her mirror soul


slow saxophone blues

lost inside

loud jazz rhythm

night shadow dancing


silent singing

for the chance


lost dreams

come true

her mirror soul


trying to believe

watching the seeds


to earth

                    - jude




 bicycle glide


hard winter dreams


in a long drift

beyond yesterday

hard ride bicycle glide

59th street bridge song

moving fast between

cares and holes

long fall

hudson river ice

midnight moon full

against deep black

star screams and silence

snow covered fields

lifeless reflecting

star-light cold


black ice

longer then tomorrow dare believe

                                                                                      - jude




 i accuse !


for the love of death

you try

to blind

the eyes of god


too many tears

forced from

the caring hearts

of his angels

in so, this poet

accuses these cowards


hiding behind children

these pedophiles without souls

and in a universe without hell

it is they

who create it!

                                             -  jude





winter sun


lost under a gray winter's sway

deep where dreams are lost

winter sun

leave fingers yearning

warm window shade

wanders your wall

along where the night bleeds

wisdom away

not memories


life mirror real

empty hands

holding warm fingers


beyond belief

yet alone all the same

winter sun

leaving dry lips yearning

                                                                  - jude





water dance woman


seeds adrift

carrying dreams

where water believes

in the movement

shadows of moonlight

in dance

a water dance woman

calls to reason

she is deep

into the season

of her light

birth is morning


only call at night

as seeds carry

her beauty

and mirrors shatter

with truth

                                               - jude






 the circle's edge


could you watch me die

would you laugh or cry

would i live

within the mirror

of your long life delusion

a speck of light


my cherished self-awareness


my soul becomes

just quiet

no virgins whispering

just a universe alive

and drifting

into another life

into eternity

a speck without choice


a circle a light a night

a death a first breath

my life


upon a circle's edge

in death in life

in candle light

a shadow upon tomorrow's wall

                                                              - jude





words of a blind god


dark edge

the world


a seeing man


endless sea

black-red water

filled with tears

dead within

every color skin

every fallen dream

screams afloat

clouds low against

tomorrow's sky

a country

lost souls wandering

still trying to believe

in the words

a blind god

lost within its own whispers

blind men

lost within.

                                                - jude





talking morning blues


send me your dreams

i will carry them

as i dance

upon the crest

where waves of light

mirror tomorrow

natural stone

carved true

dials time

into moments

i see you

windblown beauty

unborn across the rhythm

a universal metronome

echoes across

young girl blues

piano keys playing

as the crest falls

across your sweet sighs

i will love you

in the mirror of tomorrow

as i dance

                                               - jude









just words


just maybe

a pair of glasses


to see differently

of life

of reality

once seen

what becomes real

just words

or a walkable rhyme

an image of truth


a poet lost within

an artist's delusion?

                                                          - jude





 water and ice




a frozen river

i ache

sleeping without

my dreams

all i can hear

the screams


death mask

lies covering

water and ice


across a northern stage

empty rhyme

calls to echoes


lost to the darkside

of time


i choose

to breathe

                                           - jude






 butterfly winds


dance with me

where jesters dream

of freedom

softly carry my years

where the eagle flies

mountain water silence

deep within

the whispers

of lost butterfly


waves of rhythm

carry my truth

onto your open


printed upon my soul

shall we dance


across tomorrow's river

where sweet water

carries touch

long into our eyes

together may our fingerprints


as a drop of ice

upon a rose


                                           - jude






 water music


no reason to believe

rain pours silence

down on you

dance naked

water calls

to the season

where change bleeds

while tomorrow concedes

dark autumn eyes


to the treason of your sighs

ice tears

call to the rose

warm lips


circle game

sweet blind boy blues

quiet rain

water music

just dance

                                                       - jude




 sandstone expectations


under the light of darkness

colored sand


dry fingerprints

dance in the wind

a man with no name

talks to

a god with no name



sandstone carved belief

a wanderer

who walks close to the sky


without relief

                                                - jude





children dancing, dancing till


"songs to aging children"*

did i run

so long the road

where silence walked

we only talked of tomorrow

no place

or hand

to rest our sorrows

waterfall rain

cleans the stains

left by memories ancient

nameless naked bodies astir

open stage

where the jester dares

dance unridden

sorrow's curtain wind blown

children dancing

dancing till the night

falls black as sleep

what does it mean

not to believe

not to bleed

not to concede

silent jester

written pages

words unfurled

to see

beyond silence

to believe in

"songs to aging children"*

                                                    - jude *(& joni)





of untruth


i yearn for silence

here before these echoes

of untruth

washing away my fingerprints

dipping deep

northern river cold

below the ice

scars on my soul

no mirror dares

call to them

sing me down

to where dreams

lie breathless

and alone

see me

tree of reason


a man without sighs

whose feet have

been called to

worn paths

and blood stained earth

if a man

i yearn for silence

                                                - jude





 girl with the windblown eyes  for Tristen C.


young girl

her dance


her windblown eyes

upon a stage





sometimes when the rain


does the quiet call

to her

where she sees


dancing her dance

where she listens

to the whispers

lost within

her windblown eyes

                                                    - jude





the shadow dance of butterflies


her quiet

windblown eyes


across where memories

of tomorrow have died

but the body retains

all those silent stains

never safe to cry

upon the wings of dragonflies

where reason is often lost


dancing the long dance


where only ghosts dream

what can she see

late night

mirror light


holding hard

just a season of moments

gathering dust


to cast her eyes


into the shadows

called forth

by the dance of butterflies

                                       - jude






dare i speak the name

of god

dare i ever perceive that

god speaks to me

dare i ever presume to

believe in

myself over god

dare i ever Kill

in god's name


how must you cry.

                                             - jude





etched by starlight  (the artist)


mountain top light

as breath

upon a naked man's

scream in the silence

fingers reach

a soul touches

the edge of his world

does he see god

or truth

mirror of the universe

giver of dreams

etches by starlight

tattoos of tomorrow

color upon his whispers


dare a man live

dancing upon

the web of truth


before all religions

with fingers

that have touched the sky

dare a man live

never lost

never found

an echo adrift between

man and god

                                                            - jude






where have you gone, my u.s. mail ?


come rain

come sleet

come snow

(come bottom dollar)

the u.s. mail

to what avail

shall we still strive

to hold together

our 50 states


do we need room for

congressional graft


every crevice

of our imploding country

the u.s. mail

must go on!

                                                         - jude






 tomorrow morning's blues


if you say good-bye to

what was never there

sitting alone in an empty chair

caught on the edge

a memory without reflection

if you were young

if you were old


for your fingerprints


where moonlight shatters


deep lost eyes

no reason left

to breathe those sighs

tomorrow calls to the nameless

you now believe in silence

no tear to cry

for tomorrow morning's blues

                                                                  - jude





 empty pockets


old man on the river


if only he had lived a life

worth remembering

old man

walking the water upstream

passing all paths untaken

old man alone

lost seasons

carried as empty pockets


till tomorrow

became yesterday

old man on the river

searching for a dream

                                                                - jude





 candle flame shadow rhythm


dusk upon the river

peace upon my soul

falls a moment

where do i go

years back

where rhythm told

carries all you hold

often unseen

where dreams concede



where a man

sweats and cries

lives & dies

within this soft light

do i dare once more

dance across a wooden floor

lost to the shadow of

candle flame

where a body might


with the rhythm of tomorrow's


                                                                  - jude




leaves upon a tree


soft dreams lost screams


stones within a path

long time

long ago

chose to see

seasons fall

leaves upon a tree

a chance

to believe

a poet or a capitalist

certain moments


stood before me

if you touch the tree

who will you forever be

a poet lost within tomorrow

a man wanting

screams of a soul

with nowhere to go

                                                           - jude







 memories or truth?


do you dare

to live within truth

no reworking upon

the mirror of reality

do you dare

accept into your heart


that stand beyond your touch

mirror mirror

on the wall

who was i

who am i

who will i be

do you dare

dance upon the water

within your blood?

                                            - jude






   a cloud's eye


deep within silence

where lightning dreams

as ice believes


a man learns

to breathe

between moments

time blinks

still water

death is life

life is death

echoes remember


deeper than a woman's sight

so so alive

in the darkness

deep within silence

her name

water stitching


morning sky

a cloud's eye


truth or reality

                                          - jude






 the shadows of her belief  for Lee Marz


she dares to see

young girl

pictures on the wall

treason calls

from what season

owned by empty tears

of man

does god hate


do blind boys

run in fear

she dances in the

shadows of her belief

carves rice paper dreams

still wind

touch upon her eyes

dusk revisions

a girl child tied

wooden chair window sighs


old god tree sings


the silence of a woman's


why does it seem

only a young girl can hear

sings a god's pictures



where dusk meets sky

                                                                    - jude





talking shadow seeds


mirror water

river mud

sunset slow scream

can't know

what time seams

call to you

your breath stalls


a picture drawn by

a child's bleed

talking shadow seeds


hard rhyme woman

when a man loves

angel stone upon

a grave's sand



falling through his hand

ripples across an

old man's eyes

sighs from a season lost

deep within

mirror water

river mud

                                              - jude





your epic refrain


reading / writing "the electric Kool-Aid acid test"

on the road

sweet human silence

long day

tired thumb

so many days

come to reside

peace upon your eyes

lost faces

leave their traces

as echoes

deep within a cavern

of light

is it just

sweet warming air

across a change in rhyme


listening to "america"


your epic refrain

the sound of iron wheels

miss that old blues train

                                                   - jude





 drops of ink


might have loved her

long time gone


a young girl to woman

lost her name

might have lost her

within a flight of seeds

a drift of needs

found within an empty box

couldn't love her


couldn't stop her echo

slow drift

like fingerprints left

upon a free soul

empty mirrors

with nowhere to go

just drops of ink

stains across time

nothing left

empty rhymes

memories of truth lost

along with

a young girl's fame

                                                    - jude





 socks on the floor


as she danced for him

hard wood earth

where only shadows

dared receive

naked dreams filled her

warm evening eyes

wind across his lips

a man could only fall

to his knees

offering his whispers

echoes lost

warm morning high desert


still she danced

firelight trees and sky


the water of her draining sips

holds a poet

shifting sands

only her own blood

would she see

only a poet on his knees


socks on the floor

no locks on the door

was it the mirror

was it the silence

between the poet's words

which called to her

as she danced for him

                                           - jude



old blood stains


caught behind

a wall of quiet

shattered time


soft silent snow

blowing ice breath

time to rest

pacing wall to wall

no one to hear you fall

old blood stains

a rumpled sheet

in a corner

in defeat

tired eyes

no sighs left in a man lost

battle worn

memories play

in stop motion film

images within a blank mirror

eyes of death

a man drowning under the tears

of children torn

ice breath across his soul



                                        - jude





 searching rhythm


a man lost

north of time

searching rhythm

sunset horizon call

painted by all the

blind gods within

the drift of wind torn clouds


burned into a concrete wall


woman dancing

open palms


south china sea winds

whispers adrift

pacific ocean refrain

sand falling

broken glass knowing

calm eye dreaming

where water falls

talk of tomorrow

where a deaf man listens

pies piper mirror glistening

dared a man to believe in

wet paint upon a sign

north of time

and tomorrow

                        - jude




free water dancing


within a window

two dreams

a child

wide eyes


white cape sparkle

deep stars

pitch black night

free water




within a dolphin song

                                                      - jude





 old whisky sweat


new york city slow

feet tapping

fingers snapping

old whisky sweat

bleeker street regression

old school bar

where even morning

is night

shadow retreat

slow jazz fizz

bleeding rhythm

shaded balance

where a north country



where only a

dusty jeans

tee-shirt torn

war born

poet still believes in her

as dares

to see

where god deceives

where reality lies lost

within the shadows of

empty whisky glasses

                                                              - jude






within if


how does a man

destined for death

manage to avoid

that image across his eyes

and why

what if one looked so deep

within one's eyes

that you can attune

your soul to the echoes of


and dare choose a different image

as dance to its rhythm

just inches beyond the light


does chance

dance across your shadow



                                  - jude





 if taught



deep night drift

water lost

sand within

north wind

across a child's eyes

where tears of dusk


if taught

such flowers shatter

as crystals falling

onto rice paper

till words

call to the sweet odor

of color


petals of light

across a child's


                      - jude



first kiss


summer rhyme

boardwalk walking

mermaid dreams crash

waves sound across time

beach sand

yesteryear chancing

pacific ocean

clear blue

sunset rising

night calling

sweet moonlight singing

young girl falling

your arms reaching

first kiss a bare wisp

of truth

a second kiss deeper then


shadow veil sweet darkness

beyond touch

where upon empty fingertips

sweet sips still echo

carry on lost boy

mirror, mirror

nothing to see

but emptiness where

love used to be

sad eyes bleed

where free tomorrow seeds


in summer rhymes

in mermaid dreams

in a first kiss

and tomorrow

                                                   - jude




where moonlight recedes


a walk

upon sunlight

shadows bleed

what does a man need

ice frozen seeds

if the wind concedes

will she believe

in his warm eyes


deep in where

moonlight recedes


a walk alone

within darkness

concrete sidewalk echoes

blackness behind

framed windows


casting no shadows


before a wooden door


in a dream

morning drift

dare she believe


where moonlight recedes

                                                         - jude





dirty feet and no sighs


she was not beautiful

but she could see such beauty

carved into her broken soul

such sweet waterfall truths

i miss her

rice paper dreams

as her unvoiced south china sea whispers

even in her silence

screams of

broken girl child rhyme


where concrete sidewalks

called to truth upon

her sandaled feet

owning no street-lamp retreat

tears within closet shadows

midnight defeat

young girl lost

within a dance of color

across her fall

loved too young

lost her light to


his empty mirror eyes

and where she died


dirty feet and no sighs

                                                              - jude




 the long shadow


tasting the fall


the long shadow


across ice torn visions

have you weakened


across the cries

of the banshee

a wind

a crazy crazy wind

a wind so deep

a water of silence






what might one see

if you chance

to remember

to retain

as the banshee cries

on a wind so deep

                                            - jude




capturing starlight


far sky

summer ice call

long walking

where mountains sigh


sweet upon my lips

sky lake

capturing starlight

as dreams within your tears


in my years

forever mirror

in my years

                                      - jude





 tomorrow ink staining


nyc bicycle dancing

blacktop stage

week day sunlight

summertime debate

fast is right

fast is wrong

young boy dreaming

worn shoes

torn pants

car soot stains

hard open eyes catching

the wind


maybe life or death

celebration on a empty life

speed across possibilities

flying faster

maybe just to touch

tomorrow ink staining

fingertips straining

fast stepping

till sunset bleeds silent

just a young boy

with holes in his socks

                                                        - jude





under their dried skin flag


summer wind

carrying our sins


ice glass sounding board

truth whispers fall

with midnight skin tears

where boys dare

to believe in the

words of men

and their dried skin flag

they say

die for my sins

as they paint their dreams

with the blood of children

where a  summer wind blows

they build their country

without god or soul

desert freedom

where sand swallows


blood and tears

across the bones

all the bones

white without fear

                                                         - jude





 butterfly blue


butterfly blue

at rest upon

lost fingerprints

sunrise shade dreams


carry long winds


the light of silence

lost dreaming

circle water falls

where souls walk blind

butterfly blue


will believe in you...

                                                - jude






summer's gone   (a broken human blues song)


caught in a box

glass walls

walking slow

cane slow


skipping clouds across

far blue sky

looking for yesterday

beliefs left on a

summer frozen mountain top

dream hitch-hiking


across time

trying not to bleed

onto tomorrow's mirror fall

long road

summer's gone

where sand covers

a poet's last song.

                                              - jude




darkness light


rainbow reflection

time drift on

a clear day

silent voice whispering

atlantic ocean river

flowing north

warm Caribbean winds

shattering northern lights

waterfall exception

seeds calling

to all the dreams

lost at sea

sunlight fall


a teardrop upon an open palm

sand falling onto glass


an evening star falls

shattering the rhyme

water circles

time drift across darkness light.

                                                                    - jude





 a last shattered glass


lying on your last bed

lost within

dreaming your last dream

silence in song

a shattered glass

still filled with


belief like a tattered quilt

spread haphazard across

old wooden floor tainted by

spilled wine

scared fingerprints


an old withered hand

one last poem

written upon your lips

as the wind blows

no tomorrow

sweat stains

all good-byes

white sheets blowing

in the rain

                                                        - jude






on the sea


young man on a river

in silence

till tomorrow


water follows the wind

old man on the sea


till today

in silence

                                           - jude






 wind across a clock face


you tear across my dreams

like a banshee

filled with hope

lost within

closed fingers of truth

sky carved rock

mountain breath

a moment

time in sway

wind across a clock face

your finger


you traced a line

where a soul dared seed

black star-lit tree

late night cries

tattoos carved

deep within my eyes

like a banshee

filled with hope...

                                        - jude



shadow dancer


high mountain

ice river call

woman dancing

across shadows


where time recedes

and a young girl believed

her echo

blood truth

stained upon

deep ice cave walls


tomorrow believes in


                                          - jude





grandfather clock mirror stain


sea salt wet

atlantic ocean boardwalk


time drifting across

sound before silence

waves breaking washing

sand to and fro

play me a song

mr. blues man

guitar strings call

to the curtains of dusk


shadow beach dreams

wind talking


dream-walk rhyming

water upon my lips

a young girl believing



grandfather clock mirror stain

                                                                    - jude




 young trees


summer waterfall calls

butterfly blue silence

a dance of echoes

naked feet rock climbers


a stage to dare

a rage to believe in

picasso carved cloud shine

shadow seeds

somewhere to bleed free

under the shade of

young trees

                                   - jude





 lighthouse without a name


dragonfly cloud skating

ice dust

a blind man's breath

finger writing

fingerprints frozen

white marble sculpting

initials carved wooden table

uneven late night stains

cloud walking

waiting for the rain

loss without shadows

white rocks calling

lighthouse without a name

tom waits in song

empty whisky glass


                                       - jude



soft wind


dusk line



sky and dreams


and dreams

soft wind

ends before it begins


stains upon your fingers

adrift in time

deep wet lovin' lips

a young boy's belief in

across a young girl's dares

mountain water ice

fingers frozen in touch

lovers dare to believe

tomorrow seeds


her sweet songs


a mountain's call

death without rest

his hand

fingerprints upon her

naked skin


                  - jude




 river light shadows


river light

soft summer nights

young voices in play

old man smiling blues

worn wooden benches

lost dancing forgotten

summer warm dreams

fire hydrants spray


maybe tomorrow

maybe cool air

shadow sails

on a river drift

old man believes


late night breeze

string band incredible


with you

moonlight light reflection


in the shadows

                     - jude



lay that season down


fire in my eyes

children burning

mothers without hope

my country crumbling

a scream still echoing

long future slide

war and hate

long road circle refrain

native dance

dry tears reaching


deep within the sand

west wind

warm desert breath cry

lay that season


where those piano blues


round and round


no blood left to seed

fire in my eyes

water across my sight


on a long future slide

                                                        - jude





lost light

morning dreams

quiet soul

sunflower seeds

summer wind

              - jude







 her gypsy smile


frozen in marble

might she dance for me

trouble in my eyes

warm summer nights

open window

hard city shadows

reflection upon a concrete wall

owned by silence

as time falls down my brow

a splatter upon the floor

a pollock scream

paint across my feet

wind fire hot

where echoes a tick of a tock

when a man wants

to fall

to love a woman

silence within a phone call

her gypsy smile

if only tomorrow

lived by another name

tired eyes


just for a moment of sleep

caught lost

waiting for a cool wind

                                                                - jude






 tear stained american dream



 lost your name

on an ancient highway

stained with the blood

of bobby of martin of jeffery of allison of william of sandra of ...

songs of dreamtime


whispers of peace

rose to screams


lost your history

on your long walk

down dirt roads

ending on sand stained

where atlantic ocean calls

waves washing ink

from the pages

of truths past


an old man

telling stories long unheard

cries of sea birds

hurricane winds

wash the sky empty

so strong the empty mirror call


you lost your name

on a modern black-top street

stained with the tears

of memory and


                                     - jude




when lovers come to dance


on a mountain's drift

where freedom

stains upon the rain


come to dance

upon their

chance of life

hard rock dreams

as butterflies sing

deep silence

across star-light

sweet flesh forever night

a man finds

a woman binds

a season of love


full moon echo

beats the hearts



on a mountain's drift

freedom stains

carves water true

                                                    - jude





 snap jazz echoes


sharp defines

steel-stringed hard blues

bright sun blue

far cotton clouds

nowhere child refrain

tom waites walking rhyme

snap jazz echoes

whiskey soaked

wooden table

late afternoon shadows

soul touched

still trying

to concede

wind warm


late summer recede

water wind stall

taking a minute to breathe

                                                                             - jude





 nomad summer call


long road

tired travel eyes

lost a girl behind

desert wind storm blind

in a dream

your reach adrift

within the shadow

of almost

nomad summer call

long fall

into tomorrow

asphalt between your toes

no time refrain

slow fall window pane

eyes call to the blue

far ocean whisper



looking for a girl lost

just beyond

summertime blues

                                                               - jude







morning light

dream winds

where only closed eyes



deep silence


shattered mirror

from echoes

bleed tomorrow

dare to see

                                             - jude







 slow dancing


slow dancing

her beating heart


sad eyes

longing against your tries

a season lost

where winter stained

glass window

rivers call to the rain

slow dancing

covered in dreams


warm fingers

fall to the waters

loss and truth


ice across

frozen eyes

far echoes

a grave

without sky

                                             -  jude





 just a broken man blues song



within a broken man's quiet

a soul wants to fly

a body wants to die

dualities in rhyme

in earth time

a cross of flesh

mirrors behind revisions

if a man can't cry

where does he find


where does a godless man


just before truth

and chance

                                      - jude




long jazz silence


where young boys play

rock climbing

mountain calling

friends in trust

adventuring where men

fear to go

young boys reach

to the largest dreams

if imaginations dare


old friends

have names changed so

from where

wall of fear unclear

glass houses painted black

time time

never flows back



real mountains climbed

high clouds tasted

played high rock

long jazz silence


old school letters


dusty bibles

sing hymns

where telephones

don't believe

and blind men

claim to see.

                                             - jude




sweet morning jazz blue


search for the silence

deep where echoes


and the tears of dreams withheld


bare feet leaving prints

dali screams images upon windows

glass falling

emptiness left where fingerprints

don't believe


till tomorrow

                                                     - jude




 psychedelic sunglass bicycle ride


imprints in sand

images deep


in the lines of your hand

seeing the beauty

of a blind man's sighs

as he reads

pearl s. buck

hard harlem streets

woman talking

can you believe in


only you see

beauty below the dirt

caked to last

concrete bicycle riding

new your city traffic

child playing

trying to fall in love

the white marble hands

of rodan's

hand of god

saying good-bye with

a bag of jelly beans

just before disappearing

a long highway ride

unfinished interstate 80

pacific ocean dream

vietnam war scream

what does it all


                  - jude




sunset revisions


across the echoes of

a rhyme

a cross between

belief and time

images drawn by words

moving lines

carved by north sea ice winds


the water mirror

do you see

do you remember


across old concrete roads

traveling west

days without rest


where are your screams

when you're enclosed by glass

blind man

caught between motion

and memory

ocean dream washing his

feet clean

sunset revisions


colors dance

across the trace of

shadow silence

until death or

tomorrow remembers


ocean water called

and a young man

tasted salt

upon the lips of

a mermaid's song

longing for


lost behind a glass wall

                                                              - jude  



heavy rain rhythm


child wind

dream walker

forgot his name

late night incision


blood call

ancients fall

black sand

lost fingerprints

sweet kisses on an empty hand


silent mirror hangs

paris museum

rodan doors

heavy rain rhythm

lost images

deeper then tomorrow

                                                 - jude




 sung to the call of seabirds gone


last song played

greenwich village

washington square park

to a moving crowd

sunset shadow call

musician gave his


he played

for the echo to believe


ghost echoes

bleeker street dusk

images upon a wall

wine and tea

poetry carved

pen knife wooden tables


maryjane dreams

the snap of fingers

for what

what means

empty glasses stained


unwashed floors

open doors

midnight rain


sung to the call of seabirds gone

last song played

to the fading crowds

and pitch black


                     - jude



song sung to a young girl's sighs


dream water

rain across her season

waves of light


reason where belief

is adrift

long summer

footprints remain


upon sand

motion carries frozen tears

years echo rhyme

sung to a young girl's


tries to fly


young woman within

never believed in sin

never walked towards tomorrow

late summer rain

boardwalk sunset stain

                                                                   - jude





 last sail


dead clown dancing

dream child weeping

slow-time waking

mirror walled

between echoes and truth


                                     - jude







 rhyme of love and broken leaves


not need

late autumn

winter seed

old oak

tree bleed


your breath tries

to believe

if where the earth

concedes truth

deep lines carved

by time

a rhyme of love

broken leaves

covered by snow

whispers they linger


a strong man

cries silence

                                                  - jude






 you dance


burnt red lonely sky

where butterfly dreams


belief in the shade

of memories

sometime tomorrow

slow wind drift


blood upon the stage

hard steel string blues

late night dancing

chancing her name

across where silence


sand across a wooden floor

seeds afloat

you dance


               - jude  



hawaiian black sand


if she could dance

one last dance

she would


the dreams of fary children

whose eyes

whisper of light

and water truth

pacific island call

midway between

the south china sea


hawaiian black sand

child in a woman's dream



mirror within a child's eyes

                                                          - jude





 bloodstains upon a beautiful dream


without food

just sand in their tears

without love

where is their god

who justifies


women children

where is our tomorrow

with them gone

where is our sorrow

and where is our solution

another war


another war

just sand

in a poet's years

in this circle

of humanity lost.

                                      - jude







 the oldest country in the world


man without a name

man without a country

dream without

where history's truth cries


reality without belief in

something more something less

child without a voice remembers

a people crying

for hope lost

where do they walk

who will see them

carry them

broken sighs

across borders

tries of men

with families true

the oldest country in the world

the only country god believes in

bloodied earth

broken rhyme

do you hear the tears of angels


the eyes of our children

                                                                      - jude




isis, you follow the christian god's history in your massacre of the innocents!


tears of rage

upon this stage

of godless evil men

for as they kill the innocent

GOD cries!

empty souls

they grow

from the seeds

of our greed

tears of silence

deep we cry

                                       - jude




 just a man


man leans upon a window

of ice

his screams frozen within

his dreams caught in a moment

his eyes

watch through the folds

of time

where only

it is the sea

that calls

it is the silence

that folds



footsteps hold


across barren land

man wants to cry

mirror mirror memory fall

where ice breaks

man forsaken

tick tock

where a moon crests

a man smiles


                                                         - jude




 in a season crossed by shadows



winter sun

light upon frozen eyes

dreams shatter

where children cry

in a season

where man celebrates

survival before

a long winter to come

we sing our songs

of hope

of peace

how do we hear

the voices of children

who dance blind

upon the chance of life


what will you teach

your children

to believe

to see

to love


to fear

to hate


what shadows

tears across your soul

                                                       - jude



below the silent voices of children


sing high

the voice of


where the water dance

carves truth

across the sky

dream deep

below the silence

teach well

the dance of


as a child grows

to see

dare them

to believe

in only sweet rhymes

and love

                                - jude





a long dream


lost tears



where rhyme

crosses time

in a sweet dream

an old man believes

in the truth

of his bleeds

fingerprints lost

truth calls

where a life begins

a child lost to a break

in reality perceived

a first love shattered

a story old

a sweet girl dead with

nothing said

a broken poetess young

found within

a grave unmarked

a family born

on an open road

a sweeter rhyme  sung

never old never young

when your song is long

                                                          - jude






color me

black and white

lost in the dark

blind in the light

cold river wind

northern whispers

so deep the water

blood veins

flow with the ice


warm ocean dreams

carry me

where old men

may believe

once more

                    - jude





 grave of many quests



within images

a long death

no rest

where tomorrow

lies upon an open hand

can a poet teach

to walk away

to rise from

a grave of many quests

to shatter the mirror

can he laugh

at the gods

once again

and run into the wind

to find his dream


the poet began

                                        - jude  



as a child tries


a small dream

starlight within


sweet and long



the dare

and the mirror

there within

a universe sighs

as a child tries

to be


                       - jude





 broken refrain



music followed

where a poet's



as words upon snow

ice frozen

musicians talk the walk

their silence

calls only to the mirror


sees into time's refrain


without stain


the circle game

                                 - jude




painted faces


i walk

upon the water

of a dream

in time


outside the lines

painted faces

sad clown traces

a wall without mirrors


when she doesn't

love me anymore

lost on a road

concrete and echoes

sunshine and



a man can learn to



in the 2:00 am deep sky

starlight reflections


where upon a desert cold

and her warm skin

deep in sin or truth.

                                                  - jude







morning rhyme

where time dares



wall mirror

twice seen

believe or bleed



the tears of tomorrow

within the child


a woman dances


silence calls

wind through

singing trees

morning walks


if echoes

water calling


                               - jude



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