does she dance

quietly in the shadows

of her dreams


with sand between her toes


lost eyes walk

behind the blood

in her tears

as years cross


her beliefs in Ö


will she dance

the colors of her soul


in all the beauty

that is she.


dance woman dance.


                             - jude


in the light


eyes in the night

what is lost

what is right


they dance in the black


child is a woman torn


is a dance of light

the child wears

as a coat


with the colors



to believe in.


sweet echo of birth,

earth magic


the sunrise


all moments

begin again,

where all women

bleed truth,


she dares

to dance in the light.


                          - jude   


winter sins


walk my broken years

back across the sand

wind carved free

sweat in my eyes


i canít see


do you believe in me?


cold wind

bleeds across

all my winter sins

the unfrozen river

calls to me

itís words

an oceanís rain,

falls to me

calling my soul away.


if only

i could cry me a river

if only your voice remained.


                                   - jude  



just keep dancing


lost in a mirror

star dreams

on a night stage.


broken songs

i just continue

to dance


my blood shatters

across a lost stain


                              - jude  


cold cold world


in the night

the deep deep night

do i dance

where mirror images

are lost within


i bleed across

the shattered hopes

the ice reflections


would you

that a child

might live,

without seeing their eyes

without hearing their cries


black in light

am i wandering

in dreams

where only

shadows dance



this cold cold world

of chance


i see their eyes

i hear their cries

that a child

might live,

would iÖ


                   - jude   


seasons new


butterfly scars

tattoo my eyes

oh, the years

have torn me so

shadows cry

i sigh

water tears

into the river near

for time believes not

where the blood flows


but winter blues


seasons new

and statues

left carved in my soul

forever grow


do you know


that mirror true

youíre beautiful.


                  - jude   



too young


a moment of

close dancing,

she broke my heart

and taught my soul

how to cry.


sweet love

i learned to say


as i watched

the whispers of butterflies

carry her away.


because we were

walking    just past

the shadows of childhood

there was only silence

she would dare to hear,

the emptiness

it was clear


sweet love

in a moment of

close dancing.


                  - jude 

of j. beckett connelly


touched by the wings

of an artistís soul

to breathe

of the wind

where dreams


fly child fly.



they come and go,

where whispers murphy,

if a soul

can bleed free

may thee

walk so


the path of dreams and sight.


                                      - jude 



our children bleed


of your dark continent dreams

carved from your african souls

you bleed as we bleed

you want as we want

you hope as we hope

and yes

you love as we love

so why

do our eyes not see

past the lions

past the trees

past the eternal wars

and genocide

to your children

to the children

as they die

in hunger, in rape


with no escape.

we must dare to bleed

dare to want, hope and love

these children

for they are ours

and even when

we wonít see

still they bleed

still they die,


we must dare to believe

that seeing is the beginning of reason

that god,

only lives in our eyes.


                           - jude


sweet long dance


brooklyn bridge dreams

under the wash

of a clean spring rain,


where a girl

found a warm hand

to hold

in the loving eyes

of a young man.

in his arms

she felt her soul

become eternal

in a long dance

she danced deeply


and god smiled


in a rage of life

turned a woman

soft and beautiful

sane and not

all in her love

leaving nothing forgotten

nothing lost




so sweet her fingerprints

and so hard.

her free irish heart

beat to the rhythm of

the never ending dance,


and still she dances


in her brooklyn bridge dreams


where god smiles


                               - jude   


just the earth


i walk my dreams

i dance the sky

with no reason to believe

with no reason to try


where butterflies whisper


within the shadows

of tomorrow

of color

i watch

as the children pass

i bleed

as the children die,

cold african winds

they burn my soul.

oh where

do the dying children go

no heaven, no hell

just the earth

on which we all dwell.


                              - jude     



long time


long time


water free

across my soul

central park (nyc)


where a girl

wouldnít go

even music

couldnít sew her eyes

across my sighs

long time


water free

across my soul

loving all the girls

wherever they go

how sweetly they grow

long time


across the dreams

within the silence

where a girl


holds me still

long time believing

on a road


my fingerprints freeÖ

                              - jude



long highway blues


highway dancing

during a long day

of running

my thumb,

carrying me nowhere

grew tired,

a sunset and beauty

carved the sky

her eyes and hair

a tattoo upon my soul

wouldnít let go

i had nowhere to run

and so,

highway dancing

and nowhere

to call home.

walking the long black road


believing in her eyes

while dancing

my sighs


just dancing

until the butterflies dare

to walk the road i dream,

a tattoo upon my soul.

                                        - jude


still walking  for antje


still walking

those shadow carved streets

music in her hand

music awakening her soul


where does she go


girl canít run home


her songs,

longing paints her sighs

in harmony

across the sky,

oh! Shadow girl

where have you been

does she believe

in who she sees


within the mirror

of her words




girl canít run home


and will she be walking

still walking

when they start seeing

when she starts believing


girl canít run home

                                           - jude   


wishing well for jen M.


she dances

across the edge

of the well of dreams

carrying wishes

as the light in her eyes


sweet dream dancer

the wind

whispers across

the silence of her words

in rhythm

to her soulís breath


she dances

                                  - jude  



sweet jazz for Lauren


young girl eyes

they carry water


back to the sea,

dares she

cross beach sand

on a cloudy day

wind in her hair

oh, her sighs

they stare

from deep inside


as the boys watch

her pass,

an echo whispers

a sweet jazz horn

blows rhythm clear

on the breath

of her hair near



a young girlís tries


free to the waterís edge

like a sweet jazz horn

where the wind blows warm

                                                  - jude


just lost


i feel autumn

a wet wind

on my skin

but itís an early

june day

and quiet

too much quiet

resting upon my soul.

not quite dying

and nowhere to go

i donít know

i just donít know,

when your body

fails you

you feel autumn

calling on winter

and slow.


if only the chance

to dance my life away,

to feel the lonely road

carrying my thumb free,

nowhere to be


just lost in a seasonís turn.

                                                  - jude 


shadow call


shadow on a river

wind on the water

carving waves

blue sky

clouds water my eyes

i dream

your sighs

broke my heart

just yesterday,

and so many years ago

i know

sweet, sweet shadow call

                                                  -   jude





caught in the shadows

of your window dreams

where does your soul dance


a soft rain does whisper

across a song

where a woman longs

a child within belongs

across a song



for the earth believes


for the moon

shins your heart free


for a poet sees you



                     - jude  




long dream

dancing death

I mean


she calls me

to her deep

not to die

just to sleep


where the mermaids weep.

                                            - jude  




dance me softly

dream me deeply

if you remember


a broken mirror

just a piece,

I hold

never just

a memory


long distance

ocean water





dancing softly



still believes.

                                - jude  


just wonít die


the ocean

does it believe

in my sighs

or dreams,

east wind

blows my sins free

lovers are on

my mind,

an aging soul

dares to wonder still

as he bleeds

the evening sky,


all my shattered



a man

just wonít die.

                                   - jude     



desert mirrors


desert mirrors

carry the dreams

of greedy men

painted with

the symbols of

whose god

carry the tears

sand dried tears

of children

those without years

carry the truth

no god

would dare to believe


these men

these broken mirror men


god only cries

for the children

lost as blown sand

upon these

desert mirrors

                                       - jude   


carries our sin


dare we

carve the names

of our children

upon the skin

of our souls


dancing in the light

of our

godís eyes

itís more then our beliefs

that carry truth


dare we

lay down our lives

that the child may live


dancing in the night

where shadows donít cast

blood on our hands

when the breath of children

falls to silence,

is this supper

their last


sand in the wind

carries our sin

across the shadows

where our gods

never see.


dancing in the silence

do your tears


or even bleed

for when itís

the children of our enemy

can our blood not believe


dare we

carve the names

of their children

upon the skin

of our souls.

                                      - jude   



so my country!


I bleed

across the silence

of time

wearing my soul

tired across the rhyme

of my dreams,


lies the sweet hope

of possibility


I rage


the too human greedís

that are the walls

a gluttony of faces,

fingers always wanting more

scraping upon the windows

of my life,


a society broken

carrying too many

eyes without tears

has carved its traces


not manís dreams


just his fears


I rage against

this empty life

which paints as shadows

upon the colors

of my countryís tries.

                            - jude



in blue


in the shadow of his eyes

the cries of birth

bleeds water


all his tomorrowís free

as a woman sleeps

across his dreams

where love believes

moments are born


a child in a dragon dream

a wind cries

seasons turn

when a warm deep moon

in blue


a woman conceives,


so whisper the trees

when the wind calls

and seeds fall

when a warm deep moon

in blue.

                                   - jude  


sweet chance


water knows her name,

when a shadow


a moment

upon a passing cloud

and the moon


itís light free


itís a dance

of sweet chance


believes in her


beautiful woman

                         - jude 


carry me


where death bleeds

I concede

belief falls to ancient dreams

cold winds

blows free

my summer sins

and again I begin

to chase those

river shadows


just to sail away

so yearns my


where might I dare to

believe,      once again

for in age and death

I perceive

the ever costs of




I watch

a world where

our children die

still too easily

I miss lovers

that never were


oh, carry me river

carry me into the

sweet flames of autumn

carry me,

into time

the eternal rhyme.

                             - jude     



please cry, my country!


do you cry

when the men

too young

when your soldiers


oh, my country


is it only the mothers

and wives

is it only the children

who carry the tears


did America almost

find itís soul

lost so long ago

in a land called



just untested fathers

and their dreams of war

spending their children

like plastic soldiers

dropped upon the floor


please cry my country

for you lose your soul


you send your children

to die with honor

honor that is still

not your own.

                               - jude   





what dreams

lie silent


within the layers

of a shattered soul


what dreams dare to believe


a riverís tears

carry lost fingertips


a cloudís

shadow of light



                     - jude


warm rain


does she

still dance

across the silence

where between moments

a soul dared to believe

does she ,    yet


in the hidden light

where shadows call

and ice falls

as warm rain


within closed eyes

does she still

in her dreams



a woman is born

of a child

to live forever

so in light

so in beauty

                 - jude 


longer roads


no time left to believe

to bleed

or even to concede

to the voices of rhyme,

autumn tears

color the rivers

where still I dance

my soul

upon the chance of



left carved

on the backstreets of

my youth

where a child bled

the blood of truth.


oh, those lonely streets

and sweet long retreats

down longer roads.


no time,         just rhyme.


                                - jude


a long way


carve me a shadow

painting my feet

walking down

NYC concrete

sweet late night backstreets


cold blows deep

where the wind

paints across the stage

of my defeat,

I was a man

living in a child torn


carve me a shadow

where still

dared I to believe,

dancing ever quiet

within the rhythm of echoes,

echoes of feet moving


shadows of night

shadows of clouds

shadows of light

a long way

to dreaming

wind blown perceiving


carve me a shadow

painting my feet

walking down

the long concrete highways

of America

sweet late night moon,

carving me a shadow

where still,

I dared to believe


dancing the rhythm

across the echoes


my moving feet,

a long way

to believing!


                           - jude   



beautiful girl Ė for mary jo


it is simple to believe

beautiful girl,

that she

dances upon the

breath of angels


as a shadow of light


her loves

with deep

seeing eyes,

and her silent sighs

so full,


so alive

in her echoes,

as beauty never dies,

so do angels never



beautiful girlÖ


                       - jude  


heavenís star


in the long

evening silence

of a childís dreams,

when a snow falls

to water calls

upon a glass window pane

held by ancient wood

carved free,

a moment just might

hold still

in cold starlight

and magic just might

believe in,


ďbring my daddy home

from war,

I need to love him

just a little moreĒ


long evening starlight

casts itís winter snow


soft, where upon

a childís dream falls

if hope dares

where love cares

so might,

under a simple starís light

a Christmas wish

be heard


break a childís soul

and you shatter the

simple light of

heavenís star,


in the long evening silence

of a childís dreams

dare my frozen country

stop itís bleeding

just to believe in

a childís Christmas

once moreÖ

                                        - jude  


just for peace


in the silence

in the dream

winter snow


as tears

upon my soul

my lips

as sips of breath


all those songs

of love and peace

itís the season,

itís a reason

to believe


as tears upon my soul

star-light rains

my shadow

naked and cold

across the graves of

all godís children


star-light, star-bright

i wish

just for peace,

for godís wind

to come

and warm my silent heart


just for peace

itís a reason

to believe!

                               - jude 


of a childís dream


in the long

evening silence

of a childís dream

when a snow falls

to water calls

upon a glass window pane

held by ancient wood

carved free,

a moment just might

hold still

in cold star-light

and magic just might

believe in,

our christmas tree shadows

which lie across the dreams

of all the worldís children,

and all their

sweet dreams of peace!

                                                  - jude  



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