reflections of a northern wind


blind man

talks the blues

sweet rain

carrying his soul


not words who

walk his lips

dance his tears

not dreams

shattered upon midnight cold

old wooden windows

cast upon a mirrorís image


in beauty in pain

in love

in loss

reflections of a northern wind

across a long refrain

carries truth

                                                    - jude






north of time/a southern rhyme


where is this place

i find myself

sitting in my silence

music in drift

open sky shares

blue is the warm wind

my body feels old


iím at ease

southern rhyme

time lies lost

as in an older manís


so much already said

so much already lived


tomorrow is more then

just another day

what echoes dare to remind

in a moment of youth and

dreaming winds

tomorrow a mirror image of yesterday

where is this place

memory or reality

                                                     - jude







 Just a traveling rhyme


a time to rhyme

a call

from a rhythm inside

echoes from a jar of ice

ocean waves

mirror green

long blue sky

a stolen song

wets your lips

images of hard concrete

on a lost san Francisco street

the fillmore west

lonely in its defeat

a brownstone full

just 1960 hippies lost within

their own shadows

no one left dancing

on height ashbury street

looking for us1 south

no time

encroaching fog

if one stands still

listening to a long song

riding a vw mini-bus dream

beautiful souls

sweeter strawberries

a distance in your memory

young girl carried in a shell

lost to shattered

cold eyes

such those ever rides

long hills

deep river forest

ocean smells

blue sighs

so near

past midnight

keeper of the flames

holds the light

a lost girl held tight

just a traveling rhyme


from the rhythm inside

lost dreams in a jar

of water

river within your soul

where a heart

can only know

                                       - jude






 sunday child Ė for Madison


sunday child

looking for peace

dreaming of home

deep sky yearning

lost in a chameleon cloudís


girl with her woman eyes

young woman with her younger

girl sighs


the long road


winding river paths

if water

wind carries a white birdís


never just another song

                                                                        - jude







  high mountain water free


if you could dance

midnight moon wind

deep within such as

might be called sin

if you could refuse

to carry or care

in life

where the silence

only free men own


your dreams shatter

all those mirrors

of time

sea shell full of mountain



as your soul

shall you know what you see

reasons to bleed

seasons to believe

as such where wind

dares begin

                                                - jude




riptide slide


river water slow tide

dead air no drift

riptide slide

shadow images

slow clock trace

where seconds beat

hard and fast

what have you seen


the walk of stars

beating their rhythm of


where a poetís words

go unheard

where sand dreams

their chameleon screams

just drift

light across shadows

between birth and death


all the rest

                                          - jude






on a cross of history lost


west 4th street

shadow music

caught as time

between street lamps

midnight recession

within a shadow puppet show

on a stained brick wall

marking history on

a cross of history lost

lovers exchanging long sips

of light

easily lost to a darkened street


bar stools full

shadow-light filled doorways

whiskey glasses empty

an aging childís song

caught as a frozen tear

in oneís eye

but as a dream

or wind blowing

down a long echo

                                                     - jude




no retreat


catching a glimpse

a lost tribe of free


deep on the hills

and valleys

sweet freedom of

the unseen

where under the shade-less


long plains of kansas

a state of being

a state of the united states

before me a long new

highway built

behind me

an island of weighted sand

windless heat

seemingly no retreat

sweat on the hand of

a blind lover

if one runs to be


if to see

the mirror of an

endless sea

only a man

lost to the seasons


no retreat

                                                   - jude




 grown too old


dream whisper quiet

on a wind

midnight gust

dancing between

drops of rain

within a heave southern fall

you call

lover without a name

words without sand

to write upon


in black and white


donít bleed on me


lay down where the

grass grows dead

sand in my soul


the echoes

lying as graves

so are the eyes

of a man

grown too old

to taste the water

                                    - jude




a long windís time

no believing


tired legs marching

to the lost man rhyme


what does a young man


if hope that tomorrow

a better way of movement


from a broken yesterday

able to see a sweet country

where greed is no longer

a seed to happiness

if only ones younger days



too much memory

blows a stronger wind

crowded voices and no refrain

too many playing the fool

no jester to carry free

the silence

trying to believe

crying to see

mirror of a young manís


his daring eyes seeing


no believing

a long windís time


tired legs marching

to the lost men rhyme


all the young men see

                                                         - jude







empty tries


late night shadows call

if her red stained

tired eyes

and cheese cloth stains

adrift on a slow desert

sans storm

between the clicks of

tick and tock

her cold feet

can only remember

warm earth summer

tall oak dreams

seeds caught between his lips

and anotherís words

trying so hard to believe

in his north country dream

her song sweet and background


hard loviní only

her body remembers

soft blue quilt patched

earth sewn into a deep

empty sky

crystal tears draw their silence

open palms and

tired eyes

                                                             - jude






 leaves falling brown onto concrete sidewalks


110th street gargoyle watch

hard dreaming concrete

sidewalk walking

ice carved as a soul

eyes on the run

daring to love (but not)

girl alone

window frame calling

falling from 12 stories high

lost boy almost stops

lost to a central park nyc


on the wrong side of a street

easily finds a man-childís


crossing dreams without sound

atlantic green ocean crashes


mid-day ďaĒ subway refrain

autumn light

broken mirror

reflections through a

black iron fence

lovers caught in white marble


almost lovers without love

hard loviní boy

leaving no footprints on

hard packed sand

deeper calls from an empty hand

poor boy freeze

manhatten cold cross wind breeze

where a young boy


his words

                                                                       - jude








prayers for the children lost


street dancing

jester poets

bled all the sidewalks


for all those who dared

to see what it all

could mean


tear stains

carved their walls

where they carried the graves

the souls of children

dying dead

lined as crosses

crowding large wooden


holding what prayers

within that church of

golden idols

and all its whispers



all these years

the tears

just silence

so now

where are all of my countryís

street dancers

as once again

those golden idols are lining

the walls of our churches

and all their whispers




where are the angels

do they still bleed

their tears

for us?

Ah, my lost jester poets

Where have you fallenÖ

                                                         - jude





morning song for cathy


seeing what she believes in

while daring to sin

but not

while mirror dancing

on a train from paris

morning songs

sung quiet

san francisco yesterday dreams


long jazz moments

sugar on the mouth beignets

where her sighs are sweet

she walks to cross the street

without retreat

walking before tomorrow

                                                                 - jude






 driftwood totem


ocean water

clean across toes

deep staring

eyes lost between

horizon and forever

teats carving

driftwood log

totem protection

incisions cut as revisions

as free men

close their empty eyes

moon light voids

lost children

with nowhere to go


it all really means

soulless white men

color sand to only

their liking

old men dream

knowing what

painted mirrors concede

sun drying

waves sighing

driftwood totem

toes buried in the sand

                                                                      - jude







crossing chains

till only

the sky remains

drinking cheap wine

walking west 4th street

night-lamp shadows

only echoes that dare


believing bleeding is freedom

                                                       - jude





runaway girl


sad eyes

child of

the long sunrise

no water to sing

her dreams free

runaway girl

younger than older

any deeper wind night

san francisco street defeat

freedom whispered through

her sighs

yet retreat colored her tries

singing anotherís sweet blues

till ant morning on rise

mirror mirror

shattered glass on a

scared wooden floor 

                                                               - jude






 as traveling rhythm defines


fast walking

slow talking

a man with hard blue eyes

grey gravel stained highways

long song

traveling rhythm

patterns carved

rodinís ďles bourgeous de CalaisĒ

moving circled revisions

cold blue moonlight full

echoes as shadows

sleeping trees

out of time

slow walking

whisper dance silence

within an empty blue jean pocket

carrying salt before tomorrow

love before sorrow

dreams as naked footprints

marking distance

west along white lines

                                            - jude







long ocean sighs


lost in faraway

eyes carving

storm dream clouds

east wind sighs

trying to remember

her face

drawn across such long words


old school

a stamp and all the rest

high pine green eyes sweet

if ever I was so young

desert stars ever clean

her warmth

close to a dream

farther than the atlantic oceanís


young and trying

never to say good-bye


these east wind

atlantic ocean whispers

                                - jude







 wind blowing from a poetís sight


young girl thought

as her grandmother told

she has the sight

on the internet

she would write


her tarot card dreams


to see

what old rhymes mean

young girl danced belonging


by chance

so is the electronic highway

simply a poet

maybe just a bit mad


on a dare

a challenge

to time

and an old rhythm

laying out his dusty tarot

blown by a wind

of only a poetís sight

no history of what is real

or not

paper man

merely a letter for the mail

a picture of a young mother

wanting to be seen

by cards drawn from

deep silence and a long history

young girl believed

until she became touched by

a poetís sight

what mirror shaded her

if truth

if reality

if a breath from


mirror mirror

who is she

this louisiana girl  lost

                                          - jude


rainbow sighs


rain walks its stage

sweet rage

dreams fly

as wind cries

painted eyes chalk colored

brick building wall

trying to see

between drops of

rainbow sighs

trying to be

between seasons

where light

crosses your soul

blinded you know

if treason

what do they mean

sweeter rage

lost reason blues

painted heart

night air songs


                    - jude























train window rain


singing to such as

patterns across the sky

dancing where between

northern seasons

they do change

sitting so quiet on ocean rock

sweet salt water rain

kept dry by an old coat

color carved

the stain

of moon light echoes

shadow beach

memories call to sand

dreams carry

as the wind forgets

what the color of night


and yet

still the deep sighs

carry the taste of her eyes

as the rage of our tries

battling across

ancient stages

lost wars

easy is a young girlís love

open grave refrain

oh, her cold lips

still warm a full moonís night

mirrors shattered

shadows catch

train window rain

calling to a blind manís


a fall of seconds

without revisions

if dancing where



                  - jude








far away

so far


from where

is it time who

paints my mirror of rhyme


a piece of earth

of which i came to crave

dusk sighs

belief in tomorrows


painting waterfall rainbows

across young man lost songs

soft drift

rhythm at rest

sweet retreat


those concrete highways call

                                                                         - jude









shadow and night

black hole fright


natureís stage


to believe

in forever

man loves woman

tomorrow is yesterday


only silence breathes

in between

                                                   - jude








sand castle crumbs


faces within the trees

hidden forest

autumn dying leaves

wordless sky wandering

shattered glass clouds

river of sighs

waterfall through open fingers

dreams blood red

blind men

listening to their

white man blues


sand castle crumbs




moon lit shadow night

seeing the morning fall

                                                           - jude






deep banshee blues


empty my soul

quiet screaming

carving her light

onto a living tree

still seeing her seeing me

trying to dream

through waterfall tears

deep banshee blues

a child lost

an emptiness eternal


                   - jude








on a beach of clouds



a childís dream


where a heart believes

in her today


lasting forever

woman alone

on a beach of clouds


deep blue mirror

rippled by an aging wind


inside images

drawn as rhythm


pictures across time

a young soul

with somewhere to go

                                                       - jude






 echo rhyme treason


dark skies


echo rhyme treason

ice and light

mirror in the night

star excite


just a moment between



where tomorrow calls

                                                    - jude







 morning of the night



on the breath of


reflections off a silver leaf

chill wind

earthís one sin

blood mirror

child to woman


beauty whispers

truth calls to

the drift

of light

morning of the night

tomorrow is a season


she lives

without reason

                                                              - jude








yet the heart


time no longer speaks

silence owns your soul

yet the heart

the color of your

living dreams

walks still free

dare you

see beyond the mirror

into where

music echoes

a universe speaks

a young man seeks

the old man who

still sings

lives forever

                   - jude







watercolor/winter light


lines of blood ink


water whispers

color soft as

clouds in dream

can love be carved

live wood

roots reaching deep

earth worn in touch


hands bound to fingers

touching truth

evening calling

distant bells ringing

mother earth

a girl child singing

dusk starlight


believing in

seasons of sight

                                         - jude



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