Children Of Hard Times  

Mr.Adil Alamin


- “Oh Haj Mohammed .My baby is thirsty"

"be patient oh woman"

The homeless drag on the burning sand towards the west. Long line like a

 brackish long snake to a red endless horizon of set sun which never give any sign of

hope.  They are sweating.  Crying of children breaking the silence with howling wind

 around.  Men were looking back in anger while after while.

- “Oh Haj Mohammed. What a pity!!! Our son whom we aim to be a doctor at Khartoum

 is dying by now."

- “Shut up you crazy woman.  Is it the right time to say something like that." People

 standby and Alhassania play"

Endless ocean of sand, burning sun and precision of misfortune; people walking upon

 semi arid dune at west of Sudan in Darfur.

Accompanied with old men and women, in agony children die. Falling down like welting

 leaves on their way to escape. They were attacked by falcons in a feast of disaster, that

 never happened before .... oh alas, the Mahadia hysterical worriers die like that...

- “Oh Haj Mohammed our son died”

- “Oh Allah the merciful”

They stopped. Red beams of sun-set paint their tired faces with it's marvelous dye. The

 flocks of birds vanish away from the above. To continue tomorrow that may never come.

They buried the child in small grave in wicked and merciless sand . They pray upon his

 soul to be rest in peace in paradise. They scattered around.  Laying and gazing at the

 smiling stars.  Thinking about their dark future.  Weeping women gathered not far from

 them.  Men discussing with the leader how to escape from this hell.

In the morning the snake start dragging westward.  When even they pass a dune,

 another one stand against them.

- “Oh Haj Mohammed .Are we lost?!”

- “Damn woman.... Be patient. Allah will salivate us.”

Allah the merciful help them very soon.  Suddenly the flocks flew away.  Falcons have

 seen Something what they can't. They fed up of finding another prey, because flags of

 United Nations at Chad border appear after they crossed the last dune. Camps were

 set for them, where they live only because death has not come yet. 

‘This was the last time, when men look back in anger, children die and women cry

 during the hard times of sorrow!!!

Note: a Sudanese saying

A writer from Sudan lives in Yemen

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