he thinks

watching still the fear and death

now a subtly of design

capitalists learn with time/

that his only majestic creations

is he

but an irish rage maintains his eyes

while a smile whispers

like the rivers

in his poet trees

for majestic creations


just a man


nothing in his

pockets .










window sill eyes

dusk light

all day long


longing upon an echo


dolphin winds

and whispers

cafe / chair tied wood

a man

sips of tequila

fire free


call him homeless


no one to










dreamers in ice


feathered mask

new orleans light

mirror night


cemeteries are carved

in stone


only tears



window sill flowers


child in mind trance


flesh kisses flesh

for a moment


water of tears

slow train glass

walks the rain

and eyes that whisper


shadows in the night

as/ dreams in ice


and sighs that whisper





etched in rock


pane glass memories -

where sunlight

cuts shadows

in a shape of


as echoes

as water

earth run -


free eyes

etched in rock

and naked - her legs


wet as a desert tear

in its sun moving fear


no silence in a

pacific ocean



body rage- sweet taste of

warm salt,

upon lips

between her lies


long sundown skies


sharp clouds cutting

into sight


from night into morning


across a desert

resting against a tree

a stark water tree



sky and me -


from morning into night


pane glass tears

frozen in time


in a lone story


sundown dreams


as floods of rhyme

wash glass

free -

eyes etched in rock - 






and tomorrow


i sit a moment

i think a moment,

on water


ocean wind

carving where clouds begin


tears fell

echoes call

sun warm tired eyes

live in the current changes

waves slow

rolling time


rages on my feet

but the sand

she never cares


distance - touch sea to sky

i try to wander


i loved you .


on water

sails in a wind caught

and yesterday


never to be



a man


he thought


on an edge

on water

on sand,

on the lips of his soul


in the wind

he fought

time, time


past rhyme


and tomorrow





or dream


of eyes unseen

i dream


or try,

not hope but a sigh


i lie near the sounds of

a river


circle circle free

and me

and me -


a man

is a woman

is a man

is a lie


when i live, i live

when i die, i die.







long cool stares


sitting in a warmth,

cool stone

music calls

i fall to memories

no longer


split - find

my mind

it fills - or kills



or alone

for a moment


for ever


he's just a man

they say

he's a poet

he tears his soul

for words

yet no more

do they


to the cries or whispers

of a rage

on a free stage


we change no more

or really ever



cool stone walls

only hides a man

who dies in his words


no one listens anymore

and only a poet


to die

alive -







cold eyes

alive in a late

summer swim

shadows cast

breasts tight

sweet nipples

hard yearning warmth


she swims alone

and echoes freeze

to moments


a child's rape

pain to a mind

in the birth of disarray


memories which

are skin taught


in cold eyes


sun warms

a man touches

a woman sighs

and shadows in shade

cuts a line down

to moist thighs


cold water and

warm eyes

a woman tries

for a man who

holds her no longer

then the silence



lovers meet

and sometimes not


can now whisper






wet color rhyme





have not


listen where time



listen where fear

is a frozen leaf

in mid-autumn fall


hear someone call in


color slides in the sky

cutting ridges

space where human eyes



love calls the wetness dry

as another day only

comes before


music in jazz sax time

cries in



the water


tongue the heart of


till birth is forgotten


life whispers in quiet

where ridges os earth


cut the sky into




wet color rhyme

- jude





blue star


blue star

deep in

a black sky


night sounds

are silence

but for the

echoes of night


shadows who dance

in a broken light

live in the sighs

of a woman, asleep


dreams cross wooden


to rhyme into the

sweet sweat of skin

on a lovers edge


who knows of her

in the fear caves

rock walled stays

as waves crest against

the silence

from within.


salt air in a breeze

across black grass

scenes from a dream

below sight


love is a need

to watch the mirror

fog with reality


yearning cries in

the night

deep in a black sky


on an old

wooden porch

sings sweet blues

for the tomorrows


in star light


but whisper.

- jude




a peace in his mind


ice tree

and the stars we

see -


a little bit of


found a dream

in a piece of me


cold memories

in their earth waves

break rock

and carve water

frozen in its years


long pine needles

taste in the wind

sweeter in the night

as light casts its shadows

soft and true


eyes in a candles dance

drifts to life

as wind steps

in whispers and dance


as leaves on branches


memories of more then birth

carve the images

of children

of hope


ice trees are,

a mans memories

of dreams who cross


fire and earth

/ the sweet frozen

hopes of children


a man who sees


sees today continuing

into tomorrow

sees christmas as a peace

in his mind.






a touch of white


the earth lies cold


moon to shadow

in light

deep is the quiet

of the night


leave lies

behind this window

in his soul

looking out

into dreams


cold winds

ice where hands lie

still - hurts where

a warmth remembers


time, what moment

is now

sweet is what beauty

a man may hold

as air whispers and

is gone


but for dreams


what more

is there


but for

a touch of white


the earth lies cold.

- jude





shadows on a christmas night


a man

watches - as

his family

are but shadows

in a christmas night

cold - in the

city lights

unseen in the cracks

by those

who pause only

at elf strewn

pine tree crossed windows

with eyes unseeing in

the sugar dreams

they dream


a man feels the

ice trails of tears

tracing down

his time carved face

deep into the ever silent

pain of his soul

memories are as ashes

lost in a drift

lost beyond his eyes

as his children can but

sigh no more


christmas time

between sips of wine

not only echoes might

die in the winter wind.

- jude





dark eyes


dark eyes in an

early morning wind


a child to woman



quiet in unspoken

rhyme - in a dance

without motion


skin forgets shat

is it yet to learn

is the heat cold on

her tongue, burning

time in her yearn to

be free


a shadow in the

moon light - whispers

the dreams


a quiet of sun torn

tomorrows - a child's

breath is warm on

the palm of her hand


her fingers brush the

words of a woman

as sweat between her



in birth cries she

walks alone

dark eyes

how that she.

might touch

dark eyes

or be touched

dark eyes.


in an early morning wind


a child to woman


- jude




desert sand in a night scream & whispers


in and deep in

a shadow - of light


in a quiet lives

a woman

her back leaning against

a child's' torn eyes and/ broken tries


whispers wander from

shadow corners to

shadow sky

speaking of rage and love

a woman shadows her eyes

on a line too thin


a child warm in

a chairs' night deep

fingers in the still

wind of her hair

to dream behind the


within the pages

of a book


father dream

night scream


against the tightening

of her breasts


wet eyes

deep loving tries

reality fosters


as a desert touches

ones vision


where a child sighs

a woman cries

where a woman fears

a child is lost


in the circle

dare a poet to

encounter magic

but where a woman

is born

also may a woman



in the circle

dare a woman to

love a man

living the child

deep in a shadow

of light


in the circle

dare a man to

love a woman


a poet sighs with

only beauty in his eyes

and cries


wind swept woman


shadow and love

with tears of ice

the water of her dreams


desert sand carves


sun warmth burns the air

dare a man to a woman,


- jude






walk a long road

going nowhere

going north


a cliff edge down

a long way , free

clear summer sun

drawing lines in rock


highway dreams

on memory screams

an ocean whispers

distance plays sound

into music


hills rise to

just the air

a vale catches

shadows onto man



believe in what

you see

in the dare

to be


highway man/

lost from the cities and towns

you roam

across the leaves of tea


he once was a boy

but where is the man

witch man


walk a long road

going nowhere

going north


in belief,


or sight

illusions and truth/

memory and night.

- jude





across a curtain of air



in your

cold wind tears

mirror in the


who rise from the

silence of those

you love

, a man alone

a man in a moment

and gone


spring is a sky

of sharp clouds,

hears no whispers/

carries to earth

like rain


in dream time,

you mind,

the lines drawn

as cages

on fears,


and feet

sitting still

for illusion is

but a curtain

of air


but the evening


is slow

time in a moment

is an eternity named


where is a small boy

sitting on a concrete

wall - his feet resting

within a fall

in his rooftop dreams

where the seams of

evening close slowly

and tomorrow is just

a dare


or a tear across a

mans' soul.

- jude




dream the magic


magic child


in tired


deep color


shadow free



tree shade

sea rock whispers

lines carved

where words listen

where clouds

shadow pass,


moments come


never last,

but the wind

rides forever


north sea


where mirror ice

rides water

and sky


her name


eyes which know

the rain

soft stains tuned

to the moon-light


magic child

walks the moments

between now

and those walls of time


slow, running slow.

- jude





and lost his eyes


if it were quiet

i'd see you

dressed naked

alone on a rock

breathing from a stream

of living water


you stand

dressed in color

leaning on a shadow

of brick

whispering with your


of sighs who linger

on your fingertips


were a man to taste

in the river of your


only where a

man could go


you love him

as sweet

as a dream

he knows


man met a woman


lost his eyes,

- jude