all for the being of someone


someone is a child

is it you

or is it me

while death swallows as

an earthquake

leaving not even sound

to remain


the island stands alone

still unseen  

            still green

a smile, all in waiting

            not to be found

            by man

come sir - as fast as you


your race is the bird

            quenching its

hard    before another


            her      this woman

            and meet her warm

            let all those dreams be

                        torn  for all

new children need to be



hand with hand

do build a wall

and atop  shall you call

one man and one

shall build it a stall  


now you have conquered horses

            to run so the

much faster


she turns to grow  so

            joins the march & its movement

i turn to grow  so

            and     leave the marching feet  to move





in rhyme do the colors

fold out

to bloom into



all the colors unfolding


if you are something

you are not all


if you are all

are you something


are you



                                    - jude  













do you feel the


it's screaming

it's pain

it's death



                               - jude  




in a waterfall’s dream

            remains a rainbow’s stain ...


i remember someone

who never

died    someone  on whose


i had once  ever silently


and she gave me

a rainbow

as strangers as friends

we still pass

and in a time

            where all

            things must die

do i dare to wonder


the colors fall with the

water  in moving always

they're ever still


                                            - jude    



ever quickly


try the tears of death

before it melts away

for all too soon

do you come


just watch

all the pictures


into facts into time with

all now’s gone

to memories

into nothing!


no more towers

            to be built

and all the sun worshipers

            become words

to lie in another’s bible


            alone in a field

                        on a mountain

                        he sits

'and he is i'


as he is a poet

so the words appear

it is his poem

it is he

watching, he reads

writing he sees

and to feel no more

in energy a line

into lines

            lines into patterns

patterns into reality


but fact


so, he knows for he has


and understands,

for he sees



the death dies

and birth

continues on...


ever quickly


ever,  quickly


                                       - jude   











time forced us to pass


            alone, i stood

            to watch her go

in a dream

            i wouldn't listen

            i rewound the rhyme

i passed again a once treaded


and still  only i could find


time forced us to pass

no one’s valley

so colored  that no

reflection can fall

a pool of glacier fears

and within am i

painting tears

who may die as they

are born


                       - jude  





he wanders


with winter lying in

its silent

            waiting stance

so,  still roams  those

            reaching august


wrapping time so loose within



for a moment

in a chance

i do breathe

            something free

a candle burns, flame into


as its wax melts  also

carried by that

unseen eternal current

drawing all breath

so far away  so far close

and again

and still  i

am an only figure shadowed

by my own light


a silhouette pictured on

a wall  from a light

whose only

learning  comes from its

own eternal death


but before day does

creep through all the small


in that wall  to

name his candle insane

he leaves the flame

alive so


and reaches through his

only reflection


in the night

carrying himself

an only light

breathing through

all he may see

he wanders


                                 - jude    





for the lies that fill


frightened children on

the run

dreaming, always


yet still they hide

so try to hide out within the


watch the children's shadows

in dance

watch the children’s faces

in trance

and to them

it is dear

'who circles their words  

about the shadows

and circles their shadows

about the words'

 in fear


 caves are built without


but stand the people

in the stalls

one to another

and another to one

sweating hands to


but wanting to run

with their children

born  taught to dream


taught to scream

at their shadows

never to be seen


and we're all born

                        in a dream

            but whose


                                                               - jude    





who are we


i woke again

through the dream of time

into hearing her

of a when past  yet never gone

of a here afloat  yet

what is on

of motion skipping through

time  touching nowhere

and still         

                        always there

of a now

                        who breathes

regardless     but a part in

                        of eternal

            through the veins

                        of she through


of i

            through she


i name no dreams

and reach never more then

what the seams

of time holds not


"i hear you within

a you

a woman

and in opening

my hand lies unto you

flexed free

a swirl of colors am i

creviced open

to your liquid


in an eternal sky"


to stand before her

grasping our now

in care

to touch to feel

who are we!

for it seems that

we are... 


                  - jude 







warm and quiet

i watched her

just past a

more then simple touch

and on a crystallized


i yearned to lean


it fell  from a

dwelling of she

and somehow

not mirrored but me

so the tear

i lost was


                                 - jude    





to win to die


still-life done upon a



and somewhere

wrapped in the feet

of tree’s rhyme

do they lie


two children of


who fought to keep their

hands stayed

to breathe in

equal breath


one grave

huddled still  beneath the

cold  of the wind

they are death


                                       - jude   






tiny sky dancer naked within a tree


tiny sky dancer take a

chance           to see


i have heard your stance

and so webbed

about a tree

living leaves in breath

your drinking form

in thirst of the earth

and the fingers of you

in dance upon the



and in try you bend

beyond form

lusting that eternal


of energy  so pure in its storm

yet turning through

those eyes torn

to be born

a streak of one

worn into eternal


and you are still


dance woman dance

            dance upon the wind

            in it’s touches

                        you are in


and so across a night

winds tear

you have passed

within me

within dance

within you


naked in a tree

are born the skies

in poetry


                                                - jude   





a dance dreamer, a dance screamer


she names herself female

but who does she



a voice

in tree only echo

upon the depths

and ever so


upon it’s sea


and those dreams of now

stretched so tightly

            across her void

of light

must they paint color so

            clear   that

they must evolve with

            never bright


in dream  will the dream

rattle it’s birth

rearrange into mirth

till the silent

is a woman

once more

never to die

without time

                        to fly

the sky

            within does



wondering in the long

of  your tree

your song

for mountains relate


“to smile on his face

in embrace  and dream



he belongs

maybe  that he was along

            to hear my birth

maybe                       please


alone  is she within

            eternity without



a woman in a moment

a child in the cry

a female  as she doesn't


a dance dreamer

a dance screamer

in the sky


                                             - jude   








gettysburg jam


all the noise makers

            so up they stand

and gleam their noise

            for  a sound

maybe a song            

ah!  but their fingers

are just playing in sand


dance rhythm,

chance rhythm

            make a pace to see

draw a line

a cross through time

fake a moving moment

                        to be



i forgot, not to hear,

            just hide in soundless

fear of "           "

laughing as i paint

my tail


yea      all the noise makers

            are but

making noise again


                        - jude




on doors without rooms


this strange beauty i feel

within myself

such  that i yearn

                        to paint her

            a dream poem

but dare do i not

time carves into the stain

of eternity felt,

slicing words into letters

words who should never



                      - jude




but facts  spread across a moving sky


frozen tears  on a winter’s sneer

and the rage in the wind


to begin


show me no more smiles

across these corridors

as i have seen


silent crawl of death

            and for all

                        the rest,

is there no best

                        to be done


when you've lost you have won

again to remain unstained

by the pain you carry

faces without words

people without names

march, so wooden by  and in full



                    - jude 




blowing free ...


so long ago  yet still upon


i named her woman

but could not

hold  still

for the child to


and     in honor to the woman

i had

to but walk on


and     time across time we passed

            while the fighting did last

and woman

she but had to be

and i maybe blind  maybe weak

for only woman

would i ask


i  the child a child no more

i  a man a child never!

            for who is ever allowed.


i see a woman,

            she is life

            and within i carry


a warmth of fire soft  who sweats

                        easily within i

                        as natural as does

                        a waterfall’s


strange am i

            i see a child

                        the female

                        and more

breathing through life

            and within i carry


a smile drawn straight

            a mirror of color


a hand am i

            at rest upon the wind

and suddenly maybe always


i greet her as woman

in touch upon touch

given free

                        as is a meeting

                        within the wind

i greet her      as alive

                        i give her my hand


                        as breathes the


in eternal care - for a life

            who is there


both: either


and if we pass but still

i smile across my silent tear

for touch is only touch

            as; is wind only wind

blowing free


                            - jude   







to bleed quietly,

to die alone  to mean in the dream

of freedom


it's all about the tears

of freedom

and never can we be caught



bleed quietly my young sirs,

die alone in empty corners

            where none

            may see

as it is

that no one can ever be


but to fight forever and into


to give the inch

but never the foot

lose every battle,  but eternally

continue the war


and only man


do you do it


without reason

without truth

he can not help

but to carry himself

out across the open

palms of his hands


to have heard the tone

of         self command

to have seen himself

stand across the sky

he has forgotten how

            to walk

knows only how to fly


and to die

            maybe free

to live  trying to be


                                                - jude







christmas here


christmas gone

in nothing close

we just live on


and so


                                             - jude





a shadow within black light


staring out across empty streets

watching lamps  cast empty


            onto a darkness of

            empty light

and there echoes

            the walking motion

of a man

            fading before he


leaving his shadow

            but within the


he has passed


            is not seen


cold is the wind

            it tears not across

but through

            the skin that

holds he


            and faces fade

as dreams are turned into

            a charade of

dancing stones

            children die

as they are born

            but no tears

fall       fo;

                        in the wind

does   time stand unearthed

            leaving him free

to be

to see



            carrying all too few 

alive within

            but one face

untouched    is life itself


and one face

                        seen as light alive

            though still untouched

                        gives this man

            his dream

                        within a dream


            he touches  yet lies untouched

                        a stone

                                    he is called

            for they see but the shadow


                        still he walks alone

                                                a shadow within

                                                black light



they name him stone

yet, as they see a stone

he is to be


- jude   







catching time in an ever quiet  smile


time against time

            to take your eyes

            and juggle

them true

light into black

black into clear

and near

you lose the rhythm

to dance  turn

            into the rhyme


take a walk

            into a climb  all

 to the top

            lie  to stop but

for a second not past

            lean into the last

in fast

            rise naked of body


            drink out, hold the sky

            fly  you are

            the wind

less then space

            more   then space


            breathe in

            turn around

grasp that single sound


pour ever so deep

            into thy self

her breathing


            catching time in an

                        ever quiet,


you reach  in calling her

            she'll reach

            to climax

            in         through

into  eternity


                        - jude






and eternally, ever more


blow wind blow

            you're the sin

            i've chosen

into me

            is sewn your


of light

            forced sight

ever so gently

ever  night


long    winter within

            and a quiet where all men

            fear  to know

            empty trees bare but for strong

dead leaves not

but to belong

no birds sing  and yet

            the wind is a song

passing through trees in a rhythm

            of the long

steps walking within the echo

yet  just step beyond


does cross my presence of sound

the earth is but the ground

and upon i walk

the sky is the sand

and upon  i talk


            and eternally

ever more

            i am know in

            it’s reflection


                                                - jude





closed knit dreaming


closed knit dreaming

            no more screaming

except, where one doesn’t hear

            colored smells

pouring clear  till

            they are no longer

near    but pictures of

            war      lost

            more then long



a woman        in glide

            counting across the fields

            she does cross

leaving her silent dew drippings

            a touch on the moss


with footsteps on a cloud

and the sun eating them


always wanting to stay

yet with nowhere left

to stand

watching frozen hands


by a hungry earth


in tired sight

a woman stands,

with a stick, drawing pictures

on the ground  looking for flowers


will grow  by her hand,

with  all

but no command


across the night

a moon in coloring

her white forms her breasts full

and her fingers learning

a solid sight

a flickering night




she's gone

yet on the sand

fingers like the


are footprints

in no command


and in the night

            dreams drifting

through a cloud’s hidden sight

need no seam

            onto the earth

and color is anyone's right


                                     - jude   








to bleed



when you believe you can

            only try

when you believe in all the

screams  who

need to cry

oh! paper man

you breathe so deep

and, would rather bleed

then allow your

own eyes to weep


you try chasing rainbows

just to lose them

through that

eternal drifting night

and, you refuse to heed

            that every fright

lies      a wanderer    also

            through the shadows


greet him,  meet him

and bring him


all time knowing  your home

is a lie


feathered sheets

adrift with the clouds

shadowing streets

across the space

of moving on 


paper man  need you try

could you set your papers

in life  onto the sky

to roam what you've


to bleed till you



am i but  a paper man


                                                - jude   






never quite & nothingness


on the verge of nothingness

and yet, never quite

for somewhere does this form

            yearn to be running

as i sit here

            on somewhere

a shadow       amongst the shadows

watching light

                        die in its flight

across this


                        space of nothingness


shall i rise  onto my legs

            turn my eyes into

breath      focus my non-dreams

                        onto all the rest,

of shapes, never quite formed

shall i inch along the edge


            i am the storm


this quiet

            no dream  for there

            is no color

and not quite myself

 am i

flowing in all belonging

of my not belonging

but not quite

the silent screams remain

to stain into breathing

this nothingness  making it mine


still again


wandering in motion

never quite forgetting

my footsteps across

the snow

            they melt

yet  only from time               - jude





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