another year



watching the ghosts

believing in the echoes


so are the sweet shadows

deep within a

willowís dreams

                               - jude


just shadows


I bleed my dreams

upon the grave

of my youth,

a man lost

in time



the whisper of moments

as rain upon

the windows

of a moving train


and just shadows

play upon the stage,

there within the pages

a poet wrote

without rhyme


as years of dried blood


they died without tears,

winter rain.

                               - jude   






dreams of a woman


earth worn

she believes

in the rhythm

of her needs

perceives a world

who bleeds,

in dance

an ancient tree

carries her fingerprints

across chance

in dance

so whispers her soul


in dance

no one sees

and yet

earth worn

she believes

                                - jude




quiet is the music

of a young girlís dreams

sweet water falls

as moments

where hope perceives

in her eyes

tomorrow sighs

in love

across the echoes

of her beliefs


songs across the silence

sweet waterfalls sing

of truth, of beauty

and whispers dance


all the questions of chance

mark the courage

of a young woman

where whispers dance

                                               - jude


evening streets



where water dreams

the echoes

of concrete

evening streets


a young girl

walks her beauty

in dance,


all the young men

were lostÖ


time is a circle

where in moonlight

shadows walk free.

a beautiful woman

holds her youth,

in the fingers

of her dreams

where still

all the young men

go missing.



where water dreams

                                        - jude



where dreams never dance


am I still walking,

dark water

long concrete streets


that last

cast by street-lamp


frozen screams in silence

carved as

butterfly dreams

behind darkened windows

young girls deep asleep

and a young poet forgotten


deep in the night

he bleeds where dreams

never dance

he walks

to outrun the silence


is there ice in my

forgotten tears

falling across the years,

still walking

my dark winter bleeds

within the seeds

of a young boyís

loves and dreams

of a young girlís

unspoken screams.

                               - jude   


when ice bleeds


long river

winter blues

i believe

i lost my name

left carved

in a rocky mountain

warm summer snow

so many

years ago


my fingertips

are still stained

by the blood

i bled for free,

across a womanís thighs

as a mad poet tried

just to see


not love

not rhyme

just truth

carved in ice

where still

a poet bleeds


winter blues

                        - jude



war dancer


cast as shadows

a spill upon your soul

is the blood

of your honor lost

when you chance,


a dance upon

a field of war


young men believe

when they bleed,

in life and death

in the war dancer


to heal

but god never hears

the tears of fear


upon the stains of greed

whether you feed off religion

or patriotism

itís only


what old men need.


no reason

no season

is there any light cast

from of heavenís dreams


any empty soul

oh! war dancer

just dance away

and free all the children lost

                                                - jude



river, sweet blues


the color of water


upon the chance

more then echoes

beating their rhythm

across my brain

when liquid is rain

who stains my soul


leaving me



longer then the moments

of tomorrow seen

dance me

across the shadows

of clouds

sweet low mountain scream

if i could dream


i dream of roads

long and free

where silence carries

deep within the wind

carried to me

as a whisper

soft across where

walk my feet once more


i lie upon a river

so cold am i

sweet blues

carry me river

just carry me away

                                      - jude



across seasons


darkness within,

between the colors

of  a dream

walk as

reflections in ice

across seasons

where whispers the child


in the silence of their screams

youth can shatter a soul

with reason unseen

(who dares break the child

to make the man)

with reason unclean



what it takes

for a child to survive

what it feels like

to bleed shadows,

dare you remember

where whispers the dream


                                 - jude


grey highways


running from

grey highway dreams

i am lost in the wind

a cold wind, still blowing

my eyes color

in the like of stained glass


blood lies on my lips

now dried


if i could reason

the ever turn of the seasons

can i not

kiss free the taste

of her soul,


dance me slow

just one more time

when life is death

the living shall never restÖ


                                      - jude


silence and shadows    (for jen)


shadows on the stage,

where walks

a young girlís dreams

but in the quiet

that drifts

when she becomes of age

and no one knows

what it means


who dreamed her dreams

loved her,   where

the rain was free

gave her breath

and let her be

sweet mother

gone so long

but for those

shadows on the stage


echoes of her loss

and silent rage

sits quiet

across her empty lap

when she becomes of age

how will she dance

will she chance

deep where silence holds

                                         -   jude 




if the phoenix


if only

i was given

just one more dance,

would walk the same paths

love the same loves

dream the same dreams.

i yearn

to hold close

the chance

to believe once more

in magic

in touch


if only

would rise the phoenix

and fire

would carry me


to dance again

and would i not

choose to be crippled


death sweet death

if only

the choice was given

so i dream

just one more dance.


-     jude



across the seasons


deep in my dreams

there is a silence.


where love

once believed in truth

where beauty

could hold my sighs

so deeply

where life

could command

blood and sacrifice

where i walked,

till the stain of their fear

left a cut

a slice within my heart


deep in my soul

there on the road

of my dreams,

as a young man

i left my fingerprints

light upon

a wind blown sand

while trying to believe in


if lost in age and time

do i still wander

where rhyme

dares still to see

or bleed across the seasons

for still

deep in my dreams

there is a silence.


-  jude 



deep night


dark eyes


a dream tries

to bleed

deep night

into the color

of a morningís light

cold wind


quiet sins


just a man

to believe


just a man

to see.

                               - jude  


godís breath


just another son

without a father

without a sane mother

to seed from

to believe in


young man stands

without his soul


just to die



a bomb strapped

across his chest

broken eyes

lost to empty years


is it really easier

to die.

then to try

to love


or even oneís self


if only he knew

if only he dared see

all manís gods

never smile on death

for then life's just over

if you ever loved someone

it is then (painful or not),

that one ever tastes

of godís breath.

                                                       - jude 






do you dance


the music

who lives within

your eyes

when youíre alone

does the woman

who tries

bleed her sighs


where clouds carve

water color dreams

liquid mirrors

as rain falling free

believes in what she means


never simple

the morning rain,

notes upon the sky


sweet mary

her fingerprints

walk the strings

for in song


her water color dreams

she sings.

                                     -       jude



when itís time to dance  (for jen)


she will dance

past the quiet

where grows her soul

sweet young girl

when itís time to grow

sings a swallow song

where she belongs

and not,

when itís time to believe

will she remember

to water

the seeds of her dreams

for,     across chance

she will dance.

                               -       jude 





dance my blues


lord, no more

if only i could believe

if only there was

just a moment of peace

it is the noise

like the pain

so,    never ending

a glass of wine

to distract the mind

i play the blues


can not dance

across the stage of

my rage,


an empty page

free to echo

just another day

lord,   no more

these stains are

eating my soul

and nowhere to go,

if just

i could dance my blues


                                           - jude




 sweet mirror moon


long river

wet spray


against my dreams

sail my lost soul


cry my silent blues

deep clear water

sweet mirror moon,

itís her voice

where whispers

the sirenís cries,

does she carry my sighs


between death

and the sky

on my long river

midnight tries.

                                                -       jude




in my nomad tries


i walked the ridge,

big sur hills

warm wind whispering


across my long run sight

tired are my whys

deep blue pacific water

peeks easily across

the carved horizon

to carry itís dream

and touch my eyes


east coast boy, fingered

the earth sand, and

sang sweet silence

across ever tall trees


love stained my soul

and nowhere to go


a beautiful but broken girl

whispered across a black night

from the shadows

of a fairy light.

fairies danced from her fingers

to flame, from earth to sky,

and stars, so ever clear,

almost believed



morning was sweet

on the soul

where flesh was wet

and free

but the broken girl

had lost her name;

my ever youth turned

when the wind went silent,

fingered the taste

sweet almost dreams

and nowhere to go


always back on the road

traveling where

between beckett and kerouac,

if i stared long enough

would i forget the way,


forever in my nomad dreams

where even i would

forget the silence and screams,

                                                          -       jude




river rain



dancing on the river


sung to a seagull

in the quiet mist

and simple winds

where time

ends,   or begins

where love

in itís white bird dreams


in the silent echoes

of water rhyme,


those dream-water blues


                       -   jude






crying time

in a rhyme of birth

sweet child,


water dreams mark his eyes

and may life welcome

so alive

so loved

his sighs,

when the earth

dares to believe

in a mirror of life

so will his eyes


and see

all the ever stains

of truth

in a long rhyme

of life,

                               -   jude   






in the sky


flies the hawk

across a great oak

marking rhyme

past earth to air


across almost summer heat

my dreams will you carry

                                                    -   jude





 if africa


sweet live earth

mystic water

who carries

one seed of manís




youíre breaking my heart

maybe more then

all the rest

how easily do your

(our) children die,


life without breath


africa, america, europe, asia

do you not see

your heart


do you not feel

your soul

growing cold

and this poet


any of your gods

believe in us

bleed for us,    anymore.

                                          -    jude




 just below the sky


i dance


trees whisper

in a windís dream

up in the sky

where an earth

no longer reasons


cross me upon

long memories

and sweet loving rains

my eyes are lost

and found

she lingers forever


water sweetened lips,

i dance


fingers just below the sky

                                                -     jude  


no matter love



on the edge

of a dream

still alone where


never see me

i bleed

to believe

and dance


the wings of butterflies


echoes of truth

moments of beauty

no matter love

and all the rest,

before death

there is only life,

and touch


i bleed

to believe

and dance upon.

                                          -       jude




blood upon sand


summer wind



an early morning sand

quiet empty beach

slow walks a woman

deep in her butterfly eyes


to her sweet salt dreams

she is sixteen, she is fifty

does she remember

that she is beautiful,

in a poetís eyes

she could live forever

but for her sighs

who carry her away

who carried her away

from concrete dreams

to warm sand and

ocean screams

a woman is born again

every day

if a poet bleeds for her.

                                                   -       jude



slow time


slow time

in a long world

just a man

just growing

quiet inside

and never too old

to remember

the moments

to taste the morning


through a window

of glass

to laugh

to live

his sweet rhyme

just another day


in slow time

                                        -       jude




 white bird eyes


street talking

long time walking,

rhythm crosses rhyme


a sweet deep eyed woman


her beatnik tries

below hippie skies

and dares to sigh

no longer


where the beat of wind

is the music of sin

when she is old


is she young again

before wintertime blues

sings a girlís

summertime cries

and just below

those white bird skies


street talking

long time walking

                                                -       jude




 if only


if only love

in the mirror

where dared i

to perceive


if only peace

across so simple

our earth

for which i

dared to bleed

and so young

for free


if only one,

just one

dared to relish

in the taste

of my soul,

as do i

live of all the moments

in the art of my poems

in love

with the taste

of their, all their



if only love

dared to believe


if only they

dared to perceive

                                   -       jude




if a man bleeds


when sometimes

slow dream rhyme


in a circle of echoes

where the quiet


falls to silence


you dance alone

when the moonlight calls

till you fall

in a forest of night

and the cross of sound

breaks unheard


lost in a soul who

dared to believe

if a man bleeds

and washes free

the fingerprints

where a young boy

once loved

warm upon the sand

silent beach

moon-lit light


long lost night.

                              -   jude




 talking to shadows



lost in all the years

simple rhyme

is illusion in time

drifts my soul

when sometimes

there is nowhere to go

or grow

mornings rise quiet

before the sun

within a mirror

stands a sixteen year old man

where age is the question

alight within

stands a fifty-five year old boy

on a stage

or a page torn from a novel

set afire

glass shatters


talking to shadows

trying to believe

in dreaming

still again

am i

too old to try still again

too young to cry

or maybe

just walking.

                                       -   jude





 the river club


sail free my soul


dreams of slow time

on a river rhyme

just for a moment


where crosses lie

against open sky


boats in sail

walk their water dreams

on by,


slow water cafť

open to the sky

i find

my mind at ease

food and conservation

a glass of wine

if you please

pace into

an easy rhythm,

just a place to be

just a moment

you might need

to sail free your soul

just a moment

to breathe.

                                   -    jude




night dreaming


back to dancing time

sweet summer

long running rhyme

when a woman believes

she can stand on a dime



what do you perceive

where the sun

quietly bleeds


itís light into

long night dreaming


sweet girl in a womanís rhythm


across the chances

as she will go


sweet summer in an autumnís seed

                                                                  -       jude



 on a cross of shadow love


how do you stand

upon the walls

of a dream

when carved

from long blue sky

and beach sand


when a woman

isnít built for the seasons

why then

do you still fall

why does her love

give you the reason


in her eyes

you climb upon

a tree of deep love

but in her dreams

you are just a shadow

caught in a moon wind


lost standing

where forever

one must begin


if caught by chance

within anotherís dream

on a cross

a moonscape scene

is there only silence

in which to free your screams.

                                                         -       jude



 sea bird eyes (for Jen)


bleeds free the sun

into the open dreams

where dusk falls softly

as a young girl

learns to believe

and warmth walks

ocean water

as distance across her tries


when a sea bird flies


crosses color into light

where the beauty of her soul

whispers and sighs

before the sky


dares she

stand in the evening light

where lies a mirror

within the sea birdís eyes

and breathe


so young her smile

and so old

between god and the universe

what cares,   this young girl

to be.

                                                             -       jude



or die


tears in the snow


are memories slow

rhythm unforgotten


the blood of your silence

live or die

                                         -   jude







 a sweet autumn sky


on the chill

of an early

autumn wind

i dream of a sin

a broken man

dares never try

no reason lies

left within the sky

only a young manís lost


as a cross upon his years


long mountain sighs

a silent quilting

as night slow upon


street-lamp lit

concrete city streets

still hold

the silence of her dreams

to be seen.


beautiful girl

and her woman sighs

i listen

to a sweet autumn sky


those deep night butterflies.

                                               -    jude




upon long dreams


caught in the dream

sweet ballerina dance


within a tear


from the eyes of

an angel


and now free

as her autumn wings



woman carries her love warm

in her sisterís soul

and angels

always know

and angels always love


oh, the sweet warmth

of her ballerina dance

carries the light of heaven

upon the long dreams


only free angels dareÖ

                                                -     jude






where dreams

the sky,

beauty crosses the stain of years

when a woman

no longer sighs

but tries

to believe

as she bleeds


stands a child

where dreams

the sky.

                                          -    jude




 rainy day and rice paper windows


low clouds

whisper time

down the soul


high mountain rhyme


rainy day and dreamtime


when you feel

death walking near

as it passes

can you whisper

your water hopes


within such a break

where seconds take but a moment


rainy day and dreamtime


if, as a young lover

she dared

believe in your truth

suddenly tearing

your rice paper windows


would you

still have danced your

mountain shadow

alone and deep.


rainy day and dreamtime


is death

cold or warm,

walking across

low clouds




sound between the echoes.

                                                                -    jude




just a woman



across her

hawaiian dreams

naked feet

and free sand

so sweet

deep within

a childís

skin memory


only a woman

can wake


and wind walks

the trees

not too far

from the ocean of her screams


seasons like years

pass so close

weaving her footprints

across truth as time

where her steps

her naked feet

in free sand



so sweet.

                             -   jude






 sweet ana marie


caribbean winds sang in a girlís soul

where will she grow


for a long quiet moment

she thought

to believe in magic

only to find

all free words


blow long and cold

deep in the night


child to woman born

carved by words

and truth

by love in a

broken family form

she was born to dream

in a moment

in a sweet moment

when a body in dance

in motion

learned to see, to speak


caribbean winds sang in a girlís soul

where will she grow


a woman

touches her moments

with a long brush

and the paint of her words

to reach for the minutes

that are life

for her love

is the dream

she dances

within her deep eyes

for her love

is the dance she dances

within a deep life


caribbean winds sing in a womanís soul

where will she grow

                                        -   jude




lost highways


the wind


beyond a fall of snow

deep in pitch-black

and night

where a young manís soul

lies lost

across the shadow


so clear the lines

so patterns the moon

in free ice fall

and light


no cars ride

down a long road

no where to be

and no home lost

when a young poet whispers

to the silence

of yesterdayís cost

as lone piano blues


between new York city echoes

and broken concrete dreams


the wind


where in a manís soul

where down lost highways

while nowhere and moonlight

still plays

a lone piano blues.

                                              -  jude



of seasons and winter light


cold cold dreams,

the fall of a tree

carved from moon shadow

lies across

the silence within your soul

quiet for a moment

deep in late night

winter light

lies empty

where deep love

once walked in breath

where do you dream

on those long sleepless nights


dark clouds mark the seams

of seasons

of reasons

lying still

walking the silence

of deep night truth

and echoes.

                               -    jude




 for the peace of


just a tree

a child never had

strung with lights and love

where does she dream

a fallen father dead in the sand

in a land

a child saw in school

there behind a cradle

below the north star

can she ever

see to believe in,

where have we buried god

in our greed for

the peace of security

the peace of fear

pieces of gold

nothing close

nothing near

just a tree

a nation never had.

                                                -    jude




before god


late night

sweet blues

play my soul free

do i dare to believe


deep clear cold sky



upon a tall pine


dream shadows draw

long across my mind


do we need a reason

or even a season

for peace

to bleed its truth

for man

to stand


before god

to celebrate

the beauty

we are meant to be.


-       jude




lights and love


just a tree

strung with

lights and love

where do you believe

do we need a reason

or even a season

for peace

snow across your eyes

warmth within your sighs

just a tree

strung with

lights and love

dream the dreams of children

dream the dreams of the universe

dream the dreams of peace



-       jude



shine deeply  (for jen M)


evening bright

sweet star-light


those dreams

one dreams at night

shine deeply

your love

sing in the shadow

of a northern sky dance

and just maybe

youíll touch the face

of the universe

daring to see

daring to believe

evening bright

sweet star-light

                         -       jude


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