in the eyes

of your dreams


below your screams,

the child

believes , where

the woman sighs

as she tries


in the eyes

she dares to whisper,


the images she cares

to see.


to be...


                 - jude

sweet pattern


on a slow dance

a woman

paints the earth

in color fine

with threads of light,


her dreams

follow as she moves

of a pattern deep.

where she loves


she dares to weep.


soft is her sigh

an easy wind

as she does begin

to believe

to perceive

sweet pattern

sweeter earth

where a woman cares,

to try.


                           - jude  


just a woman


where are the concrete streets

on which

walked her eyes,

in the belief

of simple things

and something more.


the years are a long wind


caresses her dreams,


on the echoes

of her footsteps.


never just a woman

cast in the mirror

which bleeds

beauty across the sky,

always just a woman


her light

upon her fingertips

to touch,

to believe...


                         - jude   



they dance together


his breath

is lost

to her eyes

and deeper sighs

carve his soul,

for love

knows where to go

for love

knows how to grow.


her dreams

shine on her heartís whispers

in the light of

his eyes

dreaming her,

maybe seeing her


then today,

deeper then tomorrow.


a sweet love, sung

without refrain.

lovers they met

on a soft summerís day

to dance

on the tears of their screams

to dance


their eyes see

what lovers dream.

and wedding bells

chance upon the

stain of their souls

in touch.


his breath, her dreams

and they are carried away

on the wings

of their lover sighs.


they dance together,

and carried away

are free...

                                    - jude      




do you still dance

backstreet queenís girl,

in the warmth of loving arms


where the wind whispers

across time.


do clocks sing their dreams

in rhythm between the fears,

are your tears

now of

love or years.


do you still believe in

your younger girl tries

or are you lost

in your older woman sighs.


do you still dance


the years,

are they not enough!


do you still dance


i sing for you still,

a poet dreaming


a man remembering friends



warm in my sun shadow echoes,

i still dance.


                                            - jude    


a quiet soul


on a quiet soul

i drift,

lost in the veils of rhyme


long times gone


dreams who have

wandered on.


i yearn to rage

in the light

of a stage

carved by winter minds.


so tired and broken

this crippled body

and mind.


just to write

one more page

just to thumb

one more road


to live or die,

on a quiet soul

a poet sighs.


                              - jude    


river wind


girl played

on a wooden stage


on the steps of chance


where the earth


as silence talks

of deeper nights

or tomorrows

and candle lights.

girl stayed

till the woman believed.


warm river wind

crossed evenings

where dusk colors


her eyes dream

in the rhyme of

her screams.

a woman

who dances no more

but for the pattern

so deep in her soul

still believes

in the girl

in the dream.


dares she fear

she fears

dares she dare

she dares

dares she care,

a river wind woman


and so dances

and so stands,

her river stance free.


                               - jude    


just the blues



her sighs, her rainbow tries

i had a chance to love her

but my soul was broken

and my heart was lost.

she came to me


my thumb was free


i no longer had

a home to be.

holding empty

just the blues

wearing me down.


and its 33 years gone

her lost kiss

it lingers,

so sweet

still upon my soul

it lingers on.


never had the time

to love her

never showed her the tears


on a rocky mountainís



a simple shell

still it dwells

though broken and silent

for ever so long.



i had a chance to love her


the blues

they carried me away.


                            - jude    




just no place to be


loved her across an ocean

she had a home

and i,

just no place to be.


held her close

in an early evening rain

sand castles fallen

left their stain.


deep open eyes

called to me


newly broken sighs.


loved her in the desert


we both ran,

to be free

or was it

just to see

lost her

across an ocean

she had a home

and i,

just no place to be.


                    - jude  


an angel sighs


i dream of paris

of cafe sitting

a quiet dusk

fills an empty glass of wine

ever dry

ďmuddy watersĒ plays

from within open doors


i feel a starís tear

pass lightly

across my soul

and an angel sighs

oh my eyes

do they cry

oh my eyes

i dream of sweet lips

and longer sips

do i hold them still

deep and lost



i dream of paris


just maybe

i could die.

oh my eyes,


                       - jude 


walk on


last time i saw her face

last time  held her eyes

i saw

love hide deep within her fears

just a boy

he couldnít cry

her hands were closed

he couldnít even try


could he


to walk on


it is the road who

carries his soul

street wandering


how alone is lonely

can a man ever really know.


the seasons have turned

does he yearn

or,   does he sigh


walk on...

                            - jude  


winterís song


winter song

deep behind quiet eyes

lives a child


to sing

to belong


in dreams

whispers the dance

he will talk

when water

walks the moon free


winter is warm,

he carves

his echoes,

his earth echoes

sweet rhythm

of life.

                             - jude    

as a woman smiles


long hair

down to

her soul


sad eyes

quiet sighs,

beauty lives

on the whispers

off a north atlantic


she smiles

a taste of life


sheís a good manís wife

a dancer in dream form

a woman

sad eyes

a smile.

an irish dream

leaves her whispers

as water to

a poetís lips


just a love song

to a lady

with the sad eyes.

                                           - jude  



her south china sea eyes


young girl

with her south china sea


where an ocean wind


stands as she tries.


in the silence

between day and night

between hope and dreaming,

water is carved


in where a poet grows

in where a child to woman



a young girl dares

to paint

her colors true

to dance

her words free.


when only a poet believes

a young girl bleeds

her south china sea eyes



where only a poet

dares to see.

                              - jude  



shattered light


cold summer blues


who sings from

deep within your soul


you have nowhere to go,

when lost nevada desert sand

falls from your eyes.

when you canít live

and itís not time to die.

when a song

rides the hearse of your longing.


can you still believe in

or even see, their lost eyes

as the sighs of their years.


where are the tears!

oh, the shattered light

 oh, those cold summer blues.

                                                              - jude    


your eyes


where the hawk flies


long river

where do you go

i know

carrying years

is it their names

is it their tears

who walks me lost

down yesterday roads.

under simple moon light

itís your eyes i see

and the warm winds call

itís your soul i touched

yes, itís a long fall


where the hawk flies.

                                     - jude



they dance


he shines

as he dances

in his new black heals

slow and in love


she walks on the windís breath

carved by the reflection,

on a brooklyn corner

a street-lamp casts a shadow,

stands a good man

with a deep heart

his eyes see the forever flower

her dreams still dream


a woman finds love

in a soft brooklyn shadow,

and dances

                               - jude     




long lake wind

whispers a morning dream

the sky in deep color

lies soft across

the echo of her birth


in the morning light

a smile is carved

by a long sunrise,

shall she dance

touching her beauty to form



her eyes have carried

a skyís freedom

ever into a poetís sigh

her tries

walk the mountain screams

silent, across the echoes

where a girl

where the wind


                              - jude     


and the dancing


in the dream

sidewalk shadow dance

a woman

eyes closed

dances her soul,

younger days

drift - under

the whisper of

older winds,

and the dancing

sets her free.

where her feet taste


cast upon the sea.

                                          - jude   


the earth believes


where the night

and street-lamp light

cast their longer shadows

on a brooklyn street corner.

stands a man

his deep heart

lies unseen

warm summer wind

carries time.


in the shadow

of a treeís dream

woman dances her

flower seams free

a young girl tastes

the sky

to believe in her

grown woman tries.

and the wind, it carries


when a man

when a woman

dance the street

embraced in touch

in love,

so will time smile

and the earth shall believe

still again.

                                        - jude   



the breath of the dragon


two woman within

the eyes

young girl eyes,

from where soft

are the loving skies

where wind

is breath soft across her soul

touching as life

her dragon dreams

dance the fairy circle



in her, new york city

tears,   she walks the echoes

frescos upon the walls

in her parentís tries,

their love and broken sighs

sweet dreams

but raw across her needs


in her lost princess rage

where,     really

is the stage of her freedom

the call of her soul


there is the breath of the dragon

a cloud in her eyes


                           - jude    





my heart cries

where inside

a broken body


tomorrow comes

another moon night

sweet lost light.


                     -  jude  


sweet stain


she danced

across my soul

leaving sand in my eyes

so sweet,

in her young girl sighs

my fingerprints

they were stolen


she never knew

the full reach

of her tries


was it my backstreet running

i scared her

dared her

loved her

no why,

when i left her

i saw,

in her eyes

loving deep

the fear whispering good-bye.


and forever

so sad

sweet stain

for always

the dance remains.


                        - jude



for the children


he dances his jester dance,

for the children

sweet pattern of chance


a song carved his soul,

for dreams they do whisper

of something


and fingers they do linger

where only his god dares to go.


a boy is a man,

when a man is a boy


a teacher dares believe

in more then he sees


for the children

sweet pattern of chance

he dances his jester dance.


                                   - jude   


if angels could cry


and if angels could cry

so sweet the child

carried in her motherís eyes

stands on the edge

a ledge of tries

child before woman

oh, her adolescent sighs

a poet, a dancer

an actress true

she has a young girlís name

(mirror, mirror mother please)

stained across her motherís seed


where goes the woman

when a longer rain

carves across the sky

where grows the love

when a mother,  too young

must die


and if angels could cry

so sweet the young girl

carved from her motherís soul

where only the flowers now grow.

a poet, a dancer

an actress true

a child alone

a world

tainted a darker hue


and if only

the angels could cry

for a moment

across the silence,

dark streets

and so lost.


so sweet the child dreams


                                         - jude    




3 am

street-lamp shadows

fall across

the long rhythm


street dreaming

a soul screaming


but for the concrete echoes


the pattern of her soul

etched across my heart

walking the dreams away

young boy lost

under a forest

of shattered stars




now 34 years later

man canít walk

time talks of drifting away

the shattered stars still

litter the sky

and so much left to say


the pattern of her soul

lies still

etched across his heart


but really,

who is she?


pat, ginny, marlene, renee, franny,

rachel, marsha, nancy, shelia, petra,

patty, cheri, patti, michele, mary,

kathleen, jade ...

or the forgotten remains of

lost kisses unnamed.


                                           - jude   


whispers & light


soul shadows


within the dreams


she lives the seams


into the water of

her night

silent are the screams

in echo.


she believes

in color

she paints

in light

where her soul whispers

so carries her sight


                                 - jude   




mirror in the night

mirror in the light

shadows whisper

silence deep

in her soul

where does a woman.

time cries softly

of love and fate

where does one touch

lost in the dark


mirror doesnít see

the dreams

who dream to be.


deep in her soul


and somewhere left to go.

just shadows

on the silence deep


                                    - jude   



she walks on by...  (for MaryJo)


tonight iím going to walk

again those long quiet concrete streets

where only street-lamp shadows

can hold me long,

i look for the angels

to whisper, a lost soul free


no one stands on this concrete

just me


oh! shadow tears

where do you cry!


where a younger girl cries

where a mother, too young dies.


and a universe

seems only to sigh

no reason why

just the broken sky


a young girl to woman is born


oh, so quietly.


even the shadows barely stir

and the angels,

in the silence do their tears carry her...


                                                      - love jude   


the warming candles


deep into the night

so cold

long time dreaming

a cold winter dream

drifts the snow across

my eyes...

but my soul is warm

for it is the season

to believe.

the children of chance

they dance

the christmas dance.


long within a christmas star

they sing with the angels

the sweetest of blues,

i cry for the loving souls

i cry for their moments of beauty

who live on...

oh, these warm christmas tears

they are the years of my life.

ďeverything itís seasonĒ

they are the warming candles

lit upon my christmas tree,


i smile this christmas night

for they are my reason to believe

these children of chance.


                                           - jude   


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