do i know your name

carry me

beyond where early morning

dreams reside

hold my whispers

of another time

of silence in rhyme

pictures walk with me

between breaths

carved deep

where i dare to believe


                           - jude




Pictures and rhyme



do i know your name

carry me

beyond where early morning

dreams reside

hold my whispers

of another time

of silence in rhyme

pictures walk with me

between breaths

carved deep

where i dare to believe

in…                     winter


do I know your name

hold me

till the morning wind


till night falls

and only shadows

talk of light

where only the circle dance

dares talk out of time


do you know my name

fall on me

for I dare call to you


lost between

dark and light

day and night

wash the dead skin


stay where tears


dare to believe


                    carry me                   

                              - jude



grey concrete dreams


deep in star light

a lone new Hampshire night

hard walking

on a silent highway

more than just alone

with a young girl

stained across his fingertips

with a childhood

lying shattered within his eyes

a time to taste of

grey concrete dreams

older than the child

who learned to dance


all those fireflies of chance

love, love, love

shattered love

long falling mirror chimes


long quiet rhymes

and death

deep in shadow finds

when a boy dares

to walk as a man

across a land

when freedom

got lost in the sand.

                                            - jude





a child’s rhyme


rain dancer


splash your dreams


as a child within

puddle jumps

on a cloudy day

a sweet stage

an easy rage

a time to believe

a time to dance

and maybe just,

a child’s rhyme

of chance

alive on a wind

of time.

                                        - jude






 rhythm fine


dance the beautiful dance

chance the beautiful chance

ice floats in the river

of time

all moments hold

before a winter’s rhyme


a crazy man believes he’s a poet

and if reality doesn’t

then what can ever stop him

rivers move

earth blood

ice stains

winter rains

just daring

to fall in love

one more time


all those beautiful woman

he once loved so long ago

don’t know how a poet bleeds


they do bleed alone

all the while

dancing the beautiful dance

chancing the beautiful chance


on the river of rhyme


or just an old man


on that river of time

as ice floats a rhythm fine…

                                                     - jude




circle find


i rage against the wall

call to me winter light

a long sleepless night

looking to dream

where darkness dwells

just a moment

with no heavens

with no hells

i yearn to walk

deeper within

beyond where a man’s body

wears him down

where upon a simple sound

just a water song

a place

a face where words still remember

somewhere between time


where a man

can belong

sing with me

circle find

too long within my mind

sing with me

heed the call

whence silence does whisper

in rhyme and lyrics


i rage against the wall

               - jude






across the street

a moment held


a man’s mind dares

to dream

is seen

the warm smell

of sweet spring rain

light upon her stare

as jazz whispers

deep within her sighs

she is a dance

in rhyme

across his eyes

if under flower light

a woman alive

moon radiance

where the night

carries sunlight

in rhythm

as she walks

across the street

                                 -  jude




radiance 2


a moment

in her eyes

in a mirror

on the street


with no retreat


sun showers light upon

longer rhymes


dressed in a smile

when a woman chances


in her own light

                                       - jude




a shadow of sunlight cast upon dark seas


a man on a chair

behind a window

north of time

simple stage

simple rhyme


so stretched a

thirty-eight year


a shawn phillips song

filling the spaces


lost on the edge

of a longer silence

a man in a dream


for what did it mean

to see the water

before it falls

a ghost reflection

within a window pane

ice calls

where it should be rain


the walls of tomorrow

rhyme with meaning

or not

north of time

where does a poem

dare to end.


                          - jude


of sand


just a drop of rain

upon my hand

lost within low clouds

touched by a dragon stain

where flies

echoes as dreams

of spring

wings across my eyes


if to dance

where all the unbeliever’s chance


lost rhymes upon your lips


just a whisper

of the lover’s dream


dew upon your grave


always tomorrow

just a grain of sand

as a summer wind

blows you free.


                         - jude




in tempest or morning rain


the child

another world

rhythm in patterns


to walk always

in a dream


air upon air upon air

river train

meets metal

rhythm deep within

where a woman

with eyes of sin

breath calls

falls to a window

the child breathes

in tempest or morning rain

a scar soft across sand

ocean silence


as sunlight touching

your sighs.

                                   - jude






 a winter’s spring


cold dark river

in slow time

you whisper

to me your many sins

echoes form

whirlpools deep

mirror walls

where seagulls fall

do you believe in me

a silence calls


long into a winter’s spring

gypsy’s sing

below a cliffside’s edge

songs of stolen dreams

carved from lyrics

without words

windblown sand

an old dead leaf

crumbles in an

old poet’s hand

                                             - jude



shadow dreams


reflections within a night sky

reason walks

between the stars


seasons believe in

water moves slow

moonlight falls


are but whispers

of highway winds

long lost sins

just a drop of blood

wet upon a yellow line


cast by a slow moon


within your eyes

within a dreamer’s sighs


mirror, mirror

if a lover falls

from your arms

desert sand covers

a woman’s bleed

frees a man’s seed

but dares not see


seasons concede

the water’s truth.

                                    - jude






no exit


on broken ground

so simple a dream


to be just a little bit


within a thought

upon a step

dark reasons

break against

the turn of seasons

between light and dark

a moment exists

sweet rain cleans your soul

within a long summer day

shoes worn on a lost highway

shelter of concrete and steel

a young girl’s fingers


and gone

on a broken highway

a sign reads

“no exit”

and a song plays on

when tomorrow questions

are whispers of today.

                                               - jude





a pocket torn


don’t dance

when i ask you to dream

fingerprints lost

where ocean sand calls

and sea birds

carry wind

across your falls


that space in-between


if you believe

crazy man

dances deep

within his own reason


what we never

rain across his eyes

mirror hidden within

a pocket worn

hope in words

lost and torn

cold spring season


forgotten and unforgiven

your breath

just waves upon

don’t dream

when i ask you to dance.

                                                - jude





deep light silence


dark times

children’s rhymes

where do they run



dares like the sun

circles in the sky

only tears call to reason

only the young

whispers in the night

care to bleed

questions of why

old men without seed

own the silence

and try

to water the dreams

of the child

with dark rhymes

songs in the head

either to believe


lie with the dead

where old men scream


nothing is said.

                                   - jude  


burning my feet


lost deep

where dreams

walk across echoes

of time shattered

just something

to believe in

you talked of anarchy

i talked of truth

on a long walk

with concrete

burning days      

longer ways

into our feet

where i dared

you whispered of retreat

i walked alone

i refused to acknowledge

your defeat

within her water dance

she still believes

lost in


covered in the warmth


a blanket of gold

of time shattered

just someone…

                                - jude




waterless eyes


the silence

as a storm of sand

tears fall

from waterless eyes

children play alone


and tomorrow never comes

a blind man

leans against a mirror

dreaming of colors

never seen

while asking

what does it mean

to chance

a water dance

hard concrete

on naked feet

warmed by belief

as a long summer wind

blows open a child’s eyes

just in time

to see an old man


                                       - jude



one act play blues


within a cage

my human stain

glass wall

choppy river water


ocean free


deep within that shadow play

ah, my river sighs

time lost to a siren’s call

cloud dancing

just a silent song

when a man longs

for a moment of free

a taste of a faraway sea


deep within rhyme

no tears

on the lost moments

i’ve just fallen

onto the stage

of a one act play

where only

the dead playwright

lies beyond these doors

doors made from

rice paper reason

words fall

when tomorrow

never dares.

blood drops

upon an ocean warm

                                             - jude





shadow rhyme blues


deep within shadow play

where light calls

in jester rhyme

he dances

what silence falls to him

when moments

lie in defeat

lost within

high mountain shade

and echoes

time has made


stain upon his dreams

silver light rain

almost cold


touch across his eyes

dancing deep inside

till a sky shadow


alone where chance


and the man

quietly screams

walking years

lost to tomorrow


tears without sorrow.

                                             - jude





walking man’s refrain


subway platform silence


so far from home

alone with a thought


on an empty highway

high plains sky

so close

no cars

no life to be seen

alone with a thought

northern rocky mountain whispers

calling to a man’s quiet

an evening storm’s call

canvass walls

what does he dream

caught between

where seasons drift

and silence

holds onto the rhythm of time

alone with a thought


in the wind of a passing train.

                                                      - jude  



river chimes


river chimes

dark night



from a water mirror


waves break

between moments

carry your eyes

tears frozen to a cross

memories lost

echoes found

music sings deep

within my soul

only a boy

on a brooklyn street

walked like a man

to hold back defeat

long night on knickerbocker street

she had a young girl’s eyes

lost behind her young woman’s sighs

2 am

late night or early morning



feet against concrete


flesh entwined in flesh


held before summer ice mirrors

belief becomes a breeze

touching arm hair light

late night dreaming

a sweet kiss staining


as wind

late against river chimes


long time calling

where a man


to believe in the silence

between the rhymes

                                                        - jude





 poet’s graveyard


within the seams

where carry your dreams

skin touches your soul

water stain

ocean rain

children play

deep in the echoes

of your shadow’s fall

seabirds white

rock and sand

beneath your feet

if you listen

in where waves break

and cast your stories


mermaids will carry your song

till you’re gone



                   - jude




black night reason


cobblestones beneath your feet

summer heat

windows closed

in full retreat


a boy knows no defeat

where memories dream

a segment of time

a dance lost

upon morning tides

speaking to shadows


a long day’s call


a dead christian’s fall

a man lost

deep within night

where only a black sky’s


carrying its moon-light tears

touch your fears

call to you

within the silence

where only a man

dares to lie


                                   - jude  



long songs


sweet water on my lips

dusk sky

in soft reds deep

moment to moment

tides call

sails long upon my river


to be gone

where the sun

sips moon-light

waves in song

carry me

along where one dares

not believe in

all my life’s sweet sins

if to begin

if to end

no memories left

a man

sits on the edge

carrying those long songs

till tomorrow

till morning

sweet water on my lips

carries those long songs  

           - jude



blood-ice mirrors


walking on water

on bleeding feet

deep sips

dry lips

wine red red wine

your moon shadow



ice upon your skin

is it a sin

to believe in what you see

there between the seasons

of the sea

rhyme me a dream


shall i escape

broken mirrors

stain upon your fingertips

tomorrow never comes

if empty pages fall

as rain

cold as snow


ice upon your skin

and when you bleed


                               - jude




every breath


awake dream


fingerprints stained

by water

summer rain


every breath

blows across tomorrow

even if

one doesn’t believe

                        - jude



a key west moment



soft evening calls

quiet my sighs


walks my dreams


just a moment

long dusk tears

streak the sky


a man is left

with nothing to say

lost to the beauty

or truth

               - jude




deep within your human stain






where sings

the wind

when you stand


sand in glass

evening sun


your eyes bleed

seeds believe

and tomorrow

no more

stands before

all those dreams

or even your screams

call to me


one more rhyme


my sweet sweet universe.

                                                   - jude





young man’s summertime blues


a moment


romantic blues

stretched across broken seams

if would he

have shattered

all her dreams

on a path

lit by an anarchist’s

ice eyes

and forever tries

to walk free

where only beauty believes

and only fools bleed

with his romantic sighs

lost to the winds

of simple need

a woman’s greed

fingertips scarred by belief

a boy’s only seed of truth

a moment lost

is a moment found.

                                              - jude



long touch


sweet ache


a long touch

feeling her abdomen sigh

lips upon her lips

deep those sips

the taste of a woman

imprinted onto my soul

a young man’s goal

to find

a moment to believe in

such a loving sin

someone to love

kissing soft

her lips light

upon mine

just a moment

just an echo

oh! so long ago

into the ocean

and a wet summer storm

i bleed water true

and yet

carry such moments


a sweet ache

on a long touch.

                                        - jude  



ice-moon tree


if a child

just for a moment


to believe

in who they want to be

and not

in who they are

they will see

the ice-moon tree

as dance upon its tears


from the rhyme

set into the walls

holding their eyes

ever so still


river silent

water cold

quiet the scream

with nowhere to go

summer dreams


against the eyes

of reason lost

between the seasons

forever gone.

                                        - jude




 september song


city summer warn

concrete and chipped paint

street-lamps cast

their shadows bravely

talking our street dreams

deep within the echoes

where blood

caked deep beneath

our childhood’s tomorrows

just children

dancing feet bare



finger painting sidewalks


to speak


all the nobodies

sitting in a row

growing old


nowhere to go.

                                 - jude




dreams of a walking man


walk with me

across this land

covered in

fallen crosses

talk with me

where the rhythm

of a dreaming earth

sun warms our

naked feet

cry with me

over the open graves

of children

of all the starving children

we ignore

carry my eyes

when i lie in silence

that you might

still talk the dreams

of a walking man

draped within a poet’s treason


remember the season

where time died

tied to reason and lies.

                                                      - jude




paperless silence


no one believes in him

just a man

caught within a circle

as a dead wind unseen

silence and still water rhyme

considers what he means

a walking man poet


and not


whispers before a mirror

without a wall


out to a world

lost deep within its

own noise

paperless poetry falls

as frozen time

floating down a river’s

as dreams unseen

nobody believes in

water art

is it art

a young boy dreamed

of seasons and forever

            - jude




songs singing silence


a soft chill

on an autumn wind

carries within

the marrow of my bones

songs singing silence

cold in dreams

watching tears

as rain

a frozen window stain

long clean sky

color the walls

deep within

reasons of why

from where

mountains break from life

hard grey stone carries

a summer warmth

fingers of belief

blood falling gravity free

night black

stars call to me


as songs singing


naked and free

                                    - jude




 shadow wind


on the water’s edge

where driftwood dreams

carry you


a sharp winter sky

and seasons seem to die

footprints in wet sand

demand more than reason

cast deep within

morning shadows

blood as tears

fall as dust

on the far side

of broken wooden fences

a dark soul commands

from within your mirror

of still water

and yet

a long cape of shadow wind

falls as morning light

across a lost child’s


upon those driftwood dreams.

                                                               - jude




mirror shadow


wet upon her lips


on a sharp clean

late autumn


falling between

the long call



 midnight dream



where a mirror shadow


carries the river



standing on the shore

lost within


only a poet dared

to love her

                            - jude







within a silent light

neither day

nor moon-night

if a memory

bells echo

ice breath


a simple kiss

to a long dream born


between concrete and

a war torn stage

a child’s rage

a girl’s first deep kiss

and a boy’s first taste of blood

mirror mirror

how did you call

broken words

shattered reflections


an eternal fall


just moments begun


caught in ice-dreams

where touch dares bleed

just the seeds

black snow

grey road

longer echoes

rhyme dancing

and no end

till tomorrow

               - jude





long dark night

cold silence

ice dreams

and tomorrow


warm hands

of people

just people who care

who dare

to believe

not religion

not corporations

not politicians

just people

working class people



within this

long dark night.

                    - jude




 Sweet water lily’s


Lily was a girl

When she danced

She was a pink twirl

Her shoes


They were magic

Allowing her

To dance across the clouds

Turning them

From white to pink

And lily thought


What a pretty sky

So lily smiled

Flowers then started to grow

In the desert, on rocks

Even on the water

Sweet water lilies

And all the earth

The big round flowering earth

Went to sleep happy that night


                               - jude




tears of a star


old man sitting on the side of the road


within the light of a shadow

if dreams

of all the children

water following

lines as fingerprints

till falling

as a drop

a single drop of rain

caught within the tears of a star


within a long moment

of clarity

in beauty


the lost memory

carrying eyes free

moments before sleep.

                                              - jude





 where seasons break


where do you go to believe in;

magic once lost.


a silent light

from a street-lamp

fell once

upon an ice sharp night

casting a shadow

a frozen moment

where angels speak in whispers


a boy walked alone

one step behind his specter

footsteps upon concrete


on the inside of

winter warm windows


wearing his cape of belief

water dreams

images within ice mirrors


if you dare to remember

and see

the lines carved into your soul

this is where you go

this is where you dance

this is where you chance


and magic once more

where angels speak in silence.

                                      - jude





in whispers


a silent light

from a street-lamp

fell once

upon an ice sharp night

casting a shadow

a frozen moment

where angels speak in whispers

footsteps across concrete

unheard behind winter warm windows

draped in belief

in water dreams

images within ice mirrors

dare to remember

and see

the lines carved within your soul

this is where you go

this is where you dance

this is where you chance


where angels speak in whispers

                                         - jude




where a child dances


a silent light

from a street-lamp

fell once

upon a long winter night

casting a shadow

across a child’s sweet dreams

belief calls behind closed eyes

deeper then

where angels speak in whispers

                                         - jude



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