a long winter rhyme


in the silence of

a morning dream

whispers walk softly

where a soul dares

to believe

in dance

in frenzy


a long winter rhyme

dark tattoos

upon a wall of time

mirror, mirror

within the shadow behind

echoes lost in a fall of glass

chimes ring out

before the rise

of an ancient sun

if upon a circular stage

when a beautiful girl

walks in her woman’s shoes.

                                              - jude



 conceding truth


i stood upon

rocky mountain winds

screamed across

a stage of pacific ocean dreaming

through the night screaming


a rhythm in rhyme

whispered a name

and yet

i slept alone

summer ice

an early morning seed

ever so young

a man bleeds

sighs across his tries

sweet cold summer wind

questions his beliefs

as beauty dares

to catch his eye

eternal sky

standing bigger then

where stars stage


if a boy learns

to believe in the mirror

he sees.

more then and tomorrow

just tries

walking long dreams

between earth and sky

conceding truth

                        - jude




where dragonflies dream


lost within young eyes

quiet shadows

deep growth

a girl child stands

where trees call

under whispering clouds

as she sighs

so she listens

so she speaks

in the language of

where dragonflies dream


the earth believes

in a girl child’s


                          - jude




across time


sweet tears of dream rain

fall as emerald pearls

earth sighs across morning flesh


rhythm across time

where writes a rhyme

carved in long seasons

and a young man

loved a young woman

dancing down water’s silence

in belief,

sweet tears of dream rain.

                                                - jude




such silence


as our earth breaks


within an ocean

who takes

the souls of,

there is such a silence

within an angel’s tears

which fall as snow

across un-dug graves

songs whisper as wind

caressing all their dying eyes


so lost in a moment


man can only sigh.

                                        - jude  




sunlight and shadows


in a small room i sit

behind large windows i dream

deep silence upon the stage held

long winds rage

sunlight and shadows

the mirror doesn’t see

seasons fall as memories

and there is no one left

within my mind to believe

a guitar strung and un-tuned

you remember a song

sung to a lost scream

deep within a whisper

the quiet dares to hold

cold are your arms

wrapped tight

i knew once

how to love

i now know

only how to see

long distances

just beyond large windows.

                                     - jude


moon night wind


i heard the voice

of a man

i couldn’t see

who spoke a language

i couldn’t understand

who dreams a dream

of a life

returned or free

just a man


with somewhere to be


i found a mirror lost

in a desert sand

time falling from my hands


i heard a man

who dares to speak

finger drawn words

and dirty window seasons


moon night wind

in a poet’s words

i heard in language free

reasons to bleed

reasons to believe


i heard the voice

of a man i could see

whispering tree

in a language

a man could understand

across a tree

of life, growing in a deep sand.

                                        - jude



sweet song


sweet song

time’s river call

as you fall

below water


reaching to remember

where to catch a breath


a moment in stall

so clear

the air

so sweet

mountain water


of ice memories

glacier realities

and silence

high country trees


between moments

where only man can hold

as before death

did speak a long night sky

so deep the light of stars

just daring

a boy to believe


sweet song

where only beauty belongs

                                    - jude




blowing bubbles


dancing within your

little girl dreams

blowing bubbles

which burst as screams

when you watch an echo die

reason me why

seasons fall

seasons sigh

no more yesterdays

to walk

hand in hand

as the silence did fall


dancing within your

little girl blues

lost in your

coming-of-age dreams

blowing bubbles

which burst the seams

of your so

ice frozen rage

where you wake

lost and alone

on a late morning’s stage


if only

if only

a child

within a woman just born

could believe

in where

a lost little girl

did dream


in such beauty torn

sweet blues…

                                            - jude



where does she dream!


if to walk

to breathe

to whisper



a mind and soul

a girl

which way to go

water calls

as it falls

words carve

too deep within

to leave

their shadows

for others

not to see

if to write

if to believe

                               - jude




empty highways


when yesterday lies

as your only tomorrow

where do you dream

feathers lost

long on a wind stage

deep where memories only sigh

if you wake

on a summer morning

with mountain air


across lost seasons

and march treasons

silent breath

as lips touched

a feather

and you’re forgotten

do you dare die tomorrow

with no reason to call your own

a summer too warm

on empty highways too long

going home

without a street to call you

no direction long

central park wedding bell blues

                                                            - jude




 a long snow cold


do not ask of me

to see you

for you are lost in a mirror

your sweet eyes no longer sigh

as what’s left of your dreams

can make a mad man cry

i’ve left your screams

on the side of a traveling road

right where

i once loved a girl

dressed in a woman’s clothes


behind the silence of

a wooden frame window

i’ve grown

long snow cold

this boy dressed in a man’s clothes


for whatever that means


in water silence

i sing to a summer blues

daring to dance

daring to believe

sweet smell of mornings in bloom

dried sweat across her thighs

as her long breaths whispered

of every reason why


a long snow cold

lies so deep my soul

                                                - jude



shadow rain


dreams lost within a butterfly’s


shedding sand tears


to believe in

a young poet’s prophesy

living within a deep call

of silence

key west water wallpaper

in a mirror upon the wall

and nothing


for whatever that means

shadow stain

tomorrow across my tries

shadow rain

just a moment


falls across my eyes


which pulls me

my eyes, my eyes!

                        - jude






young girl

lost her rhyming


in silence

walking those concrete streets

for too long

no passion rides her

no space for lovin’,

oh! sweet dream

she only sighs

where stands time

ocean warm upon her thighs

dry wine only sipped

on a long lost paris street

girl sings a song

late night

should be tasting deep lips

but her sips

just another’s rhyme

somewhere where dreams

ride the winds of a butterfly’s passing

rides a young woman

yet to be born

motherless and torn.


young girl waiting,

                               - jude




falling circles


when a man falls to silence

covered by dry leaves

under an old oak

growing wild

are his memories caught

by the wind dreams of children



if yesterday

comes wind across the stage

will tomorrow

lie as dust

on the slow wings

of butterflies in dream


only deep within the silence

cold snow carved whispers

where believers dare never go


stone tower clock

caught in the shadow of night

bleeding water

falling circles


a long lost image

where life dares a man

to listen


(or just remember)

                                     - jude



rivers decide


in sweet silence

a man alone

on a river’s shore

just another lost story

never written on a wall

nobody ever reads

windswept dreams

across dry eyes

wrinkled on the edges


across the river a woman




as she dies

on a balcony


in the call of high tide

water whispers

in silence


dusk calls for his scream

deep within

of life

between water and

who believes in only


as tomorrow just

washes away with the tide

yes, rivers decide

and man

just rides the sweet silence

                                                 - jude




a rainbow’s silence


does she dare to walk


the water dreams


rhyme in color

following a rainbow’s silence

does the music still call

a dancer

held for a moment


before a slow fall

to earth

waiting to listen

as she

a woman who bleeds sound

where an earth’s dreaming

takes a moment to believe

where she dares

to taste a rainbow’s

sweet silence.

                  - jude




walking rhyme


in slow time



life and eternity

walking rhyme

where echo’s still believe

in the reflection

of a man

breath upon a southern wind


a long sweet song


where the water believes…

                             - jude




 when you need to believe


silent blues’ moon rising

late night

only shadow light falls

can a man ever sleep


he needs to believe

forty years trying

still looking for

a man of honor

to stand within his only

lonely mirror

high mountain wind


across a balcony

on an ancient river’s edge

a television plays on and on

my country, my world

first comes money

first comes god

while our children starve

and old men die, alone

as still again a child man


grown old


but where can he go

when he needs to believe

paper man

nothing left but sand

caught in a wind


from the ocean

and its’

blue-green screams,

deep where freedom hides

where believing resides

just a tired poet

who is

just a man

                                      who no longer cries.                                            

                                      - jude




tears we cry


children lost

in a dying time


in their tears

where do they go to believe


in the circle rhyme

the circles

they walk

they crawl

they try to talk


they die


all the unwanted

children die

it’s our world

it’s their tears we cry!

                                               - jude




where fire you see


paper man

with fire on his fingertips

wind bending truth

across young trees

another wall he sees

sitting on his unseen perch

free or not

so far north of time


lost sighs

come to die

watching his words

eaten by

seagulls in flight

summer river currents


crossing where

dreams once dared

to be seen

paper man

no longer

he stands upon

the edges of life


within the wind of death

slow rhyme

as all the rest

with fire on his fingertips.

                                         - jude



a poet’s eyes


slow sail north

up a river


while you still dare

to believe

a chill within

a long summer wind

calls to years lost

on worn fingertips

tapping to sweet music

blues in a folk melody


a poet’s eyes

he can’t see the pictures

of life’s rain

just words

as paint

crevices across his face

longer stains

as all that ever remains


in dreams

where a man

bleeds his belief

onto a poet’s pages

strong as cloth


with the winds

slow sail


                - jude





endless seasons


“laura nyro nyc” blues

cool soft autumn winds


across a september afternoon

remembering a moment

between moments

in the hours of my aging day

when i had nothing to say

a hard road was wearing down my feet

young girls were on my mind

war was playing its rhyme

no time

no time

to love; to stay

to say, i love you

in a drift

across sight without lies

where tries still echo

in the silence

where only mad poets


sweet autumn wind blues

mirror mirror grey sky

a hard road

where one dares to bleed


lost to endless seasons

still turning

where the dying lies

still turning

                                        - jude




 on a young girl’s mind


in a young girl’s sighs

time to run amuck

lost those creative tries

late nights and pretty lights

in the silence and how alone

dances on grass

a soul yearns uncalled

days turn as days turn

to see

faces just close enough


longs to belong

writes a song

where no one hears,

a sweet young girl


where the water dance

carries her



till you bleed

all your words free

in a young girl’s sighs.

                                          - jude






 song for timmy 


adrift a soul

between the seasons

river rhyme

distant mountain air

whispers in dreams

across music deep

a young man

never gone

never gone

in song

water believes

where rhythm belongs

adrift a soul

now free...

                                - jude






   silent water


a still river

on early autumn dreams

warm air holds

in silence

in dance without motion

no tomorrows dare


as the sails



even questions fall

into the silent water

and memory is gone

with each return



when a still river

falls from

within a man’s dreams

if lost…

                                      - jude


walking situation blues


on a cobblestone street

if retreat

an old timex no longer keeping rhyme

evening defeat

scrapes on the soles of your feet

suddenly, always suddenly

shadows creep

and they all

believe, no more


talking rhyme

below worn stained brick walls

even echoes

refused to answer

your shadow call

wrote a book


with dry flakes of pages

asked only

if he had a stage

on a wet cobblestone street

if defeat

still walking

yellowed pages

wind blown

where a talking man

still water, silent river

only a bell tolls



still walking

                                  - jude





wine, bread and cheese


soft fog

upon a dublin morning

cobblestone street dreams

finds echoes

between the seems

where time whispers rhyme

where a woman wakes

within the arms of

a lover who dared

to forever believe

deep water cold

time to be young

time to be old

an artist carves a tree

castle stone paths

walk circles

where rhyme whispers time

in a poet’s mind

evening upon a paris café

lovers and no defeat

just words carved into wood

table filled with wine, bread and cheese

daring to love

within the wind a poet sees

lovers begin, never end

when a woman’s eyes


to walk upon a poet’s sighs

longer roads

where fingertips dare to bleed

when a woman dares to believe.

                                                                                - jude








across a simple moment

woman walks in dreams

warmth across her soul

echoes of memory

as belief

never lost so far ago


still upon her sighs

her tides

dares to remember

or even

live upon free wood

carved by the sea

seasons so young

seasons so old

no sleep

where sunshine seems to remember

when her fingers could

still see

movement free

just a warm day

in an autumn rhyme

no time

just sunshine

and driftwood


within her years

where tears still believe

in the birth of

an artist’s seasons

where a woman walks in dreams.

                                                     - jude




autumn chill river


sail me a song

on the blues

long wind dreaming

                                      - jude




the long walk


dark rivers

deep and long

somewhere between

a song and

a slow dream rising

autumn rain

tearing leaves

free color falling

whispering to me

adrift between seasons / reasons

time for a long walk

an old hitch-hiker’s dreams


it’s just the water




for the rhyme of ice

a frozen river sings

to my fingertips

so close


for the long walk.

                         - jude




and glass


i’m a crazy man

living in a bubble

of concrete walls and glass

no place left

to carry my dreams…

open are my winter seams

sweet river silence

softly on the echoes

drifting across my

sweeter lips

soul deep sips

eyes deeper then shadow

long rhymes whisper

where wind dreams

mountain reaches


if you stand still


larger than the universe

memory dies with the brain


just a crazy man

if the river

to carry

from earth to rain

and back again

a poet unseen

sweet river silence.

                                     - jude




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