maybe, in a dark room ...

emptiness in the child games

dancing forms awaiting names

so tired, where no one sees

above hide the trees

below, never if you please

man chance alone

the child waits to roam -

maybe, in a dark room

I’ll meet her

when she wakes - for once

and - take out, not the sides of my

skin in sweat

staked out - an open dream,

to ; yet...

the naked scream!

a while later - i find, i've left her


yes asleep -

watched - before i left

her naked warmth in

curl around her

woman’s mouth

and her warrior sleeps through out

her day -

to wander - not a man

but just me,

emptiness in a child-game

dancing forms awaiting names

- jude




"river lamp, angels tint the water chinese white / manhatten train"

dance, softly astir


cold and clear

drawing away

a salmon jumps

is he done with play -

water sparkling rhythms

end silently as he fights

to stay,

cold dreams

in a morning’s scream

just no watching

on his dead


now floating away

a glance in a woman’s find -

dressed for the spring

she sits,

yes the only

the lonely night

draped in shadows

a cross fallen

onto eternal waves

blood dripping

through a quiet song

wake me -

cool in white -

light quiet across


quiet across

flesh - mesh shadows

streaming as the air

drifting - simply there

more then care

more then care,

/ morning rolls, on a

manhatten train -

black wind


till the shadows give light

cross down the oars

wash near blood on the

shores -


lying on silent tears -


for the waves to shake you


for the shakes to break you -

shadow wind streams -

taking her always air

taking,...her never air…

- jude




cream of time ; voided …

one day, it was morning -

i wake - with the stirrings

to bleed out my


stood up - just to walk away,

crossed the stain, for long

till - i found the rain

a-pouring down, through the train

of my moving skin,


the ages begin to tear away -

day from day

for the echoes

and rhyme

they play -

in count - from the trees

are washed - a beginning,

their green - slow,

till strong -

with nothing seen

will you deem yourself

to be - still,

carrying packed

your sack - the self

rounds a corner

into breath

on the second,

you sense

but your tears ...

they turn to rain

and but again

your wandering

is of day -

with night - a somewhere light

prohibits dreaming

but through the

cream of time - voided-


silent-yearning scream,

lingers -

eternally -


one day, it was morning ...

i wake - with the stirrings

to bleed out my


standing up - just to walk away

- jude




but when you come to stay

what forms be you,



through my way -

between a dream and

a song -

the image, in a shadow

cries fire to

belong -

i could name you play

yet who's to say

but me

the coloring in shades

i - see

with my fingers full

of sight -

i hear - in stirring

but whose fear

not someone


speak darkened lines -from your finds

through me

but when you come to



for i've gone


- jude




a child died

wooden soldiers dreaming,

in the form of

people screaming -

with banners all in place - streaming

up on your hands

you belong -

march in line,

it is the form

and storm on the

faces - of people

who stand alone -

in a corner - a child roams

on the thought of a heard

sound - of finds

painting clear -


and no fear,

leaving marks of the tear

a child reaches

fingers torn

threatened - thrown in flame

"you mark yourself off.

it is a given name -

that is you"

I’ve seen a child -

walking in the sky

but their hands dragged a child

into an ocean -

"give up breathing the sky"

a child died


- jude




never dying ; always death ...

in the void


and it is -

who once was alight,

a hold below her

form - a touch in more

then touch -

fire burnt space etched

through time

and; a mirror

a dance of hold

in freedom

from a child’s drawn lines

i was love -

a bell in toll

of myself

in truth reflection wandering

with as beyond


i watch my hold lie

empty -

craving fill

yet nothing lies


as nothing can fill a void -

i grow till i am

spaced open, no longer for

a reality,

now - past

and on the last i begin

am torn -

in pain, i swallow my

cravings -

just to crave



- jude


all of time - on the run,

no dream reels,

believing in now,

laughing in empty

tie-shapes across the sun -

a scream of fact

energy without essence

lone boy

lone map

run - you're slipping behind

and time

in hungry lips,


in sips yet -

are reaching your skin

it’s sweat -

believing itself you

believing yourself

run -

night quiet -

screams held full

with no light

to deem them night

pass away?

maybe -


stay just aside,

it’s yourself

dry tears into yourself -

caught as they

are meant to fall -

they draw the circle


in you -


the ray

a drifting pitch -

another finger

in ;


- jude




old born -forgotten-

old born - forgotten

child’s pealed dreams

through air streams;

but breathing

yes - a woman’s try,

push that man aside,

he doesn’t glide

before the waters ,

- wake -

he breaks, -takes

all rhyme

into rhythm, it’s time -

across ; by

instead, and the reversed,

reverse -

she lies in bed,

holding on to the

nothing in, spoken - worms

sliding paths

through turns -

carving burns into yearning

grasps onto;

"but who are you mister

lying in my sweat,

churning bets, that i'll

speak rhythm lines in your bequest

of sound -

can't you see, i've been chewing

the ground

till days turn,

around -

into waves

… ?

sweat chilled, yet filled

is she - lying from

his arm

(but was he ever warm)

fatherless child, so mild,


does it seem -

your stance - in glow

without listening, you know -

till listening,

who makes it so!


inside ; out

leaning on the sun-caller’s

call -

in tall shadows,

no one listens to

the fall,

further across an ocean stream,

no boat, just a scream

who passes in the sway -

today, a child - woman,

tries more,

to stay…to say!

- jude





the wind - the fighting wind,

who is she -

yet i know her so - well...

we've danced together,

across the tops

of sky fingering trees -

born - out from

the pure energy,

of men,

lying to try -

dying to fly…

- jude




more then a little rain

i'm riddled for death -

somewhere amongst all

the rest -

colors unplaced, yet facing me down


it stands more then,


across clear

, yet never near…

"scream for the child, who

is yours

and no more -

hand in hand,

as across the sands of

space -

you share love,

it is more, for it is

and all you can be -

all you can give;

is to say


and never close…"

leaning on the echoes of freedom -

- jude




sweet light child . . .

sweet light child;

not in dream; born from day

she’s been seen,

and loved,

and is ...

any space ; any time

in colored rivers of blood,

my arm;

my fingers

are moon caught open

to you -

to say my child ;

(but a night scream)

still... your man -

people into people

and in the silence, who is

all sound -

i find eternal ground,

for your growth…

dance for the sky -

yearning free - for

color in truth

to feel -

a little bit of touch,

when it is real;

call me;

father -or- man, or

distant mr. hand -

in no command

it's just my hand,

open just for you

in the daughter lie,

i hold truth -

i hold love...

child free,

- jude




little - person - child

toboly - he sits on a mountain

to dream into yesterday

he sits on the edge, watching on today -

he dreams where you

can not -

holding in your hand

across the wind

in full color -only small -

little - person - child,

smiles, where they

won't see - in the roots

are the sky fingers

of her tree

learning free

i see and for you -

- jude




but call; and i'll be there!

Feel child, feel -

dance into the real of


turn to the sky -

thinking alone

and fly -

if you love me

and wonder that i'm

not there

know - through the air

lives - an all-waiting care

for you

if you need me -

but call

and i'll be there -

offering no more

no less

then of - the all

in what ; who

i am…

whisper with the trees -

when alone - can only

be allowed - in a feel of real,

as in the breeze

lives - the unreal truths -

though, allowed no flesh -

my love

for you

is -

and if you need me;

but call -

and i'll be there!

- jude




these childish humans…

to retrace, but always to

face -

hard upon your aloneness

give them the freedom - and yes

they will turn away

and but for the children -

one who would've

stayed -

but held not the strength

in silent tears


she also was dragged away -

nothing left to say

for - as i am -

all is being said

of truth - of love

they offer in return

just their frightened void -

these childish humans…

- jude




rabbits through the trees …

mr. tree, do you remember

me -

we talked, oh! once

and not so long ago

light and in voice - climb child climb

it's time to shake

in the rhythm of;

how the wind pleases

the trees -

furry young rabbit bouncing along

to halt for a moment

in song; you've

caught him along

and he'll belong


he passes

her hair and the wind

blowing through all

corners -

more then fingers of a massed land

moving thoughts of

eternal sand

child your hand

lie it open

just one

all on the run;

rabbits trough the trees…

- jude




the birth of death

as a poet

this wandering man

planting seeds of thought

and anything may be

wrought -

in energy attempting life

he writes his pictures -

always to catch

death in the beginning

;the reaching of birth

the sky awaits dreams

of wind bursting free

from itself

and continually into -

earth woman when we meet

may i watch your fingerprints


and catch the run - through your eyes

as they burn ...

and he hangs his fingers

just below the sky

tying his soul - in through those

all moving strings of

breath -

if human, could he yearn

but only in the

dream’s dream -

can he turn...

for an earth of growth -

a woman,

bearing their child

toward freedom

is the dream he faces -

as - still

he traces

the birth of death -

who inches on a

moment -

just between time

- jude




just one solid taste

turn the - dark streets,

wipe your eyes

but knowing there

is no one - here to meet

you want,

to turn

to cry

maybe - if you could dream

just to die

hear the night wind so quiet are

its stones,

yet how loud

is the sound of

their inside trying schemes -

quaking through the seams

of their

skin’s hold

deep in blues -

the aching is who they be,

a breath of life!

colored on too

many faces

to be - ?

or always

to see..

so early - so young,

just learning to sing,

and never taught

to hear

her growing fear -

tearing her strings

of touch, into pieces

who is she -

oh! Child...

and yet to be!

in revolt and on the hold -

in love / on the edge a of hate

child of silent crying

buried till

she’ll hear

the shattering of tears


frozen upon her


just a child

and the lies of love

pulling her pieces

and laughing

till she feels their

non-sight -

yes - too many faces

are the child’s


and too many of

them for her

are lies -

till she dies, no more

- but just a child,

fighting for her love,

hiding for her life

trying -

till the who becomes what

and the what, becomes

lost - amongst

all - the trying

lies / or skies

to survive -

truth -

into the maybes of

growing real -

more then who you are

is - what you can give/live

of what you feel -

and yet

more then what you feel

is who you are -

and the woman walks -

and the child, just beginning -

is growing old - before she can see

or might she -

know one solid taste of

truth - yes...

that is she!

- jude




for as you breathe, so i am ...

any dream - to any scream,

for you, my child

just to see you grow

and maybe

just a little free -

we hide from our monsters,

crouched behind doors - arched enclosed

and you whisper to me, child

and draw the game

that we may open

for a passing second

and touch -

together -

and yet -

you have, and are of

touch with me

beyond the laws of their time

eternal is the rhyme,

just listen -

mr. mouse - play house -

i'll draw you covers

and sleep

and pillows i've pulled from the


are the reasons of her smile -

no laughter;

for always after

we are still -

playing games, naming names

learning to see -

in our trying to be

growing as a tree -

child, come with me -

we begin with the sky

till we learn to fly

but no need to try

for as you breathe;

so i am -

- jude




woman; where is the wind ...

woman, where is the wind

on the cross of time ending

in movement still,


who begins -

water on your shoulder -

dreams to sleep quietly

on the dreams alive -

; swim -

swells of rhyme,

meet across

a moment of rhyme -

woman onto man;

man onto

woman -

belted in time

right atop

an echoing eternity

yet on the breath of

touch -

one rings

yea -

even quietly,

beyond the images

yes, quiet time -

yes, screaming rhyme

on the moment of a child

trying for growth -

on the tears - of a

silent woman

of a touch never seen -


where is the wind...

- jude




as water, beneath a surface of rain

i watch the rain

in between the lightening

breaking through the sky

alone, in a room

/arched between

the walls of a


wondering if i can; i,

move -

time slows - hiding from itself

as water, beneath a surface of rain


to reach into the sky

and try,

a woman - she catches my


dreams into me

with love -

and again - their ships

refuse to stare -

in the burnt,

of her care -

she, awakes herself

returns, to her known

pictured time -

breaking through

the pounding of



free !

of a touch, who


no longer are we

and through the

rain, i fade -


but - no trade

for this glade of rhyme, is i

on fingertips,

and the sky -

no time to die, till i'm dead -

no place to lie

these concrete beds

beyond these walls -

across the dreams

and into the screams,

i know of breath -

do I

yet, i know

of the living death

in echoing screams -






on a question of doors

i saw her die -

and, i wanted to care

then there below my hands

could i but stare,

yet - to care no more


a man - drawn across

the waves

a motion - of always


no tears, not cried

and eternal,

maybe almost a smile -

my woman in growth,

into the child;

of we -

eternally, catching free

the reach,

they're a-growing -

sewn of a tomorrow, that

is now -

on a question of doors -

on somewhere i


to catch the wind

growth - the movement


a freedom

the child carried her birth

onto waves

and between the graves

we all


the sun-drawn


this care, i wonder to feel -

on a moon colored ocean,

i live...

- jude




small woman

and funny distance,

you're never there

where -


who's everywhere

between music -

and the talking



small woman,

in tree leafed;


building sounds,

without -

within, slightly

before she'll begin,

trains running nowhere,


trains running -

- jude

on the occasion of freedom

cry -

but no crying now -

somehow across your loud smile,

you won't hear,

across the fear

you're a dancing figure

speaking clear -


yes - tears are a shroud

clouding time into your rhyme;

a child - woman

playing - without the decisions

of toys

dreaming up on the capture

or, as; the rapture of boys

her silent stream without a

magazine to

mirror reel

and she peels, as open,


sporadically in focus

around a single

point - a child - in fact

can not bend -

yet shall be lost in the

crossing blend -


she's gone

but for the fact -

in seeping, the yearn

natural - strongly,

in turn

burning without light -

then - again



a silent sound,

without sight -

on the occasion,

of freedom!

- jude




you watched her die


but split open - roomed too free

for a woman,

the eternity now apart

of me

and the woman

yet a little girl

who has moved on

for the spacing no longer real

do i no longer hear

even the silence,

except -

those occasional screaming seconds

no -

not lonely - just occasionally

lost in the free spacing of

of time’s lie -

you watched her die

don't try

but know …

- jude




short drawn woman & long storied man

short drawn woman, have

you ever known

of the

long stories within

that have forever


have you heard my dream

of the fire -

holding on flames

yes; it's attire -

i've been tired,

and i watched you


a-screaming before

the rain,

and hoping for

the snow -

"child… a sleepless night

you won't hold"

a long time losing

but with you,

it is gone -

I’m still a kindling with


and breathing on -

you were tired - just stealing slow

the shine isn't shining

when you want to

go -

the child is still crying

yet, don't you know -

your moon isn't seeing,

he's deep within the snow -

the child's in the air,

which way can you go

and hate me!

yet, you've said good-bye -

i'm losing the child

while you wonder why -

no time for tears,

continued try -


into the snow,

with you

the child goes -

my hands are


i am fire -

don't you know!?

- jude



a someone in only / a no one in try

time doesn't grow, when

rain falls on the


and waves don't


the life

who's deep beneath -

so air don't you slow -


of life, i would

drown alone!

they blacken their caverns

with paint stolen


all places afar

so clear are all the

pictures not to exist

as, so quiet are

the doors


to them all

which must persist -

alone i roam,

through glasses

found inside -

a stranger’s


through, which

the paint can not hide

all those colors on


that can not die,


in death

they lie - as alone

i give them sky

a someone in only / a no one in try

- jude



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